iPad burns an apple and turns off what to do

Iphone does not turn on, the apple burns. We tell you what to do

Despite the fact that Apple technique is most reliable and stable, as they say, once a year and the stick shoots. And “shoot” can be shot anywhere. So it was with my iPad, who turned off for no reason and did not turn on fully anymore. He was just stuck on the logo logo. I rebooted it several times, tried to update and even drop the settings to the factory through iTunes. But neither one nor the other helped. Ipad did not load further than an apple. So, it was necessary to move on to more decisive measures.

It also happens that the iPhone can freely hang on an apple

Check the cable and charger adapter

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the iPad stopped turning on not due to the discharge of the battery. Many will be surprised, but often the problem really is that the iPad is completely discharged, but does not charge due to a cable breakdown or charging device.

To make sure that the problem is not related to accessories is quite simple. Try to charge another device using a cable and charger adapter, for example, iPhone. If charging begins, then the accessories are not damaged and you can proceed to the following methods.

Tough reboot

But not rebooted, the first, you need to start with a hard reboot. On smartphones iPhone 8, 8 Plus and all newer models for hard rebooting, you need to perform actions in the following sequence:

  • Press and immediately release the volume key.
  • Then also click the volume reduction key.
  • Click the power button and hold it until the smartphone starts to restart.

On the iPhone 7, hard for hard rebooting, you need to simultaneously pinch and hold the keyboards and reduction keys. On earlier models you need to clamp the power button and the “home” button. After 10 seconds, the reboot will begin, after which you can release the keys.

Iphone does not turn on

The third way, if the iPhone does not turn on and the apple is burning, is to use Reiboot utility. Generally speaking, it is strange to me that Apple did not offer its users anything like that, because this thing really helps out. It allows you to return the iPhone in a couple of clicks with a mouse, which is stuck on the Yabloko logo, to life.

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Reiboot utility itself will introduce and withdraw the iPhone from the recovery mode

  • Click “Find the restoration mode” and wait for the appearance on the iPhone screen iTunes;
  • After that, click “Acquaintan” and wait for the completion of the reboot.

Iphone is stuck on an apple. Decision

This method does not delete any data from the memory of your iPhone, but simply helps it boot correctly. However, sometimes this may not be enough. In this case, you should resort to more effective measures.

In most cases, there will be enough standard repair

With standard repair from the IPhone memory, no data is removed

This procedure is good in that when executing it does not suffer at all. That is, during the “repair”, of course, the utility cleans the iPhone, but before that it allows you to save on the computer all the data, which then itself restores.

You probably noticed that the Reiboot also provides for a deep iPhone repair. This procedure differs from standard repair in that problems are corrected at a deeper level. In most cases, such serious debugging is not required, so it is still not recommended to resort to it without extreme need. It will be good in situations where the firmware of the device flies.

Honestly, I do not really imagine what is happening at this moment, but my firmware flocked on the iPad twice. For the first time, I took him to an authorized service center and paid for the restoration of 650, and when this happened a second time, I carried out a deep repair using Reiboot and returned the tablet to work on my own. As a result, I didn’t even have to leave the house.

How to change flash memory on iPad

To access the Nand memory module, you must almost completely disassemble the device. In particular, to separate the motherboard from the corps.

As soon as the motherboard is extracted, the faulty microcircuit is dismantled, observing strict temperature conditions. It is important to prevent components overheating, for which special equipment and heating are used.

The old memory module is “evaporated” from its place on the motherboard

Preparation of contacts for installing a new chip

Then the old memory module is mixed in the programmer. The specialist checks whether information can be considered from him to transfer it to a new chip. If the memory module is completely faulty, the technical information cannot be considered from it, which includes the serial number of the device and other data.

Reading information from the Nand flash memory module on the programmer

Before installing a new chip, you can choose. Increase the memory on the iPad or not. You can both simply replace the memory module with a new one, and put the chip with a larger capacity. Not so long ago we told how to do it.

Information was extracted, and now you can record it for a new memory module. For this, professional equipment is used. Without transferring technical information, the iPad will not work with the new chip. The new memory module is checked on the programmer, then prepared for installation (BGA balls are restored) and placed on the board.

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Before assembly, the engineer necessarily checks the energy consumption of the board and its start without the periphery, and also connects the fee (yes, just a fee!) to a computer to check the DFU mode. The device is stitched, which allows you to once again identify memory errors if there are.

The board starts with normal energy consumption

Additional diagnosis after replacing flash memory

Only after that the motherboard is mounted in place, and you can proceed to the return assembly. The screen is installed, all the loops and the battery are connected.

The assembly is carried out in the reverse order

So, the device may stop starting for two reasons. Technical and software. You can eliminate a software error by restoring the firmware through iTunes. Getting rid of technical complex, as you need to disassemble the device and clean all contacts and boards. If neither the first nor the second option helped to launch the device, you need to contact the official Apple service.

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Official iOS firmware

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Why the iPad does not load

As a rule, this is accompanied by the following errors:

Failed to restore the iPad [device name]. An unknown error occurred (9).

Failed to restore the iPad [device name]. An unknown error occurred (4013).

These are one of the symptoms that the iPad failed to disable Nand flash memory. The following signs also indicate this breakdown:

  • Ipad “died” and does not turn on;
  • A programmatic intervention was performed (for example, Jailbreak);
  • Ipad hangs “in the apple” and cannot load.

Just with such symptoms, the patient in the form of iPad 9.7 2018 entered SC Apple Pro. In this case, there is only one way out-replacing the Nand flash memory with iPad.

Flashing/restoration iPhone, iPad

The second way to fight “eternal chamomile” or “endless white/black apple” will require you much more labor, but in this case you will not have to copy content from iTunes on iPhone, iPad, as in the first. There is also no guarantee of success, but you can try.

  • Turn off the device and turn it on again;
  • After a while, try to call the iPhone or send an Imessage message if we are talking about iPad;
  • If the message/phone call has passed, you can access the file system, if not. Reflash/restore the iPhone, iPad according to the instructions above.

What to do

The implementation of certain actions can return the device to the working condition. If the user immediately determines the cause, then its elimination will take less time.

The device is discharged

If, when trying to turn on the tablet, it lights up and rises the screen, it looks like a battered battery.

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If the tablet does not receive energy from the mains, then possible reasons:

To make sure of this, you need to connect another device and check if it will be charged.

In this case, the tablet must earn as soon as its battery is enough. After a long downtime, the device may be completely discharged. Long charging will be required before he can work.

ipad, burns, apple

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The tablet is hanging

The device can hang during the loading process, during the launch or work of some applications. In this situation, the tablet does not respond to commands, does not respond to simple buttons presses.

Resolve the problem with a forced reboot. This requires to squeeze and hold the power buttons at the same time and home. On new models, the procedure is different: you need to hold the pressure button with the volume button, then press the power buttons and reduce the volume.

If the problem is repeated when re.Turning on, then the update can help. A special iTunes program will help perform such actions.

ipad, burns, apple

Incorrect update

Когда планшет не загружается, хотя до апдейта работал корректно, то можно использовать функцию восстановления системы. ITUNES is required to start it. It is useful to store a backup, which corresponds to the iPad state until unsuccessful updates.

If the user did not make a copy from the device while it was in working condition, then you can use the image of iOS from the official site.

Important! Such actions will completely erase custom data or return it to the state of creating a backup copy.

ipad, burns, apple

For this operation, you will need a computer or laptop with installed iTunes. You need to perform the following actions:

  • Connect the tablet to the USB port of the computer.
  • Launch the iTunes program.
  • Forcibly restart the iPad using the DFU mode.
  • Select “Restore iPad”.

To download in DFU mode, hold the power button, hold the home button in three seconds, hold both for 10 seconds, then release the power button.

Faulty components

With hardware problems, the tablet can behave differently. If the screen flashes or flickers, there are false presses, then in this case the only way out is the contact center appeal. The same should be done with problems with the connector.

Important! When contacting the service center, you should choose the one that is certified by the manufacturer.

The user is able to fix the problems with iOS without contacting specialists, it is enough to restore the firmware. With physical injuries of the tablet, only a specialist can help.

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