Ipad mini 2 touchscreen not working

The main reasons for sensor freezing

often than not, the touchscreen stops responding to finger touches due to system glitches. The most common reasons are:

  • presence of malicious files on iPad
  • software problems
  • Jailbreak is incorrectly installed
  • some applications do not work correctly

Any of these reasons can lead to problems with the touchscreen of the device. If the iPad screen does not respond to touch due to hardware problems, then professional repair and replacement of defective parts is required.

Apple representatives recommend not downloading applications, programs and games from unverified sources to iPad, because this can lead to the system freezing and the screen responding poorly to finger presses.

Hard reboot stages

Hard restarting your iPad will clear RAM and refresh all processes. This method will not do any harm to either the motherboard or microcircuits.

To completely restart your iPad, follow these steps:

  • unlock device
  • hold down the Power and Home button for 10 seconds
  • release the buttons at the same time after the logo appears

This shutdown is suitable for any model of Apple tablets.

If after restarting your device still does not unlock or the touch glass still does not work well, try updating the software.

  • turn on iTunes
  • connect tablet to laptop
  • select your device in iTunes
  • select the category “Review” and click on the tab “Update”

Apple products are designed to update software over the air. To do this, put the gadget on charge, connect to the Internet and in the main settings select the category “Software update”.

If after that the touchscreen does not work well, does not unlock, or the tablet does not turn on at all, then the motherboard, microcircuits are faulty, or the display module is damaged.

Ways to restore a gadget

If the reason that the touchscreen does not work is an application freeze or a software malfunction, then you can restore the operation of the device yourself.

Effective and safe ways to do it yourself:

  • force close all active applications
  • hard reset device
  • cleaning screens
  • 3D touch setting
  • software recovery

Sometimes the iPad touchscreen does not work due to severe dirt on the display. Before rebooting the device or taking it to a service center, carefully clean the glass from dust and dirt.

Also, the reason why the tablet stopped responding to finger presses may be strong cooling or overheating of the device. To get the gadget to work, leave the tablet turned off at room temperature for 20 minutes.

iPad does not respond to touch

If the iPad’s screen isn’t responding to touch, you don’t necessarily need to replace the touchscreen. The cause of the failure may be a device freeze or some applications not working correctly. To determine why the sensor is not working properly, perform the primary diagnostics of the gadget at home.

If, after examining the iPad, you find that the screen is damaged or there are scratches on the tablet case, then you should contact qualified specialists. Mechanical damage to Apple technology can lead to malfunction of internal components. In such cases, experienced craftsmen will be able to find out exactly why the screen does not respond.

Professional repair from Yudu performers

Only qualified specialists can accurately and efficiently eliminate hardware problems. Experienced craftsmen are registered on the YouDo website, who, taking into account the technical parameters of the model, will eliminate any malfunction of the screens. Yudu professionals will determine exactly why the gadget stopped responding to clicks, after which they will quickly repair the iPad touchscreen display in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If the iPad screen does not respond to touch, contact the Yuda performers, they guarantee the urgency and high quality of work.

What causes a breakdown?

All elements involved in the touchscreen have a small electrical potential; when you press the screen, the touch controllers record this and transmit a signal to the motherboard. A failure in this streamlined system can occur for the following reasons:

  • due to defects from mechanical damage;
  • after the fall of the gadget, the glass was damaged;
  • an iOS system crash has occurred;
  • moisture has entered the device;
  • the ribbon cable to the motherboard is disconnected;
  • the gadget is overheated.

ipad, mini, touchscreen, working

Timofeev A. A.

The touchscreen is a sensor on the front of the gadget. Its successful operation depends on the integrity of the motherboard connection, ribbon cable and polarized film. If suddenly there are malfunctions, then when you click on the screen at one point, a command at another may be triggered or the display will not respond at all to touches.

How can it be eliminated?

If the screen does not respond to touches or it has clearly pronounced malfunctions, then you should:

  • troubleshoot software problems;
  • use iTunes and restore settings;
  • restart the device;
  • update or “reflash” the tablet.

If all the above tips do not help, then you cannot do without a complete replacement of the touchscreen.

Apple iPad Touchscreen Repair Cost

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IPad Touchscreen Replacement

Most iPad users know that the glass of this device is very sensitive to mechanical stress. Most often, due to carelessness or unforeseen circumstances, owners drop their device on the asphalt, tile, wooden floor, even sometimes break glass, accidentally sitting on the tablet.

Replacing the screen or glass for iPads. the most common service these days, but despite this, it remains a difficult operation, since any inexperienced intervention in the inner world of this device or the use of low-quality parts can lead to its death. Our craftsmen have 20 years of experience in repairing Apple equipment, so they do their job very carefully and with high quality, and we also buy only original parts only from trusted suppliers.

How to save the touchscreen in the future?

If children are playing with a gadget, then they need to immediately explain that they need to be handled with care. Other recommendations that help protect the sensor from problems include:

  • constant updating of the device software;
  • try to use the device without bulky accessories;
  • keep the gadget clean;
  • purchase a thin protective film.


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Home button not working on iPad, you want to know why, the answer is here

Are you facing a problem? Home button not working on iPad? Please contact our service center to eliminate this problem. We carry out repairs of any complexity in the shortest possible time, since all components (only original) are always available. We purchase parts only from the manufacturer, not resellers, therefore our are among the lowest.

Why the Home button on iPad doesn’t work?

  • In most cases, this happens as a result of liquid entering the device. If the user did not ask for qualified help in time, then the contact oxidation process has started, as a result of which the button ceased to function. Will need to replace the button on the iPad.
  • As a result of any mechanical damage, the on-button membrane can be pushed or moved. In this case, it will also be necessary to completely replace the home button on the iPad 4, 3, 2, air 5, mini 2.
  • Also, from moisture, strong shocks and falls, there can be various reasons why the Home button on iPad 4, 3, 2, air 5, mini 2 does not work. As a rule, it is almost impossible to independently determine the cause of the malfunction. In order to properly repair the equipment, first of all, we carry out complex diagnostics, and absolutely free of charge. If liquid gets under the iPad 3, 2 case cover, oxides form over time on the internal parts, which can only be removed during the cleaning process, and this is a rather serious process that can only be entrusted to a master.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

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Home button with a loop Fault: breaks down from strong pressing and from water. (From 2 hours)

The specialists of our telemama service center carry out only high-quality repair of the home button on the iPad 3, 2. The occurrence of additional problems is completely excluded.

How to reduce the cost of repairing your iPad?

  • If you encounter any problem, for example, the power button on the iPad does not work, we advise you to turn off the device and do not operate it. You need to be especially careful if liquid gets into the device, we do not recommend continuing further operation, since more and more components will fail every day, and along with this, the cost of repairs will also increase.
  • If the Home button on iPad 3, 2 is stuck and you immediately asked for help, then the cost of repairs will be minimal. In 99% of cases, at first the Home button on the iPad does not work and only it, it will not be expensive to replace it.

Tip 2. How to prevent the iPad home button from breaking?

  • Do not let liquid get inside the device.
  • Don’t push her hard.

If you still need to replace the iPad 3, 2. power button in our workshop, the telemam will do it quickly, reliably and efficiently, since only highly qualified specialists with experience and all the necessary knowledge work here. We will repair Apple iPad 2 3G Wi-Fi 64gb, 32, 16 with high quality, as soon as possible and at the most affordable price.

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Why the sensor / touchscreen on iРad (iPad) may not work. What to do?

As you can see, there may be several reasons why the sensor / touchscreen on the iPad (iPad) does not work, so we recommend not trying to repair the device yourself. If you do not have the necessary skills and experience, please contact our organization “Apple-SAPPHIRE”. Our specialists will be able to make an accurate “diagnosis” of the device and carry out competent repairs with less spending of your time.

IPad sensor / touchscreen not working

Select the device that needs repair:

Despite the fact that tablets from Apple are very high quality products, their users often face such a problem as a non-working sensor / touchscreen. It may fail completely or not work partially. One way or another, this will cause a lot of inconvenience to the owner.

What to do if the touchscreen / sensor does not work on the iPad:

If the sensor is constantly malfunctioning (the touchscreen works, but with malfunctions and errors), it is worth rebooting the tablet. This can be done as follows:

iPad Mini 2 No Touch FPC Connector Repair

  • simultaneously hold down the buttons “Home” and “Power on”;
  • hold them in this state for about 20 seconds;
  • the device will reboot;
  • if the Apple logo appears on the tablet screen, everything was done correctly.

If a protective film or a cool bumper is glued to the display of the gadget, try to remove them and test the operation of the touchscreen. It is possible that the screen will start working again, and the reason for the breakdown was the use of such accessories.

If the owner has done all of the above, but the screen has not been “reanimated”, then perhaps you should think about a visit to the “Apple-SAPPHIRE” workshop. The service center specialists will not only be able to assess the condition of the tablet, but also find out the cause of the problem.

As for the display replacement period, it will take no more than an hour. over, fast execution will absolutely not affect the quality of work. And all because we have original details and rich experience (we are contacted with a similar problem every day).

Sometimes the screen may stop working due to damage or deformation of the system board. Such a malfunction requires a complex and lengthy recovery. After all, the solution of serious problems, like the diagnosis itself, lasts much longer than the usual replacement of the sensor.

Please note that all tablet computers from the 4th to the 6th generation are equipped with a touch glass integrated into the display module. over, the module itself consists of 3 elements. a protective (top glass), a touchscreen and the display itself. Therefore, if the sensor stops responding to touch, you will have to change not only it, but the entire module.

Touchscreen does not work on iPad 4, 3, 2, 1

Breakdowns of the touchscreen of Apple products are not so common among users, but they are still there. If the display or part of it does not respond to the touch of your finger, you can try to fix it yourself.

First, you need to identify the symptoms of such a malfunction. However, without special equipment, unfortunately, it will be more difficult to do. If he stops responding, you should not press the Power button several times or determine the reason yourself why this happened.

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How to solve the problem yourself if the touchscreen does not work on iPad

If the touchscreen does not work on iPad 4, you can try to fix the cause of the problem yourself. There are several ways to do this:

  • Press the shutdown button. Turn off the device. Then we wait a few seconds and turn it back on. This only needs to be done once. Press the Home and Power buttons together until the Apple icon appears.
  • We try to clean all internal contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol if moisture gets in. If the problem is not only in the screen, it is worth contacting the service center, which will carry out a full check of your iPad 3 and repair. Follow the link and read more about it.

IPad Repair Cost

Important! The price of repair already includes the cost of spare parts and the cost of work.

Reasons why the iPad 4 touchscreen does not work

  • oneWe diagnose the device brought by you or our courier free of charge.
  • 2We make repairs and also give a guarantee for newly installed parts. On average, repairs take 20-30 minutes.
  • 3Get a working device yourself or call our courier.

First, let’s figure out the current causes of the breakdown, which could affect the outcome of such a condition:

  • The fall. Even if it was, at first glance, insignificant, it can already serve as a breakdown countdown point.
  • Accurate strike. If the tablet is carried with you without a case, then even short and light touches with other objects can cause a negative outcome.
  • Overweight. They put something heavy on him, but did not notice, and then sat down again. The iPad 4’s sensor is fragile, so it should be enough for it to stop working.
  • Incorrectly installed software. Installing software from other unverified sources can introduce malicious applications into the system.
  • Overheating. The temperature is very high and can melt the cable and contacts, as a result of which the user will be faced with the fact that the touchscreen does not work on the iPad 1 or streaks appear on the screen. This situation can lead to other problems arising with the tablet, as a result of which a full repair of the iPad 2 tablet may be required.
  • Liquid. If liquid or even a drop of moisture gets into the device, it will significantly degrade the current image, or the tablet may be completely damaged.

Replacing the touchscreen on the iPad yourself is a big risk

If the above methods do not help, and you do not know what to do, it remains to carefully pack it and send it to our service. In other situations, you should not act on your own, since you can significantly affect the rise in the cost of repairs. When a malfunction is detected, it is necessary not only to install a new part, but also to find out the cause of the occurrence.

IPad Repair Cost

Important! The price of repair already includes the cost of spare parts and the cost of work.

Why iPad won’t respond to touch?

  • oneWe diagnose the device brought by you or our courier free of charge.
  • 2We make repairs and also give a guarantee for newly installed parts. On average, repairs take 20-30 minutes.
  • 3Get a working device yourself or call our courier.

If you notice that the Ayped screen has stopped responding to touches, and the response of programs occurs with some delay, this indicates that the touch display is faulty. The screen may become inactive completely or only in certain areas, there may also be graphics problems. There may be several reasons for this: software failure, mechanical damage, exposure to high / low temperatures, water ingress.

First, you need to determine if the problem is in the software part of the device or in the hardware.

What to do if the touchscreen does not work?

If the iPad Mini for the first time stops responding to your actions, then you need to check if the protective film or other accessories interfere with the work. Then you need to forcibly restart the device and if the malfunction persists, then the problem is not in the software part.

At low temperatures, the touchscreen fails and the display does not work correctly due to the fact that the device is simply frozen. When iPad is exposed to high temperatures for a long time, it can lead to melting of the contacts connecting the screen to the motherboard ribbon cable. In this case, the gadget starts to glitch, stripes and other graphic defects appear on the screen.

The most serious reason for a malfunctioning touchscreen is mechanical damage. falling, hitting, pressing with heavy objects. This can lead to damage to the display, including its sensor part. Timely diagnostics will help determine the cause of the malfunction.

It is also very bad if water gets on your gadget. It can get inside the device through the speakers and button cutouts, or if the screen or case is cracked. Moisture inside leads to short circuits, due to which the contacts melt. In addition, it contributes to the oxidative processes of the motherboard and corrosion, and this, in turn, can cause the Ayped Retina to be completely inoperative. It is recommended to contact the repair center as soon as possible.

Touchscreen does not work on iPad Mini 4, 3, 2 Retina, 1

When working with iPad Retina Mini, the main control of the device is the screen, and during use it can be damaged. Often, users of Apple devices are faced with the problem that the touchscreen has stopped working. And, let’s take a closer look at the causes of this malfunction.

  • We’ve been fixing Apple for 5 years. thousands of satisfied customers
  • Repair with you. We manage to do 72% of repairs in 35 minutes
  • Free diagnostics
  • Original spare parts
  • Guarantee for all works

How to fix non-working touchscreen on iPad?

The first thing to do is remove the protective film and wipe the screen. After that, you need to force restart the gadget, but you need to know how to restart it correctly. To do this, you need to hold down the Home and Power buttons and wait a few seconds.

If the problem persists, try reflashing the device and updating the Apple operating system. Rather, the whole reason may be a software failure or installed malware.

Have you already realized that the problem is not in the software part of the tablet? Then there is nothing left but to send the gadget for repair. And it is better not to delay with this, since a delayed repair can cause more serious damage, up to a complete failure of the iPad.

Any of the internal faults requires a complete replacement of the damaged part. Replacement is carried out using special equipment, and it is best to use new original components. The further performance of the tablet directly depends on the quality of the parts and the repairs carried out.