iPad Air 2 Power Button Flex Cable

Offering its customers an iPad Air tablet, Apple is positioning it, among other things, as a reliable device. However, even such a technique may fail. Most of the failures of iPad Air and 1 and 2 generations are associated with a fault loop. This element is easily damaged, and this entails the need to replace the cable for the volume and power buttons, as well as the connectors on the tablet. If such a breakdown occurs with your gadget, contact us at the service center, where you will be provided with qualified assistance and will be given an official guarantee for the device after the provision of services.

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Reasons to replace a loop in iPad Air

How repair works:

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The cables in iPad Air are responsible for the operation of the screen, touchscreen, connector for the charger, the sensitivity of the keys and connect the system board to the modem, audio jack, charging socket, power and audio buttons. Most often, the need to replace this part with iPad is required for the following reasons:

  • Mechanical damage to the connectors.
  • Moisture
  • Pollution of electrical contacts.
  • Inaccurate handling of the device.
  • Use of non-original accessories.

Since the repair of this component is impossible in principle, to eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to replace the power button loop and other elements on the iPad Air.

To change the loop of iPad Air 2, contact specialists

In order to change the loop of the iPad Air 2, you need to disassemble the tablet. To do this, the service center master lifts the front panel, unscrews the four screws with a screwdriver that secure the screen to the back of the case, disconnects the touchscreen and screen module cables. If necessary, the dielectric blade moves the plate separating the front panel and the screen from the logic board and the battery. After that, it replaces the faulty loop and assembles the gadget in the reverse order. Testing the device for performance completes the procedure.

Cons of self repair plume on iPad Air

Performing a connecting repair on Aypad Air is not so easy, especially at home. As noted earlier, this part is located inside the device. And you can get to it only by disassembling it almost completely, which is impossible to do without a special tool and acquired skills. You can damage the working elements of the iPad Air.

Cheap service exacerbates problems

For the same reason, resorting to third-party services is not worth it. Any unprofessional content impact on the components of the tablet may exacerbate the breakdown with additional damage. As a result, even such a simple maintenance procedure for replacing the Power button with the connecting button on the iPad Air will become much more expensive. In this regard, one cannot fail to note the widespread practice of using non-original components in third-party services. How it affects the reliability of iPad Air 1 is not hard to guess.