iPad Air 3 Glass Replacement

The 3rd generation iPad Air is not a “cooled down” new product in 2019, which pleases users with enhanced capacities with improved graphics 2.5 times. The creators also updated the camera for lovers of quality photos. But six months later, they started to bring the new product to us for repair. Do not think, it is not a weak build or design flaws. 99% of cases are improper use and accidents. But about all the possible problems in order.

Glass replacement

The first thing our customers come to us with is a broken screen. Such cases are not uncommon due to the fact that tablets often fall on hard surfaces, beat hard objects on the road. Even shockproof covers and protective glasses do not save from strong blows or falling from a high height. In this case, the first thing you should do is take the tablet to the Apple Service Center. For example, we at iFix immediately diagnose the device. If the matrix is ​​working and no damage is visible on it, we recommend replacing the glass. This type of repair will keep the original matrix with the factory image.

Not many services can deal with this type of repair, since it requires special equipment and skills. All due to the fact that high-quality gluing of glass is carried out using the OSA method. This is the factory method used at the Apple factory: it consists in the use of a film that gives a long-lasting effect and does not turn yellow over time. Our masters do glass re-sticking not only for tablets, but also for iPhone, Apple Watch.

Screen Replacement

If, however, the matrix was damaged, you will have to replace the entire display module with the iPad Air 3. Then another question arises that concerns many users: how to save the gadget’s native functions? This repair uses original parts that are covered by a warranty of 6 to 12 months.

Battery Replacement

Another common problem is a discharged battery. The iPad Air 3 has a battery capacity of 5124 mAh, which is a lot for such a small device. But with improper use, this volume is sharply reduced. For example, if you charge the device with cheap chargers, the battery starts to wear out. The same thing happens if water gets inside. In this case, you need not just a replacement battery, but also professional cleaning of the device. After all, water can damage not only the battery, but the entire motherboard. Then your gadget will completely fail, without the possibility of recovery. Carry your iPad Air 3 to professionals immediately to prevent this mistake.

We will clean your device from moisture and dust, and we will also replace all damaged parts. Cleaning the device is also recommended for preventive purposes. Since the connectors and other secluded areas of the structure accumulate dirt and dust, which causes the processor to overheat and malfunction in the system. This will enable you to keep your apple friend as new, no matter how old he is;) And we will help you with this! We are always ready to provide urgent help to any Apple gadget, when it’s convenient for you. We work without days off and without holidays, therefore choose a day “for you”.

Our location is also convenient for customers. We are everywhere 🙂 Our offices are located near the central metro stations or major transport interchanges. You just have to come and ask questions that interest you. Our consultants will always prompt and help in the repair and selection of accessories.

iPad Air 3 Glass Replacement

We are waiting for you and your apple favorite in iFix!)