iPad Air 3 Output

Update: The iPad Air 3 didn’t hit the market in 2015, as we expected. Apple gave the tablet extra time, which should allow the iPad Air 3 to become even more impressive.

As for the iPad Air 2, we have repeatedly said that Apple has developed the perfect tablet and somehow made it even better. Now what? Well, we hope the company does it again.

We hoped to see the iPad Air 3 in 2015, but instead we got the Apple iPad Pro. This means that when the iPad Air 3 enters the market, the Apple iPad Air 2 is likely to expect a solid old age, and we hope that we could see a significant leap in technology and features.

The processor, obviously, will be able to take a step forward, regardless of whether the tablet becomes better or worse, it promises to be even thinner and lighter than the iPad Air 2. Although we are not sure that Apple has ways to create a tablet even thinner.

There are things that we would like to see, but the likelihood that 32 GB will become the smallest size of the new tablet is still extremely small. Currently, there is not much information, but the new Apple tablet. May not come until the end of 2016, so it will take more time for leaks and rumors.

  • What is it? Apple’s next incredibly thin tablet.
  • When to expect? We are expecting a release this year, when it is not clear yet.
  • How much is? This is a premium quality tablet with a high price tag, but it will be cheaper than the iPad Pro nonetheless.

Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date

We initially expected the iPad Air 3 to be released in 2015, but instead, Apple presented the market with a professional iPad Pro and compact iPad Mini 4. And, frankly, there is nothing wrong with that. The new iPad Pro is no doubt an innovative product, while the new iPad Mini 4 is a big step forward from the Mini 3.

Rumor has it that Apple decided to slow down with the release of the third iteration of iPad Air, because the manufacturer does not want to overload the consumer with too many different tablets.

The latest rumors come from the Chinese technology site MyDrivers, which claims that its sources became aware of the release of the tablet closer to March 2016. It is also rumored that the Apple Watch 2 is scheduled for release in the same month, which makes sense for Apple.

But at the moment there is no convincing evidence to suggest the release of the iPad Air 3 in the first half of 2016. If a decent device is waiting for us, we would like to see it before the release of the iPhone 7, which is rumored to be released in September.

Apple iPad Air 3 Design

iPad Air 3 Output

Rumors about the new iPad Air 3 are not enough to get an idea about the design. We expect Apple to keep the information under the wing until the last, but we also do not expect any major changes in the design department.

Most likely, Apple will retain the size of the tablet and, possibly, reduce a little the weight or thickness of the tablet. On the other hand, the iPad Air 2 is already quite thin, so perhaps Apple should not struggle with thickness when it allows us to offer an improved battery or better performance under the hood.

We are probably waiting for a 9.7-inch panel, but we expect to see some improvements in this area. The 3D Touch technology we saw on the Apple Watch and iPhone 6S may come on the iPad Air 3.

According to rumors, according to the specifications from MyDrives, the new tablet may come with a resolution of 4K (3112 x 2334 pixels). And while it sounds too far from the iPad Air 2 with its screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, we can only wait and see.

Apple iPad Air 3 competitors

Apple is its own enemy in this category. All serious competitors iPad Air 3 out of the camp of Apple. You stay in the iPad category, whether you want something less or even a little more.

For example, in the competition category, we have the iPad Mini 4, which entered the market with an updated processor and a magnificent 7.9-inch panel. This is one of the lightest and most portable tablets on the market right now.

If you are looking for more. IPad Pro. The new tablet comes with a huge 12.9-inch display and a powerful A9Z processor under the hood. It will cost you extra investment, however, since it is not a cheap tablet.

The Android market can also impose serious competition by offering devices like the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 and Google Pixel C, which require a bit of attention.

Power and OS Apple iPad Air 3

There are some things about the Apple iPad Air 3 that we can be sure of. On the one hand, the tablet is likely to work on iOS 10, although iOS 9 remains possible if the tablet comes out earlier than the new OS.

IOS 9 brings improvements in Siri, Maps, multitasking, offers a new keyboard and more. Therefore, if iOS 10 comes out on a new tablet, you should expect even more new features, but what they will be remains to be seen.

We are also confident that the new iPad Air 3 will receive a fresh processor, faster than before. The iPad Air 2 offers an A8X chip, but we already see the A9X on the iPad Pro, so the A10 becomes a very likely iPad Air 3 tablet chip.

There is a possibility that more RAM awaits us. The iPad Air 2 only offers 2 GB of RAM, but Apple rolled out the iPad Pro with 4 GB. As its name suggests, PRO is performance-oriented, so the iPad Air 3 may not be as powerful, although 3 GB of RAM will be nice.

Wait for the Touch ID Scanner to return. Some early rumors also suggest an improved 13-megapixel camera with LED flash, while others claim that iSight will grow from 5 to 8 megapixels.