Ipad Keeps Rebooting

Iphone 6 reboots?

Owners of an iPhone 6, especially those with 128GB of storage, run the risk of running into the problem that the smartphone is constantly rebooting. There may also be a situation when the iPhone 6 boots up to the apple, then the blue screen of death appears, and the phone goes into reboot again.

Of course, Apple in such cases can replace the iPhone with a new one, but judging by numerous complaints from users, the problem is quite common. Where is the guarantee that the situation will not happen again with the next iPhone 6? Well, change your smartphone again?

It would seem that replacing flash memory is a simple operation that can be done in any service. “In transition”. However, if you replace the flash memory alone, the iPhone may not boot. This is due to the Apple ID, which is registered in the phone in several places. In this case, it is necessary to replace three modules: flash-memory, modem and one more technical element. Therefore, we recommend that you do not take risks and contact a reliable workshop, where everything will be done correctly!

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What to do if iPhone 6 keeps restarting

A cyclic restart of the device occurs due to the following failures:

  • Ios error, software installation;
  • Battery and charging problems;
  • Flash memory;
  • Moisture got in

It might help: Do a “Hard Reset” (Home Power), reinstall iPhone firmware, fully charge your phone.

If the problem persists: diagnostics at the service center is required. We can do it quickly and absolutely free.!

Solution to the problem. Applications

Apps rarely cause iPhone to restart. The iOS system on your smartphone is protected from problematic apps. But it still happens and unstable or outdated applications can cause your phone to slow down, freeze and restart.

If you installed the app just before your iPhone started rebooting. Try uninstalling this app and see if the problem resolves on your own.

To see the error-causing apps on your iPhone:

Settings. Confidentiality. Analytics. Analytics data

Find the app with the most crashes in the list. If you find such an application, uninstall it. Perhaps removing the program will fix the problem on your phone.

Another option for treating a reboot caused by an outdated application may be updating it.

To update, go to: App Store Update Update all / update one by one.

Ipad Keeps Rebooting

Clearing memory

Lack of enough space to store data in the iPhone memory can cause the smartphone to restart. If your iPhone’s memory is full, try to selectively uninstall unnecessary apps and data to save space.

Check available storage Settings General Storage and iCloud to see remaining free space and programs that take up a lot of storage.

Ios update

Often new updates can cause iPhone crashes and errors. If reboot problem happened after iOS update. Perhaps the problem of restarting the phone after the update appeared not only for you, but for many Apple users around the world. And after complaints about the instability of the firmware, Apple has already made adjustments and rolled out a new update, which already has corrections and fixes for the error causing overload. Therefore, in any incomprehensible situation, renew

If your iPhone lets you boot before the menu appears, you can see if an update is available: Settings General Software Update.

If you cannot update on your phone, then you can connect your iPhone to your computer and use iTunes to update the software.

Sim card

Iphone may get stuck in a restart loop if there is a problem connecting your phone to your mobile operator. Remove the SIM card from the phone and then insert it back.

If removing the SIM solved your problem, put the SIM back in iPhone. If the problem comes back after you put the SIM back in, you will need to restore your iPhone or replace the SIM.

Iphone is constantly rebooting

Restarting iPhone can occur both when the phone boots up or unexpectedly during normal use. Typically, the phone starts up and the Apple logo appears on the screen as usual, but the phone suddenly turns off and starts over and over again, until the Apple logo appears. Here are some common reasons iPhone keeps restarting:

Update problem: during the iOS system update, the download process was interrupted (for example, due to a network failure), which caused problems in the iOS system.

Applications: Restart may be due to instability of programs installed on your iPhone.

Unstable driver. If any driver on the iPhone is unstable due to a phone software system crash, it may also cause the smartphone to restart.

Hardware problems: as a result of mechanical damage, as a result of falling, moisture, etc. Iphone may restart. The problem, as a rule, is solved in the service, since it is impossible to diagnose at home on your own. However, in the event of a software glitch, you can try to fix the problem yourself. Below are options for resetting and solving software problems.

Restarting iPhone XR

Often, we are contacted by customers whose iPhone XR reboots itself. What to do in such a situation if you need to use the phone and make calls? Our service center has faced similar situations more than once during its work, so we know all kinds of cases and problems that most often overtake users of such phones.

Yes, no matter how offensive it was, but even such vaunted smartphones often fail and one of the most pressing reasons is precisely the reboot.

Our experienced specialists will quickly find the reason and will make a high-quality repair of the device. At the end of the service, they will provide a guarantee.

Possible reasons for restarting iPhone XR

Clients have contacted us with a variety of situations in which the iPhone XR reboots itself. We successfully eliminate all defects, guaranteeing high quality, reliability and long service life of the device without any problems. At the same time, the most frequent cases of contacting us are the following situations:

  • Hardware failure in the system board, which can occur due to damage if dropped or wet. If any of these factors took place, then warn our master to look for a breakdown in a narrower circle.
  • System crash due to some kind of bug or error that appeared with the new iOS firmware. The fact is that the developer regularly releases some new versions of the OS with supposedly deleted errors in them, but it often turns out that some smartphones do not support or incorrectly work out the newly introduced function. This defect can be eliminated by waiting for a new version of the software shell to be released. But if there is no time, but you need to use the device, then you can rollback. Contact our specialists and they will perform everything on a professional level.
  • Battery problem. In fact, there are many failures with the power supply, and each manifests itself in some new signs. Including when the iPhoneXR reboots. This phenomenon occurs due to unstable power supply, which pulsates in the source. Because of this, at the moment of a high-amplitude jump, an overload occurs and the system automatically restarts the device. It can also reboot in the event of a sudden drop in battery voltage in order to save it.
  • Also, one of the factors when the iPhoneXR is constantly restarting may be overheating of the device. Usually, this phenomenon occurs due to the use of demanding software that consumes a lot of system resources. Also, the device may reboot in case of overheating, which, again, occurs due to overload.

Regardless of the reason, professionals from our service center will be able to perform high-quality and prompt repairs. We have many years of practice behind us and years of experience, thanks to which breakdowns of various nature are promptly eliminated.

Why is it better to seek the services of a professional?

If the iPhone XR reboots itself, you shouldn’t try to fix the defect yourself, but you can still try some things. For example, roll back the system if there is a suspicion of an error, or remove the program that is causing the crash.

If you don’t know what causes the constant reboot, then contact us. The specialist will promptly perform diagnostics and eliminate the breakdown. When using our services, each client receives the following benefits:

  • Material savings. The fact is that we buy parts for the repair of smartphones in bulk, therefore we provide our customers with more reduced prices. But you still have to pay for the work. You can find all for our services in the price list or by phone.
  • Efficiency. When contacting our services, repairs are carried out as quickly as possible, because we understand that the phone is a necessary thing and it is not worth delaying its restoration. Plus, the repair of a specific breakdown is performed by the specialist who understands it better, which allows you to further speed up the work process.
  • We have an extensive stock of spare parts and kits, which is updated regularly. Therefore, we will always repair your device just in time. But still, situations may arise when something specific does not appear.
  • Qualified approach. When the iPhoneXR reboots, a phone is repaired by a highly qualified specialist who clearly knows what to do in a given situation. Therefore, there are usually no complications.
  • If you decide to contact us, then you do not have to waste your personal time visiting the workshop, because our courier will independently go to you and pick up the device. After repair, he will bring it back and issue a guarantee on the spot.
  • To ensure that our clients are confident in our quality of work and responsibility, we conclude an official contract with each of them.

Your iPhone XR is constantly rebooting. Do not rush to try to do it yourself, better entrust the matter to our expert. He will perform detailed diagnostics and find a breakdown with high accuracy, and then quickly fix it.

You can find out all questions about and advice on repairing iPhone XR by calling 7 (495) 960 65 46 at any convenient time. We provide discounts to frequent customers when dealing with various breakdowns.

Reboot reasons

To get rid of a spontaneous restart, you should analyze the events that precede its occurrence and, based on this, try to determine the problems that lead to restarts.

: Apple iPad Air 2

All of them can be conditionally divided into two main categories:

  • Hardware faults;
  • Software problems.

If you can flash a device or remove any application errors yourself, in most cases, the hardware often requires the intervention of a qualified specialist. However, you can also try to deal with iron yourself.

The most common reasons for reboots are:

  • Old firmware;
  • Battery problems;

: problems with the battery

Breaking circuit board

Many users do not use the device in question very carefully, falls and hits are allowed. Such events often cause damage to the printed circuit board. This is what is most often the reason for the spontaneous restart.

: weak points of the motherboard

: reboots all the time

It is very common such a phenomenon as self-rebooting in the case when the battery fails.

This happens for the following reasons:

  • Natural decrease in capacity;
  • Wrong mode of operation;
  • Charging from the mains, in which voltage surges constantly occur.

: battery replacement

The longer you use your tablet, the less the battery capacity becomes. It decreases noticeably after 12-18 months of active use. Also, the capacity of the battery drops due to the poor quality of the voltage supplied to the power supply (increased or decreased).

Processor malfunction

On Apple technology, the central processor sometimes fails. This electronic component is one of the most important parts. That is why, if it does not work correctly or is turned off, the device starts to reboot spontaneously.

: central processing unit

Most often, the processor is damaged in the following cases:

  • Overheating due to dust ingress;
  • Mechanical problems;
  • Manufacturing defects.

: removing the motherboard

Why iPad keeps restarting

Apple tablets are among the most reliable in their class and price segment. That is why they are so popular.

But sometimes it happens that the iPad reboots constantly without any visible damage. There can be many reasons for this behavior of technology, some of them can be eliminated on your own.


One of the most common problems due to which the tablet starts to reboot itself an outdated operating system. Most often, a restart occurs due to new software that conflicts with the OS.

Such problems usually occur on iOS6.1.3. Sometimes arbitrary restarts appear due to the fact that the user is flashing the device.

Iphone restarts itself due to software error or crash

Modern applications, especially from unofficial publishers, can cause devices to malfunction. It is not difficult to identify the culprit of the breakdown. To do this, view the event log in your smartphone.

Application malfunction reports are available in general settings (usage and diagnostics information). If unstable work persists after installing a specific product, then the problem area is calculated. Note that the emergency shutdown record is always after fixing the activation of a certain function or installing an application.

Periodic shell updates can also play a cruel joke on the smartphone user. Incorrectly executed firmware installation of the current operating system in the device memory leads to spontaneous shutdown. It is recommended to make sure that the operating system is installed correctly, as well as check its compliance with the technical capabilities of a particular iPhone model.

If the software or the operating system of the model itself is not the reason for the shutdown, then the breakdown lies in the hardware of the smartphone. In this case, you need to contact the service center specialists to eliminate it.

Why does the iPhone restart itself. Reasons and explanations

In this article, we will figure out why the iPhone X / 8/7/6/5 reboots itself, we will find the reasons and try to eliminate them.

Our site is not responsible for your actions. We recommend that you seek professional help from a service center for the repair of iPhones and other mobile equipment.

Hardware failure. Iphone reboot reason

1. Often the battery is the weak link of the iPhone. The battery can simply lose contact, which is quite enough to disrupt stable operation. Keep in mind that over time, any iPhone gives a backlash. Small gap between the fixing elements of the device cover.

2. The battery may simply be worn out and cannot withstand stress. Naturally, if the battery has lost its capacity, the smartphone will turn off. Remember that a full charge is only 400 cycles. After reaching such a limit, the capacity of such an important component will steadily fall. In addition, a voltage drop directly during charging can break the battery contacts.

3. Malfunction of the smartphone board, which usually manifests itself after intense shaking or strong impact. Such a breakdown in the electrical signal transmission circuit leads to the shutdown of the apparatus when its position changes abruptly. At the same time, such a problem often leads to breakdown of other iPhone components.

4. Failure of the smartphone processor makes it impossible to fully use it. Often, the iPhone is turned off at the launch stage. Hanging occurs at the stage of displaying the splash screen. Usually, malfunctions, as well as a complete burnout of the central processor, are restored by replacing the component.

5. Malfunction of one of the signal power amplifiers. Modern devices contain several types of amplifiers. In this case, incorrect operation or breakdown of one of the elements leads to disturbances in the distribution of voltage in the smartphone. Such fluctuations cause the device to turn off.

6. The electronics of the device will eventually be destroyed by moisture trapped inside the case. Water causes oxidation of materials and leads to inevitable damage to connectors, contacts and iPhone components. Therefore, a strong wetting of the device, for example, due to heavy climatic precipitation, or a direct hit of the device into a liquid is considered one of the main reasons for the subsequent malfunction.

If the iPhone spontaneously restarts, it is recommended to entrust the device to professional engineers. Remember independent attempts to restore its operation often lead to breakdown of other small units and an increase in the cost of repair.

What to do if iPhone restarts itself

Some iPhone users often complain to us that their smartphones sometimes restart by themselves. But it’s one thing when it happens they once, and quite another if the problem is repeated several times. What to do in this case?

Do the most important and obvious first, check the available operating system updates. If they are, be sure to install them, on the latest versions of iOS iPhone and iPad really work more stable.

Another step associated with the update is updating the programs themselves. Oftentimes, users accumulate dozens of apps and don’t update them. If you have, for example, 36 applications pending updates, it is better to fulfill their requirements. A cool way that works in most cases is a forced reboot. Hold the Home button and Power button for 10 seconds until the apple logo appears.

If the application crashes, try uninstalling and installing it again. With repeated departures, doing something is useless: this means that the developer himself has not adapted his application for your version of iOS. There is only one way out to wait for the update.

Sometimes the device also starts to work unstable if its memory is clogged. Clean up your iPhone and free up a few extra gigabytes. If iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch continues to reboot, back up the device and reset the operating system.

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