iPad Air 2 Lost Sound In Applications

It happens that one encounters a simple situation that can immediately lead to a dead end. One of them happened yesterday.

A friend of mine had a problem. On iPad2, the sound disappeared, or rather, it did not completely disappear. AVPlayer successfully showed movies with sound, and there was sound on the Internet when watchings, but there was complete silence in the games and Crystal TV application (reincarnation of zombies).

The standard tip to restart the iPad did not help. Problem still exists. In general, the patient was brought for a detailed examination. Everything turned out to be ugly simple. Read the documentation carefully!

Surely, you are familiar with the switch, which is located just above the volume control rocker on the iPad. For example, I use it to lock the screen auto-rotate, but by default it is set to block sound (although, as it turned out, it blocks the sound somehow selectively). That’s so easy to decide “problem” Missing Sound On iPad With A Flick Of A Finger.

You can change the switching behavior in the iPad settings:

iPad Air 2 Lost Sound In Applications

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  1. 2012-05-15 at 00:30:24 | Irina

Thank you very much)) the husband’s iPad, always some problems with it. Have to understand. Just the other day, a sound disappeared, also selectively. He was in games, but when charging was connected, turned off, etc. He stopped making a characteristic sound. We connected a flash drive with movies. Also no sound. Thanks to your help, sorted out.

There is still no sound in games; what’s the problem ?? Is it possible to solve it differently?

I can’t recreate your problem, it’s not clear what version of iOS is installed. Here you need to look live, but I’m not flying from photographs. Jailbreak-s do not induLGe in by accident?

Thanks for the post, it helped.

As soon as I did not fight. I even had to completely demolish the system.

I tried everything, there is no sound in the game of Rio. What to do? How to reload?

Thanks, it helped, the sound in games also disappeared, and I didn’t even know what the switch was there.

Thank you, saved from the permutation and going to the service))

Well, thanks, they helped out so they helped out.

Thank you so much! Worth article

Thank you very much! And then I already panicked))))

Really effective advice! Poigli;)

But it didn’t help me.

Thank you very much)) about 2 weeks ago I bought an iPad, at first everything was good, then bam and the sound in the games was not thought that I had already broken thanks to you figured out)) MUCH THANKS.

Tip is super! I did not know that everything is so simple! Children knocked out! Thought the whole day, and ran into your article! Thank you so much!

Thank you kind man

Many thanks. You saved me, you already wanted to carry me to the service)))) Cinema with sound, but there is no game.

Thank you very much! She herself once turned off the sound and forgot, but now I can’t understand where he disappeared)

Besides the button on the side of the screen, you can turn on the sound by raising the desktop, scroll to the left, there is also a mute-mute button

Thank you so much. Everything worked. Knocked out of thought “selectivity” sound switch.

Thanks to you, the same thing happened and I immediately turned to the Internet for help and found and fixed it.

How simple it is! Thank!

Good advice. Previously, I did not even suspect the existence of this switch until I encountered the problem of sound loss.

Well, the world is not without good people! Thanks you. The same problem was, I myself would not have found it in such a place.

Thank you very much. Tortured this problem, and resolved in a second 🙂

Thank you so much. Saved !! Already wanted to contact the service.

Thanks for the advice.

The sound appeared, but the orientation disappeared 🙁 can someone tell me?

True. Thank.

Thank! It helped me!) The children constantly change something in the settings, then to find out what exactly they changed, it is sometimes very difficult)) only with your advice and save!))

Handsome on topic

Thanks helped me too

Helped of course. Thank. Brilliantly simple))))

Nothing helped!

Class! Thank! The daughter played and the sound disappeared! You really helped!

For those to whom the advice above did not help:

Go to the settings-basic-side switch. Panels-put a tick on the mute. Save. Exit to the desktop.Turn the physical switch to the sound on-off-on position (the main thing is that the end position remains on)

After which the sound should work and you can optionally reconfigure the physical switch to lock the screen. The main thing is that at the time of transferring the checkmark in the settings to the screen lock (most likely most have it set up) the physical switch was in the sound on position.

Oh thank you! And I thought I fell unsuccessfully.

Thank you so much for the advice.

Here thanks, so thanks))))))) I also played a daughter)

Thank you author! Just write specifically that you need to hang the sound function on the lever, click it, and then you can hang another function on it again. And then he gave a hint, but obviously did not register it))

In general, a strange glitch, for all my life the lever has blocked orientation.

I never leave a comment, but I could not resist here. THANKS HUGE. Very much helped out. Hooray.

Fuuuuf ## yat helped thanks, but I thought that flashing flew 🙂

You are such a cool person. Thank

Thanks for the tips. I dug up everything. Everything was fine in the settings, nothing helped. I called the service center. It turned out to be easier nowhere. The son turned the switch to silent on the iPad itself on the right. Black one. The problem is solved))))))))

Thank. You saved me, and all users of iPads))) is so simple and so brilliant. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much) the problem was solved)

Thank!! Helped a lot !!))

Well, okay. Many thanks already wanted to go to the service: D

Thank. Advice really helped

Thank. Suffered all day but decided in a minute 🙂

After installing iOS7, the same trouble switched off. Fasting helped, thanks.

Thank you, it works 🙂

There, under the multitasking panel, a panel with a bell comes out. Children twice cut the sound in applications. They just brilliantly find weaknesses.

Www.Ifixit.com.Ua/advice/42-net-zvuka-iPad-iPad2.html I took the information here) now everything is fine with sound)

Thanks, it really helped.

Thank you very much, Turk for your help!

Thank you so much. I now have a sound.

Thank! Everything worked out.:-)

Thank you very much! I also had a similar problem with sound, now everything is OK!)))

Saved! Thank you so much! Everything is working.

PPC. 2 days of thinking!)))

Thank you very much, helped a lot)

Thank you so much. It helped!

OLGa’s comment about raising the desktop really helped) Thank you!

Thank you so much! In the morning the child was terribly upset, I scolded him! Now, thanks to you, peace and harmony are in the house! Everyone is happy! And you don’t have to go to the service!

Yes, I see not one I was with this problem! Thanks for the advice! Everything is working! And then the new iPad and the sound disappeared sharply, after it was completely discharged during the game)

Thank you so much. We have almost come to terms with the fact that after all the updates there were so many glitches, because we ourselves didn’t switch anything. God bless you, good man.

Thank you so much! Everything is working!

Thank you so much! There was such a problem today, it helped the first time!

Thank you! I didn’t even know about the existence of this switch))))

Thank you very much. You helped me a lot. Thanks again, Good luck with everything

Thanks so much for the tip.

Thank you. A minute of work, and problems as it had happened!

Thanks a lot helped a lot. )

Thank! I am saved! The child is happy and again at work, playing 🙂

Thank you, good man! It helped.

It didn’t help me. When I try to make the sound louder, it writes to me “sound effects”. Please tell me what to do.

Thank you, kind person 🙂

Thanks, it helped a lot)

Thank you very much! And I already thought that FB blocked oxygen))

Thank you so much for the advice. Thought it was an iso 8 glitch.

Thank you, thank you.

Please prompt the iPad 3 sound does not go out I click on the write button sound effects help

Thank you very much, I also had a similar problem, the sound suddenly disappeared when typing from the keyboard and in the game, with which the played normally, with sound. Thanks to your advice, went into settings-basic-switch

What kind of people we are all the same! Who lives where, but we deal with the same ridiculous problem, solve it and rejoice like children! Thank you)))

But what about air 2. It does not have a switch.

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, it did not help me. I had to carry to the service center http://apple4you.ru/servisny_centr/. It turned out the firmware flashed.

Thank you very much. A cool application was installed for the child, but without sound it loses its meaning. With developers conflict (((Thanks to your advice, not only me, but also the baby was happy

Thank you a huge problem solved.

Thank. It helped. I already wanted to reset the iPad.

Many thanks. As everything just turned out)

Thank you so much. I solved my problem with sound))))

Already the axis has been updated a hundred times, but the problem still arises.

Thank you you are my hero

Thank you, you bloody genius. She suffered for two months. IPad3 resuscitated, ehuuuu.

Thank you Very help out!

Many thanks! It helped, my son is happy!)

Thanks, it helped! On the support page, Apple could not find anything (

I was tormented for a month without sound, and did not know for the switch there)) thanks for the help

Thank you very much. Everyone tried it when the sound disappeared in games and applications. But you would never have guessed that the thing is the switches near the volume! Apparently the daughter switched accidentally

Thanks for the help)

Here’s how you can know everything. Thank you very much for the information. Indeed, a miracle can be accomplished with one movement of the hand!

Swipe diagonally from the upper right corner of the screen. In the pop-up settings, tap the crossed out bell

Thank you so much Michael for the comment! There is no side switch on my tablet and only this tip helped solve the problem. THANK.

There are good people. A week without sound. Thank

Thank you, good man! Well, we don’t know how to read User Guides, etc. Instruction, it’s easier to find advice on the network. Degraded, shy.