Ipad air does not work WI-FI

Folk remedies

However, if you have an old iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with a broken screen and a non-working Home button, then you can risk his health and do one of the methods of temperature exposure that have been tested by thousands of users. Namely. heat the smartphone with a hairdryer to a critical temperature and then restart, or vice versa. freeze the iPhone in the refrigerator (and this is not a joke).

Sometimes this has a positive, but temporary effect and confirms the presence of hardware problems.

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone or iPad: possible solutions to the problem

Among all the problems faced by the owners of mobile gadgets, poor performance or complete lack of Wi-Fi connection is one of the most common. Usually the fault is due to incorrect user settings of one of the devices (router or smartphone), but sometimes it is not possible to resolve this situation without intervention at the hardware level.

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Below we will consider the most effective methods of Wi-Fi treatment in terms of the ratio of the total number of attempts to successful ones. That is, it is these methods that most often help users solve the problem with this type of wireless connection.

On a router (router)

Reboot your router. No matter how trite it may sound, restarting the router in some cases really helps to improve the operation of the wireless network on iOS.

Change the encryption method (this is often the reason iOS devices don’t want to connect to Wi-Fi).

Reset your router (router) to factory settings.

Poorly catching or not working Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad, what to do?

Eliminate external causes (interference, covers)

First of all, you should make sure that there is no interference with the signal. If there is no microwave oven between the router and the smartphone, in which there are several working radiotelephones, then it should pass unhindered. Most often, the problem lies in covers and bumpers, which were made by shortsighted craftsmen from metal materials. eliminating such an accessory can remove the issue of unstable Wi-Fi connection.

On iPhone or iPad (reboot, “forget network”, reset network settings, flashing)

Naturally, the first step is to take a full range of measures to eliminate a possible error in the iOS settings, moving through the list from the simplest to the most complex:

Turn Wi-Fi off and on in Control Center, restart your device.

In case the iPhone or iPad does not connect to the Wi-Fi network correctly, try to “forget” the network. To do this, open the Settings application, go to the Wi-Fi section and click on the “i” icon next to the signal strength icon.

If this does not help, reset the network settings. To do this, go to the path: Settings → General → Reset and click on Reset network settings.

In some cases, you can use the Software Restore procedure. How the Software Update differs from the Software Restore, as well as how this process is performed, we described in detail in this material.

Contact the service center

If the iPhone still refuses to connect to the Internet, then with a high degree of probability there is mechanical damage or a factory defect of the corresponding module. Such a problem should not be eliminated on your own at home and it is better to contact a service center.

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? First aid

Usually, iPhone owners (with no signs of damage) have no complaints about cellular communication or Wi-Fi, but sometimes annoying incidents do occur. The problem manifests itself in different ways: in the form of a connection icon that has suddenly become gray and inactive, routing failures, incredibly slow data transfer speed.

Data backup and recovery

Not all ordinary users understand the meaning of this function, many are even annoyed by the need to spend time and effort copying data. However, this technique was invented for a reason and in some cases it is a real “magic wand” in solving complex problems. Usually, the iCloud cloud service is used to store backups, but for a situation with a non-working Wi-Fi, it is worth putting another copy in iTunes in advance. Having two backups is preferable to one. following the standard instructions, create one on iCloud and one on iTunes. Now, if something happens to the Wi-Fi settings, network connections or other system data, it is enough to simply restore the data from the saved array. The process is simple, but it takes some time, depending on the amount of information that is sent to the cloud and back.


The easiest, logical and fastest way to eliminate most temporary glitches during device operation is to reboot (turn off and on). It is enough just to hold down the “Power” button and hold it for several seconds until the “Turn off” slider appears and turn off the device. If the device “freezes”, then you need to hold down the Power and Home buttons for 10-15 seconds to force shutdown.

Usually, after turning it on, everything works fine and you just need to click on the Wi-Fi connection icon again.

Reset network settings

Do not forget that a general reset of all settings leads to the deletion of important information. IP address, data on DNS servers, user logins and passwords, etc. Therefore, it will be quite logical to carry out only “Reset network settings”, this item is located along the path: Settings. Basic. Reset. Reset network settings. Now that the network settings, among which there could be erroneous data, have been reset, in theory everything should work normally. We connect to Wi-Fi and check, and if the problems continue, go to the next step of the instruction.

Still not resolving your Wi-Fi issue? Reboot the router

Sometimes the source of glitches is not a smartphone, but a Wi-Fi router, a third-party device with its own firmware, which also has bugs. You can try to solve the problem simply by rebooting it, by turning off / on the power. If a connection is established, but the data transfer rate is suspiciously low, it makes sense to tinker with the settings of the DNS servers. True, this is a malfunction of the network equipment, and not of a smartphone or tablet, so the system administrator should deal with its correction.

If other devices connect to the Wi-Fi router without problems, and a specific iPhone or iPad is still junk, it’s time, unfortunately, to contact the service center.

Why WI-FI does not work on LG?

If WI-FI does not work on LG, do not delay with this problem. Our service center will certainly help you solve this problem, since we understand how important it is to always be aware of everything and the Internet plays an important role in this.

if the WI-FI antenna is damaged, then it does not see and does not catch the WI-FI network on LG. In most cases, this happens through the owner’s inattentive contact with the phone. You accidentally dropped it and the mobile hit a hard surface as the antenna ceases to function. The situation can be corrected only in a specialized center, where this part will be replaced with a new one;

Perhaps WI-FI stopped working on LG in case the WI-FI module is damaged. In order to disable it, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort. Oddly enough, it breaks down from mechanical damage or moisture ingress into the middle of the device. You cannot replace it on your own, since this is a rather delicate and difficult task;

does not connect writes no WI-FI to LG when software crashes. In this case, you will need to seek help from a specialist who will change the software. Only then will the device work again.

This also happens for several reasons:

Bluetooth does not work on LG if Bluetooth antenna is damaged. Any mechanical damage leads to the failure of this device. To resume work, it will be necessary to replace it with a new one;

Bluetooth does not work on LG if the Bluetooth module is damaged by dropping or spilling liquid into the middle of the device. It is necessary to completely replace this part. In our service center, you can purchase any spare part and try to fix your mobile yourself. In this case, do not forget that unskilled intervention negatively affects the phone’s performance. You can only harm, then it will be much more difficult and more expensive to repair your mobile;

LG does not find Bluetooth when software crashes and then software should be changed.

If one day you find that vibration does not work on LG, we advise the first thing to check the settings of your mobile. You may have accidentally disabled this feature. If everything is in order here, then in most cases the vibration motor is faulty. If your LG vibration is missing and does not work, contact our service center for help. Wizards will replace the vibration motor with a new one and your device will work again.

The camera does not work on LG for several reasons. Most often, it suffers from falling and moisture ingress. The main symptoms. it does not open, the image may be blurry.

if there is a problem with the camera, it does not open on LG, then it will need to be replaced with a new one;

the camera on the phone does not work. this may indicate that the camera control chip is faulty. It will need to be changed.

Replacing the camera with LG is an easy task for our masters. We have a huge warehouse of original spare parts, which allows us to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.

The young man discovered that vibration was not functioning on his cell phone. He decided to contact our service center for help. After diagnostics, it was determined that the vibration motor was out of order, which was replaced with a new one in just a few minutes. The cell has passed the quality control post, after which the client received a guarantee for the entire device.

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