Ipad Mini Won’T Turn On Or Charge

Switching to DFU mode

It is worth noting that this is a more extreme way out of the situation when the apple is on, but the iPad does not turn on. There are two methods for entering a gadget into a special mode.

How to troubleshoot

There are the following ways to fix the problem when iPad won’t turn on, apple is on:

Follow Apple Support Best Practices.

  • Entering the device into DFU mode.
  • It’s better to use the first method to start. If there is no result, it is worth resorting to the second. It should be added that there are two options for entering iPad into special mode. At the end of the article we will consider how.

    Ipad Mini Won'T Turn On Or Charge

    First option

    The easiest way to enter a device into DFU is to simultaneously hold down the Home key and the power button for 10 seconds. Then you need to release the power key and continue to hold the Home button.

    If the apple logo is lit on the display and the iPad won’t turn on

    Almost every owner of the popular “apple” tablet at least a couple of times had to deal with failures during the operation of the device. It happens that the iPad does not turn on, the apple on the display is on. The problem is not that rare, so Apple Support has prepared a few recommendations in case of such complaints from iPad owners.

    Apple Support Recommendations

    If the iPad does not load for a long period of time during startup, the apple is on, you need to do the following:

    Connect the gadget to the PC and open iTunes.

  • Perform a forced restart (press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home keys at the same time).
  • Under no circumstances release the keys after the company logo reappears on the display. The key combination must be held until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • On the screen that appears prompting you to restore or start the update process, select the “Update” function. The app must reinstall iOS while saving data.
  • The Apple app must download the software for the device. If for any reason the procedure takes more than 15 minutes, the tablet will exit the recovery process, then you will need to repeat all the steps again.

    The above tips will also come in handy for the owners of “apple” devices, which do not turn on the iPad 2, the apple is on the screen.

    Second option

    If the first method did not work. The iPad still does not load, the apple is on, you can try the second method. This method is considered more literate, but it is a little more difficult for new users of Apple devices:

    We connect the device to the PC and launch iTunes.

  • Turn off the device and wait until the shutdown process ends correctly.
  • We press on the “Power” button, and after three seconds. “Home”. Hold the keys simultaneously.
  • After 10 seconds, release the power button, but continue to hold “Home”.
  • At the end of the procedure for entering the special mode, a message will appear in the iTunes application that the program has found your device in a recovery state. However, you will need to restore your iPad before using it simultaneously with iTunes.

    Method 3

    If the previous method did not help and the device still does not turn on, then use a more radical method, namely, restoring the iOS operating system using iTunes. This is done very simply, follow the steps described below:

    • Connect your device (iPad tablet or iPhone smartphone) to a personal computer using a USB cable, this cable must be included with the Apple device;
    • Itunes must be installed on the computer to which you connect the device. If this program is not on your personal computer, then you need to install it. You can do this by following this link. http://www.Apple.com/itunes/;
    • Launch iTunes, then press the CTRLS key combination and select your device in the appeared side menu. Go to the “Overview” tab, now on your Apple device, hold down the buttons: home and on / off. Do not release the buttons for about ten seconds;
    • Next, a window will appear in the program in which you will be prompted to restore the iOS operating system.

    Attention: restoring the operating system on your device, you act at your own peril and risk, the author of this material is not responsible for your actions.

    Method 1

    I, of course, assume that now there will be a lot of disgruntled exclamations, but believe me. The action described below is the first thing to take in a situation where your iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) cannot be turned on. Perhaps it just ran out of battery power. If you have not tried this method to “reanimate” your device, then do it right now. Connect your tablet computer to a power outlet.

    If this method did not help and the device does not turn on, go to the heavier artillery.

    What to do if iPad won’t turn on

    Greetings, dear users and undoubtedly happy owners of an iPad. An Apple tablet computer based on the iOS operating system (at the time of this writing, the latest version is the eighth). If you are the happy owner of any gadget from Apple, for example iPad (2,3, Mini, Air), then most likely you are already accustomed to its stable and reliable operation, and for you the fact that the gadget does not turn on leads to dead end.

    Those people who have never used tablet computers other than the iPad (2,3, Mini, Air), probably, do not know that during the operation of the device any difficulties or problems may arise, for example, the device does not turn on.

    In today’s article, we will analyze the situation when the iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) does not turn on. Those. The device does not react when the “turn on” button is pressed, and even an apple on a glass, black screen does not light up.

    Faced such a situation? Do not rush to panic and look for a screwdriver to disassemble your iPad (2,3, Mini, Air), in general, I strongly advise you not to disassemble the tablet computer yourself if you have problems, you cannot fix the situation, but you can even worse to do. Over, if the iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) does not turn on, then this problem in ninety-nine percent of cases can be solved, literally, in five minutes. Below I will tell you what actions you need to take for this.

    Method 2

    The next step that needs to be taken to reanimate your Apple device (in fact, in this way you can bring back to life not only the iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) tablet computer, but also the iPhone smartphone) is to press and hold two buttons simultaneously: the button power on / off device and the Home button (the round button at the bottom of the inside of the Apple device). Press and hold these two buttons simultaneously for at least ten seconds. If after this time the apple does not burn, then go to the next method to make iPad work.

    If the apple is on fire, then everything is in order (the gadget turns on), and your iPad or iPhone smartphone will start working after a certain amount of time (a few seconds).

    Method 4

    If none of the proposed methods helped you, then only one thing remains. Take your device to a service center.

    That’s all for today, I hope now your iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) or iPhone turns on without problems.

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