iPad Air And iPad Air 2 Differences

As soon as the fanfare of the presentation of the new Apple Internet tablet, which received its own name iPad Air, died off, the lines of those who waited a bit with the purchase of the iPad 4 were ready to jump into points of sale. The transition to a brand new light model that attracts by matching the name. Whether it is worth investing in an update, or the cycle of apple devices is pointless. Is known in the comparison between iPad Air and iPad 4.

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IPad 4. An Internet tablet introduced by Apple in October 2012. Replaced the third generation iPad New.

IPad Air. An internet tablet introduced by Apple in October 2013. Replaced the fourth generation iPad 4.


The difference between iPad Air and iPad 4 is a year of research by developers. And they really turned out different, although some revolutions in the world of Internet tablets cannot be expected. The main forces were thrown to the design, because outwardly the new iPad from the outdated model is very easy to distinguish. Firstly, it is thinner and lighter, and stylistically close to mini. Dimensions of Air are 240 × 169.5 × 7.5 mm, and iPad 4. 241.2 × 185.7 × 9.4 mm. And if in the hands of the average person a couple of millimeters does not create a significant advantage, then the weight of the new iPad, reduced by almost 200 g (459 g against 652 g), will definitely please the owner. In addition to being a little more compact, the iPad Air also looks sleeker due to the narrow bezels around the screen. This also works in favor of the viewing area.

iPad Air And iPad Air 2 Differences

IPad Air

Attentive potential buyers will notice another touch to the portrait: Air has two speakers at the end, between them there is a Lightning port. How effective this solution is for users to judge, but stereo in this configuration seems to be nothing more than a tribute to innovation. There are no other external changes, and both generations of iPads remain undeniably recognizable.

So far it is impossible to take a look, only facts can be trusted, and they demonstrate serious updates only in the design and hardware platform. Ignoring the fashion trends of the tablet market, Apple did not provide its iPad Air with a multi-core processor. The two cores are still working for the benefit of the user. True, the processor is now a new, branded Apple A7, and its architecture is sic! 64 bit. And this means that under certain conditions it will process information faster. Accordingly, one can hope to no longer see the “dumbasses” of the iPad. In iPad 4, the processor is also dual-core, but only an A6, inferior in many respects to the competitors’ chips. The processor clock speed of Air is slightly less than that of its predecessor. 1.3 GHz versus 1.4 GHz, however, this does not affect the speed. But the presence of a coprocessor. In Air, this is M7. The main, main feature, which can, if not stir up the satisfied owners of the iPad 4, then make them envy. The coprocessor offloads the main one from background processes, for example, processing of sensor indicators, and, accordingly, helps to increase productivity. And the platform’s power consumption is also reduced, so that a thin and light battery. Another feature of Air and its difference from the iPad 4. Allows itself to work longer without recharging. Although in practice it is limited to the same standard ten hours.

Another point that may be important for travelers: unlike the fourth iPad, Air received an update to the LTE module, and now fourth-generation networks in different countries will be available for connection. They improved both the WiFi module and 300 Mbps now officially announced data transfer rate. Is this so. We will see for ourselves better, in December, when the iPad Air goes on sale.

Naturally, the iPad Air comes with the new iOS 7 operating system, while the iPad 4 has to be updated to it. According to those who had the opportunity to drive the new interface, it has become much more friendly and understandable. So it’s very easy to learn to move with Android Air, and iPad 4 is very inconvenient.