iPad Air 2 Features

Let’s talk about useful iPad features. IPad features are what we get when we buy a device. The tablet’s functions can be divided into two large groups. The functions that we get by default and those that are possible with the help of additional programs. Let’s call the first basic, the second. Additional.

This article is intended for those who have not yet bought an iPad, but decide to do so. In the description of each function, I answered three questions based on my own experience:

How do we get the function?
What are the disadvantages of this feature?
How would I rate the implementation of this feature on the iPad?

IPad Key Features

How to get: The standard Safari browser will satisfy the bulk of device users. If in the first versions of iOS Safari caused a lot of complaints, then in iOS 7 and higher the version of the browser practically does not cause problems.

Browser features: tabs, bookmarks, reading list, special mode for comfortable reading, general links, etc. If you need a more functional (gestures, downloading files, etc.) browser, then look at the alternatives. Our site has reviews of several high-quality browsers for the iPad.

Minuses: no file uploads.

Assessment of implementation: 9 out of 10. Satisfy most iPad users.

Mail client:

How to get: I don’t even want to change the standard mail client. In fairness, let’s say there are not so many worthy alternatives in the App Store. Alternatives are mainly geared towards specific mailboxes. For example, Google has released its own client for Gmail, there is also a solution from mail.Ru. Managing and configuring a standard client is easy. It has the ability to track multiple email accounts.

Minuses: there is no way to set a password on the mail client itself. There is no sharpening for each specific mail service.

Assessment of implementation: 8 out of 10. Most often, a standard client is enough.

GPS Navigation (iPad 3G / LTE only)

How to get: The GPS module is only integrated in the iPad version with 3G / LTE, which somewhat depreciates the iPad with Wi-Fi. In order to fully use GPS (for example, for navigation in the car) it is better to purchase a navigation program from the App Store. With constant access to the mobile Internet, in principle, enough free analogues like Yandex Navigator. Travelers will benefit from the constantly evolving offline maps Maps.Me. By default, Apple’s cards are installed in the operating system, which are far from ideal and inferior to the competitors’ applications: Google Maps (for the world) or Yandex.Maps (for Russia and neighboring countries).

Minuses: High price for quality navigation software on the App Store. An average of 25-40 dollars. It is impossible to find a universal software solution for all occasions: for each specific country / part of the world and for specific purposes, you need to select your program.

Assessment of implementation: 9 out of 10. GPS in the iPad works perfectly, but for software troubles minus 1 point.

Music player:

How to get: after the purchase, we already have a good built-in player. The standard Music program. You can listen even with the screen off, which can significantly save battery power. We listen through the standard program: podcasts, audio books, mp3 music, alac (apple lossless). There is a convenient management of playlists. Since the end of 2012, after the iTunes Store came to Russia, it became possible to buy music.

Minuses: binding to iTunes.

Assessment of implementation: 9 out of 10.


How to get: we can watch as a standard viewer, but frankly, it is bad because of the small number of reproducible formats (mp4, m4v). Therefore, a good alternative player is almost the first thing to install on an iPad from the App Store. Check out AVPlayer, nPlayer, or the free VLC. It is possible to view on a local network without copying the to your computer (example: StreamToMe program or the same GoodPlayer). You can also watchs online. And since December 2012, there is an opportunity for users of a Russian account to buy or rent movies directly from the iTunes Store.

iPad Air 2 Features

Minuses: The best players will have to fork out (at least 3). There are problems with the formats, because of which players lose important functions. Problems are usually resolved over time by developers or by searching for alternatives.

Assessment of implementation: 7 out of 10. This is the default rating. Using the App Store and additional programs, we immediately get 10 out of 10. Watching movies on an iPad on the go is a pleasure.

3G / LTE Internet (iPad / 3G / LTE only)

How to get: 3G / LTE Internet is a quick way to access the network from anywhere in the mobile Internet coverage area. Actual for cities where the 3G network is already taken for granted. The new iPad has added support for 4G networks (LTE). The situation with 4G is now about the same as it was at the dawn of the emergence of 3G. That is, “it seems like the iPad supports, but it’s not clear how to use it to its fullest!”

Minuses: Relatively low prevalence of high-speed mobile Internet.

Assessment of implementation: 9 out of 10.

2 photo cameras with the ability to record:

How to get: Users received 2 cameras on both sides of the iPad only in the iPad version 2. There are no cameras in the first version, despite the dot above the screen, which is misleading. Only in 2012, with the release of the new iPad, this function can be considered successfully implemented. You can evaluate the quality of images ands in a separate review: Photos and cameras in the new iPad.

Minuses: on the second iPad, the photos are terrible in quality, but starting with the iPad 3, quality is growing!

Assessment of implementation: 5 out of 10 (iPad 2), 8 out of 10 (All iPad after iPad 2). Well, fors made using the latest iPad models, there are no complaints at all. The camera is better on the iPhone.

Additional iPad Features

How to get: Install one or more readers, download books to iPad. The choice of readers, although not wide, will cover all the tastes of users. One built-in Apple iBooks is worth it. Reading books on the iPad is very convenient. With a high-quality Retina-screen in the iPad, reading turned into just a fairy tale.

Minuses: There is no perfect reader (even iBooks are limited by the number of supported file formats)

Assessment of implementation: 10 out of 10. You will enjoy reading from the iPad! I guarantee.

Voice recorder:

How to get: install programs. There are both free and paid (for example, Voice Recorder HD). The recorded sound is good. There is almost no interference. The iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display went even further. They built a dual microphone: one channel for recording sound, and the second for suppressing extraneous noise. Also, many creators of programs on business and without work began to implement support for the function of the recorder: note programs, interactive books for children, file managers, etc.

What is missing in the function: The iPad does not have a voice recorder built into iOS, despite its obvious need. On the iPhone and iPod it is.

Assessment of implementation: 9 out of 10. Give the built-in voice recorder in iOS on iPad. I will put 10.

Minuses: The best games are paid.

Various useful applications:

How to get: just like games. Download from the App Store. There are a lot of useful applications, good ones to look for. We have collected our selection of the best applications and are constantly updating in this article. There is a special mission for standard applications and applications from the App Store. They make the iPad an extremely functional device: I don’t even risk listing all these functions in this article, here we consider the issue of “iPad functions” in general.

Minuses: As with games, the best apps are paid. There are far fewer promotions and discounts on applications than on games.

Rating implementation: 9 from 10. Typically, applications have more requirements and there are not many ideal applications. There are also fewer programs in the App Store than games.

View and edit photos:

How to get: View images is available through the standard Photos application. From viewing, many get tremendous pleasure: it is convenient and practical. There are a lot of photo editing programs on the App Store. One gets the impression that only a lazy developer has not released an application for editing in one form or another of pictures. Here’s an example: MySketch, which allows you to draw a pencil sketch from a photo. Study our section with photoprograms. You will surely find a bunch of interesting programs for you.

Minuses: the variety of programs in this case can be a minus, since it is difficult to understand the ordinary user of their need and usefulness.

Assessment of implementation: 10 out of 10. The main thing is not to get lost in the grief of photo applications.

Of course, these are not all the features of the iPad. You can talk about them for a long time, for some, the iPad will become an assistant in raising a child (there are already quite a lot of reviews of high-quality educational applications for children on our website), someone will replace a paper newspaper (you can subscribe to electronic versions of the press), and someone will find in it an excellent gaming platform.

And what features do you consider the most valuable and successfully implemented on the iPad?