iPad Does Not Upgrade To iOS 11.4

So, today the official first version of iOS 12 has been released! In this article you will find everything you need to know about iOS 12. I have collected links to articles that can be read before or after the update.

To upgrade your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch to iOS 12, go to:

Download iOS there, accept all the conditions and. The system itself will be installed. Remember to backup before upgrading.

Here are helpful articles you can read before or after installing iOS 12:

Most popular iOS 12 Q A

Which devices do not support iOS 12?

  • IPad 1 (latest iOS version 5.1.1)
  • IPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5G (these devices will remain on iOS 9.3.5)
  • IPad 4, iPhone 5, 5C (these devices will remain on iOS 10.3.3)

Which devices support iOS 12?

  • IPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 10.5
  • IPad Mini 2, 3, 4
  • IPhone 5S, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X.
  • IPod Touch 6G

iPad Does Not Upgrade To iOS 11.4

How does the battery live on iOS 12 ?!

Great battery life! Surprisingly, even on various beta versions, there were practically no problems with the battery.

Do I have to upgrade my device to iOS 12? And suddenly it will be worse. What could be the problem?

IOS 12 is slow or not downloading at all.

Yes, in the first hours (and maybe days) after the official release, interruptions in the operation of Apple servers are possible. Just wait or download later.

When flashing through iTunes, an error occurred with the number.

All errors can be studied in a special article: iTunes Errors. Troubleshoot iTunes errors. But I advise you to make sure that you have updated iTunes before the firmware.

Traditionally: Ask any questions related to the upgrade. If there is any problem. We will try to solve it in the comments!

IOS 12 released. Update to iOS 12. IOS 12 FAQ !: 30 comments

Today, iOS 12 appeared with a slight delay of 15-17 minutes! If you didn’t get the update, just try a little later. I released the article as soon as I was convinced that iOS 12 became available to all users 🙂

Thank you. I updated iOS on iPhone SE three days ago beta. Flies

And I still have 10.3.3 on the iPad Air 2. Here it flies so flies.

On iOS 12 it flies in exactly the same way) iPhone 5S works smartly, as if it came with this system

I do not see any fundamental changes, the appearance of which would encourage me to update the system. Works fine and let it work. My old iPad2 update unfortunately killed. From a smartly working, beautiful tablet, it turned into a braking and lagging one. There is no desire to experiment more, because then nothing can be fixed.

Updated iPad. Several unnecessary applications appeared, I did not find a gain in speed
The movie stopped working in nPlayer. I had to copy the computer back
The control panel and open applications could previously be called up with a double click of a button. Now for some reason they were divided, can you return it as it was?

Here is the rollback instruction. Although I would advise you to test a couple more days. For example, my nPlayer in iOS 12 played all the movies that I copied there

Hi, updated yesterday. So far, it seems like nothing like that, I don’t understand they changed the layout on the keyboard language and numbers? And yet in the control point there is no screen screen function?

Is it worth updating the iPhone 8? I still have iOS 11.4.1, or wait until the end of the week.

🙂 As you wish. In principle, I would backup and update, because you have somewhere a week or two to roll back. Then there will be no such opportunity

Put 12. You will not regret it.

IPhone 6s plus, iOS 12GM, but as I understand it, the final release. Problem with Siri: 1. When the Slider “Hello, Siri” slider is activated, this function starts working only after a reboot, by pressing Home it starts. 2. Quick commands to a subscriber’s phone call are triggered only once, then Siri says: “Sorry, there was a problem in this program”, after rebooting the same story. Once it works, that’s all. At the same time, shortcuts for the weather, for example, continue to work. Does anyone have such a problem? Regarding performance. I didn’t notice much difference with 11.4, it reboots really faster, and everything else seems to work also in terms of speed and smoothness.

In my opinion this is a myth about speed. Each time a new version of iOS is released, everyone is told this tale.

The first time I used beta (I could not sit at 11). Please tell me if it makes sense to switch from iOS 12GM to the official 12th? And if so, how? Just delete the test profile and then the final version will arrive?

12GM is no different from the 12 official

The versions are identical. You will not receive an update

Previously, swiping from the bottom up we saw the last used programs on the left and the settings on the left (in particular, used the screen brightness setting). Now in this way only the last used programs are opened. And how to open the settings?

Swipe down in the upper right corner of the screen.

Good day. I have an iPad in 2017. Yesterday I updated the iPad on 12iOS. I thought that my problem would disappear, but not disappeared. On the You Tube website, I can’t watch a single clip, at the beginning or in the middle the clip freezes and it is impossible to watch it. What to do? How to find a way out?

I suggest the following method to start. Uninstall the Youtube application. And then install it again. The problem should disappear. If not, then most likely this is a program bug. Wait for the update.

Roulette appears only on phones 6s and above.

I got a roulette icon on 5a. But when I clicked off. Didn’t appear anymore

Found a cant on the iPhone 5s.
On the new iOS 12, no sound is heard in the music application while recording the screen. Those. The song is playing, but there is no sound.
And it is in the standard application that this happens. And when listening to VKontakte music, for example, everything is ok.

I buy Xs, having on hand still an old 5s with iOS 10.3.3, will there be any problems when transferring the backup to a new phone (with iOS 12) via iTunes?

No, they will not) Make a backup, and then roll it to Xs

Why I installed iOS 12 on iPad Air 2. The clock appeared in the upper left corner, but was centered on top. How to put them back?

No way. This is an iOS 12 option.

Hello, I updated the version 12 yesterday. I didn’t get the roulette program. What can I do? Thanks in advance