iPad mini touchscreen doesn’t work

Troubleshooting iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch touch screen issues

If one of the above problems occurs, follow the steps below:

  • Hold down the “Sleep/Wake” button and wait for the message “Turn Off” to appear on the screen. Then slide the slider that appears on the screen, thus turning off the device. Then press the power button to turn your device on.
  • Try resetting your device. This can be done by pressing and holding down both the “Sleep/Wake” and “Home” buttons simultaneously. Wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Using a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth, wipe the screen of the device.

Do not operate your touch screen with gloves on. Do not operate the screen with wet hands or after you have applied hand lotion and it has not dried.

Try removing the screen protector. If you have a case on your phone, try it without the case.

If all the above steps did not help to solve your problem, contact our service center.

Other information

Tip. Follow these steps to find out where the screen fails.

  • Launch the “Maps” application on your gadget. Double tap each corner of the screen which should enlarge that area.
  • If some area of the screen in other programs is not responsive, check if it will be responsive in the Maps app.

To check if the touchscreen on your iPhone and iPod Touch is working, you can use the Calculator app.

  • To determine where the touchscreen doesn‘t work, while the Calculator app is running, try each button on the virtual calculator.
  • To check if the touchscreen in the upper area of the gadget works, rotate it to the landscape position. When the calculator goes into Scientific Calculator mode, check the operation of the touchscreen display on the far left and right lines of the scientific calculator.

Knowing which area of your gadget’s screen is unresponsive will help you diagnose the problem faster when you contact a service center.

The Russian operating system will be installed on Apple devices

Rostec Corporation suggested as a response to various sanctions and blocked services to install a domestic operating system on the equipment of an American company.

The concern introduced the latest development that allows you to replace imported software on your devices with software that can’t be blocked or restricted in fukunts by a foreign company. The presented operating system has several versions: for desktops, for tablets and cell phones.

To ensure the installation process due to the high demand for import substitution, citizens are advised to voluntarily zero the apple device and take it to the nearest point for updating, the address of which can be found on the portal Gosusluzhd.

The device should be put with all accessories in the original packaging to confirm the legality of the purchase of the product, not older than two years from the date of manufacture, enclose the original cash receipt for the purchase of the product in rubles, which will contain the serial number. The process of updating the operating system will take at least a year. Upon completion, the user will receive an SMS with the address of the pickup point, where you can pick up your device.

So that the consumer is not worried about his device in case of any problems or not getting his device back in time. will be valid insurance indemnity and the device will be automatically replaced with a fully similar product of the Russian manufacturer, which is capable of performing the functions of a computer, tablet or phone, that is, allow you to work with the portal Gosusluzhba.

How to gratify your self-esteem in the right way. Instructions for @michael.black. Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Kind. Not so long ago I wrote a post about data recovery on the Samsung s7, where I clearly stated that I did not care how and for what pennies other “masters” do, which was immediately followed by a reply to the post from @Michael.Black, where he allegedly does everything much cheaper than my rates, although it turned out that the price is about the same, and on many items he even prohibitive xDThat post also consisted of a set of photo cards with an obscure description, but okay.The key here is his comment:

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@Michael.Black, especially for you I am making instructions how to really tickle the ego.Step 1: Find a customer where his device can’t be fixed in any way.Live example and the beginning of correspondence here on Pikabu with user @Legalas

According to him, the phone is off and that’s it. He took it to the service, and they sentenced the memory and type is not available and do not do.Took it to another, which promised to do, since everything is in stock. Took 2 weeks and still running, but the phone did not see the network, although the sim card reads.(They were feeding the customer breakfast, that they were streaming “professional craftsmen” with the discussion, in case there is something else on the board and blah blah blah, as well as talking about the non-existent service of the lower board sleeving) What the hell is this to me is still not clear).Although. If by sleeving we mean reconstructing interlayer connections, my respect, we don’t need Foxcon factory anymore, we will order multilayer boards from these guys) Step 2: Based on the correspondence, recommend to the client to change the service to a normal one.(I did not offer my services, the client chose me) Phone came to me three weeks ago

The phone starts and everything works, but here is the essence of the problem.My phone sees the sim card when I install it

But writes no network and every 5 seconds appears and disappears line SIM-program

It seems to be polling some sort of amplifier or transceiver and the modem, without getting an answer is trying to poll again and so on to infinity.And here is what was done in the previous service

I threw the CPU, arb, memory chip and two NFC chips (what for, if the payment does not work anyway xD).Of course, I thought, that the phone was dropped, as the contacts around the frame are torn off

And the transfer of the set was expedient, because with such a bump, the CPU really could leave the board)Phone after the initial examination went to the shelf to wait for their turn for repair. After a week, I went back to it and decided to start by checking the stubs and generally what was done here.Step Three: Proper Diagnostics.For the 12 series and above I have it 3000r in case of refusal to repair!I don’t hide it and tell you right away to avoid misunderstandings with the client. Naturally, when repairing, I do not take money for diagnostics. Open

Nice and clean Already good. The first thing to rule out damage to the hinges when I hit them (and I was sure I did) is to plant my locked board in the case

ipad, mini, touchscreen, doesn

There is a network. So the stub cables are fine.Where to start?Right. From the main receive/transmit signal loop

If you unplug it, the network disappears at once

So it is clear where to look. In the direction of the communication amplifiers, one of the main ones here is avago and Qualcomm 5G. Well, or a break in the connection between them and the main modem processor. (IMEI here are generated by avago, transceiver, main modem processor and modem eeprom).So. Since we have IMEI and no network, we need to dig up Qualcomm 5G. This is not a diagnosis, but a thought about one of the methods of the upcoming repair, and then according to the situation. Step four:Have the right equipment for disassembling double decker boards. Not a separator for the display, namely the bottom heater adapted for this!I, for example, have it for all iPhone models. Even for 5s and 8 series, although there is not much need.

Preventive measures

If the display of your tablet became dimmer, began to lose brightness or turned off at all, it may indicate serious problems. In any case, you will need to take some measures. But to avoid such problems in the future, follow these guidelines:

  • Keep your device in a protective case.
  • Do not keep it on the table near drinks and food.
  • Do not carry your tablet with you into areas with high levels of humidity.
  • Wipe your tablet only with a soft cloth.
  • Do not give the machine to small children.
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By following these simple rules, you will significantly extend the life of your tablet.

Free up iOS memory

When the iPhone is out of storage, it tends to fail and so the touch screen can freeze.

Make sure you have free memory on your device. You can check this by going to Settings MainStorage and iCloudStorage. The main thing is to have at least a few hundred MB, iOS starts working less efficiently if it has little free memory.

Uninstalling apps you don’t use is the easiest way to free up memory.

I have noticed that indeed in newer versions of iOS, if the storage is full, many apps stop responding and the screen does not work. Sometimes even the Home button may not respond for a while on an iPhone with a full memory until you delete apps or clear the cache. It’s easy to check. Simply fill your memory completely and then try to use an app that consumes a large amount of memory, such as Instagram Spotify, and so on, when this app fills the cache, you’ll notice that the screen will stop responding for a while as iOS tries to cope with the lack of memory in storage. In this case, just free up space and restart the device, after that it should work again.

Replacing the iPad touchscreen

Displays of the latest generations of Apple iPad Air2, Pro version tablets are made using airless technology. The touch glass and the display in devices like this represent a single module. General steps of repair:

  • The cleaned screen surface is heated with a hair dryer, after which the front panel is partially removed from the case (iPad off)
  • Master removes touchscreen cable
  • In case of airless connection disconnect display module cable
  • Installing original touchscreen (display module)
  • Assembly and testing

The touchscreen replacement procedure is complete. If the touchscreen on your iPad doesn‘t work for some unspecified reason, don’t worry. Professionals at “A-Aisberg” will quickly identify problems and make complex repairs in 1-2 hours. Contact us by phone 8(495) 213-33-33 or leave the online application form on the site.

“Iceberg has been with you for 28 years. 5,7 million repairs. a guarantee of high level of service.We do not rest on our laurels, we keep working on the quality of our service.

All the information presented on this web-site regarding terms, cost and procedure of service rendering is given for information only and under no circumstances is public offer determined by provisions of Article 437(2) of the Civil Code

Ask your questions about any home appliance or electronics repair. We have already helped 211274 customers of our web site.

Ask your questions about repair of any home appliances or electronics. We have already been able to help 211274 visitors to our web-site.

Update iOS or iPadOS

For some users it helped to upgrade to the latest system version available. You can check for an update through the “Software update” section in the settings.

Sometimes the screen may not respond because it is dirty. Wipe your screen thoroughly and make sure it is completely clean. You would be surprised how often a dirty screen is the cause of the problem.

If the problem is still unresolved, there is one last option.

Screen matrix

Some people are unlucky with item number 1. A broken display module is a whole other level of problem. A fractured matrix is sure to distort the image, showing artifacts, unreadable areas. Or it just stops working.

Despite the apparent fragility of glass, it is not easy to kill the display module. It very rarely cracks if simply dropped on the floor. And it never breaks itself: if anything happens, it is solely because of a blown battery, damaged matrix cable or backlight failure.

Parts are not cheap if you use the latest generations of tablets. Conversely, the iPad 2 and iPad mini owners will not go bankrupt, because the “iron” to their tablet is inexpensive and available in large quantities (and with high quality).

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Unlike glass, replacing the matrix brings an increased risk of running into a bad part. The Chinese have made great strides, but are not always able to reproduce the color reproduction and calibration of the original iPad screens. This is where you have to trust the service.

ipad, mini, touchscreen, doesn

HOW TO AVOID: Straight Hands & Covers Again. If you suddenly see cracks in the display, you should run to the service, because you definitely have a blown battery. Look for a good service to ensure you get a quality part. And yes, if you have an iPad Air 2, any cracks in the glass entails a complete replacement of the module. Oops.

On all big iPad and mini models. Only on the iPad Air 2, the replacement still costs as much as half the device (17900).


A very important part that can kill an iPad in spectacular style.

Batteries, unlike other parts in the iPad, can die for no apparent reason. Their fate depends not only on the moments of production, but also on how you treat the tablet as a whole.

How often has it been in the scorching sun or wild heat? Whether you wear it in 25-degree cold? Who made its charger, especially a car charger? How often do you charge and discharge it? How old it is? The answers to these questions determine the fate of the part.

Using your iPad in hot or cold conditions and with cheap chargers reduces battery life and could theoretically lead to a critical failure at the chemistry level. You know what it’s about: everyone has seen bloated batteries that explode and burn when the outer shell ruptures. Now imagine what happens to your iPad when it’s in your bag or at home. Creepy, of course.

A battery rarely explodes and catches fire within a short period of time. it usually lasts for weeks or even months. You can detect a problem when you see that the screen glass is too tight to the display or touches it. in the last case do not drag it out, you have in your hands a chemical bomb with a powerful smoke effect 😉

When the battery explodes, it ignites and emits acrid black smoke (do not inhale it under any circumstances)!). The internal components of the tablet in 90% of cases die without the possibility of recovery.

A ModMac customer ignored a dead battery and took out a tablet that was already smoking and on fire from inside right at Vnukovo airport. The device could not be repaired and the customer was stuck at airport security all day, missing his flight. That was unpleasant.

Battery replacement at home is not recommended, but possible. The battery manufacturer and its quality are important: the range of battery life of such modules is from 3 to 8 hours. Not a big difference, really?

HOW TO AVOID: do not put your iPad in the sun, do not leave it in the car for a long time in summer, do not carry it in your hands in bitter cold, carrying it from warm to cold several times a day. Use only original chargers, not the 300 crap in an unnamed tray. If you see any blistering and bumps on the display module or under it, just take it and go straight to the service for a new battery. Otherwise you go to the store for a new tablet.

For all iPad models.

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iPad is tough, but not immortal. What’s Most Frequently Broken in It? For iPad malfunction statistics we reverted to our old friends from ModMac. The guys have a full-service repair shop in the center of Moscow, a stone’s throw from Lubyanka metro. There’s everything you need to solve all kinds of problems, including those that require deep surgery.

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