Ipad Air Won’T Turn On Or Charge

Ipad Air 2 won’t charge What to do?

Love using your iPad, but notice that it has stopped holding a charge? Then it’s time to take it to the service center for diagnostics. Today, using the example of iPad Air 2, FixPoint specialists will talk about the main causes and solutions to the problem “15 %”.

The first signs of charging problems with the iPad Air 2

Here comes “a patient”, which was brought to us for diagnostics and repair

Ipad Air Won'T Turn On Or Charge

Customers noticed that it stopped charging. But that’s not the only sign that signals charging problems. If you have problems with your tablet, you may notice:

  • The device writes that “No charging from the mains” or not to show “lightning”.
  • No charge via USB-cable.
  • The gadget does not charge more than a certain charge threshold (more than 15% or something similar.
  • “Lightning” there is, but over time the charge does not increase.
  • The ipad turned off and turned on only when charging was connected.
  • Ipad suddenly turned off and won’t turn on even while charging.
  • The device charges much slower and discharges quickly.

Causes of iPad Air 2 charging problems

There are also several reasons why there are problems with the tablet’s power supply:

  • Mechanical damage.
  • Moisture ingress and short circuit.
  • Wear of connector pins or other components.

In any case, in order to find out the reason, you need the tablet to fall into the hands of an experienced craftsman. He conducts an initial inspection of the charger and tablet.

When we checked our iPad Air 2 tablet with the charger, everything was fine. It’s time to test “stuffing”. To do this, you need to carefully disconnect the display module from the main part.

Before that, you need to heat the plate on the separator and carefully detach the upper part using a special blade. As you can see, we did it)

Inside the device itself, there are three main parts that can lead to the problem of non-charging iPad Air 2:

  • Microcontroller charging.
  • Main controller.
  • Charging connector.

Each of these parts requires jewelry work with a soldering iron. Parts are soldered and replaced. For our iPad Air 2, the service engineer was also able to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Macbook Air Symptoms

Reliability and a host of other factors make MacBooks stand out from the crowd. But, nevertheless, even they sometimes fail. From this article you will find out why MacBook Air does not turn on, what in this case you can do on your own and when is it better to contact the specialists of our X-Repair service center.

If your MacBook Air will not turn on, you need to conduct an initial diagnosis of the device and determine the problem. It is difficult to do this without special skills and equipment, but there are a number of faults, the elimination of which is available to almost everyone. First of all, you need to pay attention to the signs of breakdown and the preceding “symptoms”. In most cases, a MacBook Air malfunction manifests itself as follows:

The laptop emits a sound at startup, the cooling fans are audible , the MacBook Air screen will not turn on, but there is no visible damage. Wait a moment for the operating system to load and press the Caps Lock key. If a green LED lights up on it, it means that the most expensive spare part, the motherboard, is working, the problem lies in the display or chip. Detailed diagnostics in our X-Repair service center will help you to pinpoint a non-working part, this service is absolutely free.

Macbook Air won’t turn on after updating and beeps 3 times. Most often, owners of the A1466 model face such a problem. The problem is solved by resetting the parameters of the system management controller (SMC) or replacing the RAM. If you know exactly how to reset the controller parameters, you can solve the problem yourself. It is better to contact us to replace the RAM. When repairing at the X-Repair service center, original spare parts or their high-quality analogues are used.

When the battery is completely discharged, the MacBook Air does not charge or turn on. The first step is to disconnect all peripheral devices from the laptop and try to turn it back on. If nothing has changed, then the cause is a faulty adapter or charging connector. When you connect a known working device, the indicator on its plug should light up. If not, there is a problem in the charging socket.

Macbook Air won’t turn on without a charger. This happens most often when the laptop battery has reached the end of its life. This problem is especially relevant for MacBook Air more than three years old, but it all depends on the intensity of laptop use. Therefore, if the indicator on the plug lights up when the charger is connected and the MacBook turns on automatically, you need to change the battery.

Macbook Air does not turn on after water ingress. In this case, you need to quickly disconnect the battery, open the laptop and put it down with the keyboard. Liquid under the case can damage the motherboard and cause other problems with the device. We recommend that you do not take risks and do not try to eliminate the consequences of contact with moisture on your own, but contact the X-Repair service center as soon as possible. In just a few hours, our specialists will restore your MacBook Air to work and give a guarantee for the entire scope of work performed for up to 12 months.

Macbook Air won’t turn on from button. The cause of this problem may be a malfunction of the keyboard, touchpad or its loop. The fact is that the keyboard of Air laptops is connected to the touchpad, and then a special cable to the motherboard. In order to make sure that the touchpad is working properly, you can turn off the keyboard, connect a working adapter to the MacBook and wait for the device to turn on automatically. If you do not have the skills to repair Apple equipment, entrust this work to our specialists. Elimination of this problem takes about two hours.

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