Ipad Activation Lock

Activation lock status

A very important point, without the study of which the entire further procedure in some cases will be useless. So, activation lock can be of three types, the device has a status:

Off there is no blocking. Activation possible using any Apple ID.

  • Clean device can be activated only after unlinking from the previous account.
  • Lost device erased (LOST AND ERASED), lost or stolen (LOST OR STOLEN), is on the operator’s blacklist (BLACKLISTED).
  • How do you know what status your iPhone has? There are several options:

    • In appearance. For example, on the screen of the device, you can see the inscription this device was lost and erased. Everything is clear here, this iPhone has a LOST sign and, most likely, goes for parts.
    • Through special checker sites. I will not give a list of them here (many of them constantly disappear. You cannot keep track of all of them). Unfortunately, there are practically no free ones for information, they ask for money. True, not very much, usually 2-3.

    Why know all this at all? In order to understand whether it is worth bothering and wasting your time on unlocking.

    Here are two main takeaways:

    If the device has the CLEAN status, there are chances of unlocking.

  • If the device has a LOST status, there is practically no chance. In this case, you just have to have reinforced concrete arguments for removing Activation Lock which, unfortunately, are almost always lacking.
  • Iphone Activation Lock How To Remove Activation Lock!

    Hello! There are just a huge number of instructions on the Internet about Activation Lock and how to get around this outrage. This is a plus. The downside is different in some articles (in fairness, it is worth noting that not all) are written such nonsense that you simply wonder. Some unimaginable combinations, special programs and other tin are invented, which only takes the time to benefit from all this exactly zero point zero tenths.

    Perhaps that is why, in our VKontakte group with you, and my mail continues to receive questions from the series on the iPhone activation lock, what should I do now? Or I just gave the money, they promised me to unblock it, but the person took the money and disappeared what to do? Etc.

    What should you do when you are often asked about the same thing? Correctly write detailed instructions.

    Let’s deal with this problem once and for all, so it will be easier for you (no need to strain and write to someone) and me (gave a link to the article and everyone felt good).

    So, the whole truth about Activation Lock on iPhone is here. Go!

    How to bypass Activation Lock

    If we talk about the iPhone, then there are only two ways:

    Enter the correct Apple ID pair and password.

  • Unlocking via technical support.
  • There are no other common options. You can’t somehow cleverly reflash, update, roll back the firmware, make a Hard Reset, etc.

    You ask: But the guys on the Internet say that they will send some tricky firmware (for only 500-600 rubles!) And everything will be fine!

    It will be good. But not for you, but for them. They will receive 550 rubles and will be happy. You will get nothing and you will be upset.

    However, everything is not always so categorical. There is

    What it is?

    Activation Lock is Apple’s server-level iPhone activation lock. In a slightly more understandable language, this very thing prevents you from turning on and fully using the iPhone.

    Blocking occurs in two ways:

    Apple ID.

  • Password.
  • Until you enter the correct (the one that was at the time the lock was turned on) Apple ID and password on the device, you will not be able to use the iPhone. Generally not. No way. Even for a second. Even just to look.

    And it’s good if you know this very pair (Apple ID and password), entered the data and started using the device. And if not? This is where we come to

    Services that offer blocking bypass

    Indeed, on the Internet you can find services and sites that offer (for a fee) to unlock your iPhone. Should I use them or not? It’s up to you to decide. I, for my part, will give some simple tips.

    If you decide to use such services, then:

    In general, be vigilant.

    And yes, it is worth remembering that all these services work according to the same method and achieve unlocking through support. This means you can do it yourself.

    Removing Activation Lock via support

    Again, this is the only working way to unlock your iPhone. There are simply no others.

    You can entrust this task to other people and pay money (we have already talked about special services) or try to do everything yourself and for free. What is required of us?

    Call technical support. It makes no sense to write to some kind of mail or immediately fill them with documents, everything starts with a call.

  • Explain your problem. Especially stress that the iPhone belongs to you (bought for your honestly earned money, issued on credit) and you have documents (checks, loan agreements, invoices, screenshots, stamps) that confirm the purchase. The more pieces of paper the better.
  • After that, you will receive a special letter by mail with a link to download all these documents.
  • Take pictures, upload and wait. If all is well within a few days the lock will be removed.
  • This is if in general terms. And now a few important points, questions and answers to them.

    As you can see, the situation is difficult, but there is nothing you can do about it, these are Apple’s rules.

    How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone?

    Is there a way to bypass Activation Lock? Ben Schlabs, an employee of the German company Security Research Labs, showed a real way to bypass Activation Lock and completely unlock an iPhone. The method is not easy, but 100% working.

    Let’s say the iPhone is in idle mode, the lock screen is active and in order to unlock it, you need to enter the password. Neither the lock password nor the Apple ID with a password are known to us.

    1 From the Control Center on the lock screen, activate Airplane Mode or simply remove the SIM card from the iPhone to disconnect the device from the cellular network and, as a consequence, cut off the connection to the Internet. This will give time to select a lock password and make a fingerprint of the owner of the phone;

    2 Choose a 4-digit lock password (10,000 combinations) or, if possible, make a fingerprint left by the previous owner on the iPhone screen;

    3 Unlock iPhone and go to Settings. Icloud. Uch. Record, write down the value of the Apple ID field, this will be the Apple ID to which the device is linked;

    4 On the official Apple website (iforgot.Apple.com), initiate the Apple ID password recovery procedure;

    5 Connect the iPhone to the Internet via Wi-Fi for a few seconds and start the mail client. After an email arrives on iPhone with a link to the password recovery page, copy it into your notes and rewrite it. Don’t forget to disconnect iPhone from the Internet;

    6 Paste the link received in the letter into the address bar of the Internet browser on your computer and create a new password from Apple ID;

    7 In the iCloud settings on the iPhone, delete the account to which the device is linked. Find iPhone will be disabled and Activation Lock will be disabled with it;

    8 Restore iPhone to Official Firmware and Set It Up as a New Device.

    What is Activation Lock?

    With Activation Lock turned on, Apple ID and password must be entered every time:

    • Disabling Find iPhone in the device settings;
    • Sign out of iCloud on your device
    • When erasing data and reactivating the device.

    System requirements for Activation Lock to work?

    Activation Lock works only on iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is available only on iOS 7 and above.

    Feature not available on iMac and MacBook desktop systems running OS X.

    What Activation Lock can do?

    Activation Lock can brick your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In other words, as a result of the Activation Lock, the iPhone or any other iOS device is completely blocked, neither the restoration of the device nor the iOS update will help.

    When restoring / updating iPhone, after selecting the language, country and connection to the cellular network, to activate the device, you will need to enter the credentials from the Apple ID to which the device is linked, without which it will be impossible to use the device.

    Why Activation Lock is dangerous for the rightful owner of iPhone?

    If your iPhone is running iOS 7 or higher, its settings have the Find iPhone function enabled and, as a result, the Activation Lock function was automatically activated and you forgot your Apple ID or password, neither disable Find iPhone and Activation Lock, nor delete your iCloud account, nor erase personal data, nor, most importantly, you will not be able to activate the iPhone after flashing. Even contacting Apple support will not help and you will have an electronic brick on your hands.

    You can try to recover your Apple ID password if you have access to an email registered as an Apple ID, but there are cases when the password could not be recovered.

    Instructions for bypassing iPhone activation lock

    For you to understand us correctly, we considered the possibility of bypassing Activation Lock on the iPhone from the perspective of an attacker in order to develop security measures that will help legitimate owners of iOS devices protect against unauthorized use of their devices.

    How to activate iPod 5 if you forgot your ID and password. How to activate your iPad if you forgot your apple id and password

    Activation lock

    The device search function allows you to find a gadget, since it displays its location on a map. Allows you to notify with a sound signal via iCloud when searching for a tablet (well suited for cases when you leave your device somewhere at home and cannot find it for a long time). Through the same iCloud, you can make the Lost Mode active. You will be able to lock your tablet using a four-digit code. Unlocking is possible only by entering this code. You can also remotely delete all your data.

    Activation Lock translates to activation lock. Made available with the release of iOS 7.0. This is the additional side of the device search function. This lock is activated simultaneously with the activation of the find iPad function. It allows you to link the unlock to the apple id. After that, it is impossible to delete personal data and reactivate the gadget.

    In order to do this, you will need to deactivate the search function, or specify an Apple ID. Even a full restoration of the gadget through DFU mode or flashing will not help to eliminate such a block.

    Ipad activation lock and how to remove it

    If for some reason you forgot and lost your ID code (which is tied to your tablet) and you have activated the tablet search function, do not panic. You will learn further what to do in such a situation and how to remove Activation Lock from the device. There is a service that allows you to shoot such a block, it is called doulCi.

    So what to do:

    This method has a serious disadvantage. If the tablet originally came with support for a SIM card, now it will not work. This is because the iOS OS sees that it is active, while the modem firmware does not. Therefore, you will not be able to use the mobile Internet, but otherwise the tablet will work fine.

    If you purchased your tablet hand-held and it has an active iPad search function, contact the person who sold it to you. An adequate seller must remove the Apple ID link from your iCloud account. You can do this on the cloud storage site. There he must indicate all the necessary data for activation and then click on the device search icon.

    Next, in the area that opens, you need to expand the option all devices and indicate the locked iPad. After the image of the gadget is displayed on the screen, the option to remove from find will be available under all the main functions. After that, a confirmation window will appear. Done. Now you can activate the purchased tablet.

    If this is your gadget and registration in iCloud was done for you, you can try to recover data. To do this, go to the cloud storage site and click on the forgot Apple ID or password option under the authorization window. In the window that opens, you must enter the email address that you specified at the time of registration. Next, you need to follow the instructions that will be issued by the service.

    If you are unable to contact the seller or do not know an alternate email address, you should contact Apple Support in your area. In addition to simple activation blocking, the message missing iPad may appear. This suggests that this device already belongs to someone, or hackers took over your data and blocked your gadget.

    If you become a victim of scammers, you need to contact Apple technical support without fail. Provide all the necessary evidence that this is your tablet (receipt, documents, box). Do not react to malicious messages and stay calm.

    Lock activation may also occur if data is remotely reset. This will help to ensure the owner’s privacy is protected or to avoid the release of some important secret documents. There may also be an additional message with the owner’s contacts. This suggests that he wants it back, and this tablet is stolen or lost.

    An attempt to break the lock in this case will be an attempt to appropriate someone else’s property. It is illegal and subject to liability. If you find yourself in a situation where you yourself, through your negligence or forgetfulness, blocked the devices, you can use the method above or contact the technical support of the company at your place of residence.

    Any questions regarding how to remove any blockage are resolved in technical support. This method involves a waste of time, but it is completely legal.

    Ipad activation lock, how to remove or bypass it?

    There are times when gadgets are lost. You can, through carelessness, forget somewhere or become a victim of intruders. For these situations, Apple has developed a Find My Device function. When activated, the iPad can be remotely blocked, personal data deleted from it, and a message can be sent to contact the new owner.

    How to unblock your iPad if you forgot your password: Step by step instructions

    At first glance, it seems strange when you hear that people are looking for how to unlock the iPad if they forgot their password, but anything happens in life.

    Surely those people who care about the privacy of the contents of their tablet often change the password to it.


    When the imagination dries up to generate new combinations, you have to use absolutely chaotic and meaningless passwords, which often leads to their forgetting.

    How to reset ipad password?

    Hello! Have you forgotten your Apple device password? Do not worry! In this you will know it!

    Guide to action

    If, nevertheless, this happened, and the person forgot the password to his tablet, then the first thing to unlock it, you must try to remember this invented cipher.

    But if this does not help and the person has forgotten the password completely and irrevocably, then it would be advisable to use the hint on how to unlock the tablet.

    First, the number of consecutive attempts to enter the wrong password into the iPad is limited to five attempts.

    And, therefore, if attempts to enter the correct password end, then the tablet will be locked and on its screen you can see a message stating that the device is disabled.

    It looks something like the picture.

    In this situation, in order to unlock the tablet, you need to delete information from it. This can be done in the following ways:

    • Using the iTunes application;
    • Using the Find iPhone function;
    • By going into recovery mode.

    It is also advisable to make backups from time to time, saving the data that is stored on the tablet.

    Backup is necessary for those who store valuable information on their gadgets.

    Because even if the tablet is lost, data recovery is easy.

    It is convenient to create backups using the iTunes or icloud programs.

    The first of them saves all information completely, and this process can take a long time.

    The second one creates backups only using wi-fi and the speed of its work depends on the speed of the Internet.

    Over, it is impossible to use these programs at the same time, since they deactivate each other.

    Tips not to follow

    You can often read tips for unlocking your iPad on Internet forums, but most of them are not effective for models with the latest versions of the iOS operating system.

    So, for example:

    • Using an emergency call;
    • Deleting a file with a password;
    • Remote password change.

    All of these methods can be completely pointless and ineffective, in contrast to device synchronization using iCloud or iTunes.

    It is important to understand that unlocking and restoring the iPad is not a serious problem, either if you forgot your password or when you never knew it (this applies to hackers).

    This means that no matter how complex the password is, the device can still be turned on bypassing the security system.

    Therefore, it is better to use simple passwords that are easy to remember, and not create inconvenience for yourself by inventing complex combinations, which, moreover, are often forgotten and do not bring a significant effect.

    A detailed explanation of the procedures described above for restoring the operation of the iPad can be viewed at:

    How to use recovery mode on iPad

    If the previous two methods cannot be applied, the following steps should be followed:

    Ipad Activation Lock
    • Disconnect all cables from the tablet and turn it off.
    • While holding the Home button, connect your iPad to iTunes and turn on the device.
    • When the iTunes program notifies that the device is in recovery mode, click OK.

    If backups have never been created on a locked device, then restoring its operation will lose all data, programs and applications.

    How to unblock your iPad using iTunes

    If the tablet has been synced with iTunes, then you can unlock it by performing a few simple operations:

    Connect the iPad to the personal computer with which you want to synchronize.

  • If you have previously synchronized with this computer and created backups, then when you start iTunes, synchronization will be performed again, even when the portable device is turned off.
  • It will look like the picture.

    Before restoring the tablet, you must disable encryption of a previously created backup.

  • After the end of the backup, it is recommended to go to the Restore from backup function, then it is recommended to select the most recent copy in the device’s memory to unlock the iPad.
  • Do not forget that you can configure the tablet in such a way that the next time when the password is entered incorrectly ten times, the data itself is erased and the device is restored.

    Lock activation password

    The next method, how to reset iPad activation lock, also requires the participation of the former owner. He doesn’t have to be around. He is required to follow the steps described above in the self-resetting gadget section. That is, go to the iCloud website and remove the tablet from the list of registered devices.

    System password

    If a password is requested in lock mode, this indicates that the data of the former owner has not been destroyed from the iPad 2 or other model. The system is running normally and requires his response. You should contact the seller and request the desired combination of numbers. Followed by:

    • Go to settings;
    • Select the Basic block;
    • Enter segment Reset.

    Here is the item that returns the device to factory settings. It’s called Erase Content and Data. It’s worth choosing. The reset procedure can take a long time.

    After this operation, the device will ask for the lock password. The former owner should find out his ID and password, then change the account settings to your own, or register a new account.

    Bypassing the lock

    By inserting SIM into the iPad, the latter includes.

  • When the screen with a password request appears, the flight mode is activated through the control manager and the card is pulled out of the slot.
  • The time to select one of 10,000 password combinations is limited only by the battery charge.
  • When the desired combination is selected, the system is unlocked.
  • Go to iCloud settings and rewrite the former owner ID.
  • From a computer or laptop, you need to enter the recorded identifier on the password recovery site.
  • Request a letter to restore access.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your tablet.
  • Start the mail client, go to the letter with the restoration of access.
  • As soon as the page is loaded turn off the Internet.
  • The received link inside the letter is driven into the browser on the computer. The system will ask for a new password. After that, a login is made on the tablet to delete the device data. This disables the search function, and therefore activation lock.

    Then you can reset the tablet to factory settings. At startup, a new account is registered with an Apple ID, the procedure is completely identical to the first time you turn on the tablet.

    Purchased used iPad

    For a hand-bought device, two situations are possible:

    • Aypad activation lock worked on the tablet, on which the data was not destroyed;
    • The password is requested on the iPad 2, reset to factory settings.

    In both cases, the former owner did not sign out of iCloud and information will be required from him. There are two options.

    How to reset iPad activation lock. Unlocking after a factory reset

    No matter how stable the iPad is, there are situations when the owner is forced to resort to the procedure for completely erasing the data and returning to the factory settings. Often people simply forget the password set when registering their identifier. What to do in this case, because the device is immediately blocked when turned on?

    This situation is inevitable if you did not sign out of iCloud before the reset. In this case, the tablet owner must reset the device search function. For this:

    • Log into iCloud on any computer;
    • Go to the Find my device sector;
    • Select show all;
    • Find in the list the tablet on which the lock password is requested;
    • Select a blocked item;
    • Select item erase.

    After this procedure, you need to restart your tablet. The lock will only reactivate when the Find my device option is activated.

    But what if the owner does not remember the id under which he registered in the system? For this, the manufacturer has provided another option to unlock the device. This can be done if the two-factor authentication option is enabled. To use this method, you need to select the password unlock option, activate the tablet password unlock and enter the data specified in the passport.

    How to Remove Activation Lock on iPhone / iPad

    Mobile devices have the ability to get lost, and are also one of the objects of close scrutiny by hackers. Apple’s Find iPhone service will help protect the owner of an iOS device from its loss or theft.

    Find iPhone (Find My iPhone) will allow you to find a lost mobile iOS device, and in case of theft, lock your iPhone or iPad. In general, the Find iPhone function opens up the following possibilities for Apple device owners:

    • Search for a device and display its location on the map;
    • The ability to play a sound signal via iCloud on your iOS device to detect it. It is extremely important if you have a habit of forgetting your smartphone in the most unexpected places in your apartment or office, for example;
    • In case of theft of a mobile device, the ability to activate Lost Mode via iCloud. When using this opportunity, the owner is prompted to lock the iPhone, iPad, having previously entered a four-digit passcode. In the future, it will be possible to unlock the device only using this password code;
    • And last but not least, the ability to remotely wipe all personal data stored in a mobile device.

    What is Activation Lock on iPhone?

    Activation Lock or Activation Lock is a new feature of Find My iPhone, introduced with the release of iOS 7. Thanks to Activation Lock, which automatically turns on when you activate Find My iPhone, without an Apple ID password, it becomes impossible to delete personal information from a mobile device or reactivate it.

    The fact is that Activation Lock securely attaches the Apple ID to the iPhone or iPad used, after which you need to disable the Find iPhone function or enter the Apple ID password to delete the content and reactivate. At the same time, even flashing and restoring from DFU mode does not solve the problem.

    How to Remove Activation Lock on iPhone

    Activation Lock, designed to protect Apple mobile devices, can easily turn into a big problem for owners who have forgotten their Apple ID password and cannot reset it, which makes the issue of disabling Activation Lock especially relevant.

    Currently, there are officially no ways to bypass the Activation Lock. However, there are a couple of services with which, as their creators assure, you can disable this protective function.

    One of these is a service called ChronicUnlocks, the owners of which, claiming that they are able to disable the protection of the Cupertinians, while emphasizing the impossibility of disabling Activation Lock on smartphones and tablets in Lost Mode. Well, that’s good news. The cost of such a service will be about 150. Learn more about ChronicUnlocks here: chronicunlocks.com

    The second service that allows you to bypass the Activation Lock is a joint work of two hacker teams AquaXetine and MerrukTechnolog and is known as doulCi. Those who chose doulCi were asked to make changes to the hosts file, in which new server addresses were registered. Then the device was switched to DFU mode, after which, instead of Apple servers, a request was made to the hackers’ servers, which read all the necessary information and turned off Activation Lock. However, as noted, unlocked devices with a SIM card stopped working with mobile networks.

    At the moment, you cannot use doulCi, because there are no servers available to bypass the activation lock. However, you can always follow the news of the doulCi team developers. Perhaps they will activate the servers or find new solutions doulci.Net

    If you didn’t find the answer to your question or something didn’t work out for you, and there is no suitable solution in the comments below, ask a question through our help form. It’s fast, simple, convenient and does not require registration. You will find answers to your own and other questions in this section.

    How to completely legally remove iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone, iPad and iPod

    At the request of US law enforcement agencies, Apple has introduced a system for locking iPhone, iPad and iPod starting with iOS 7. If earlier the function of locking a device via iCloud simply worked and was bypassed in a couple of minutes, now even professional hackers cannot completely bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

    Blocking any apple device on iOS 7 or iOS 8 is very simple, just enter someone else’s account in the iCloud menu on the device, then turn on the slider on the Find iPhone function, and the device can be remotely locked. Scammers take advantage of the gullibility of inexperienced users and block their devices.

    Blocking can happen not only at the hands of intruders, but also through their own stupidity. Often, users create an Apple ID, enter it on their device, and then simply forget the data from it. Of course, it will not be possible to log out of such an account on a smartphone with the Find iPhone option enabled, so many start flashing their device with a complete data reset via iTunes, but everyone will have the same pitfall: iTunes writes after installing a new firmware on a smartphone or tablet that the device is locked and you need to enter the Apple ID that was entered into iCloud.

    In Runet, there is an opinion that iCloud activation blocking cannot be bypassed by legal means, and it can be bypassed only by entering an Apple ID account. In fact, Apple gives an official feature that allows you to completely legally remove iCloud Activation Lock from any iPhone and iPad, including iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

    If your device is blocked, then first of all you shouldn’t panic. The problem of a blocked device can be solved only if you have a receipt from your smartphone or tablet, but there is one small caveat. Apple employees only accept checks from the Apple Store, as well as from their resellers in different countries, that is, if your device was purchased on the black market, then it will not be possible to restore it in this way.

    It is necessary to photograph the locked iPhone, iPad or iPod itself, the box from the device, as well as the receipt for this device. To do this, put the locked device with the back cover up, put the box from the device so that there is a font-code on it, and do not forget to add a receipt for the purchase of the device to the photo. When it is ready, and everything will be clearly visible, then you can proceed to the next stage.

    Now you need to write a more or less literate letter in English to eu_eng_purchase_validation@apple.com. A photograph must be attached to the letter, where all the inscriptions are clearly visible. On the Internet, many write that it is necessary to write a letter to FMiPLockEMEA@apple.com, but this is far from the case. This department deals exclusively with remote disabling of the Find iPhone option, so if your device is already locked, then there is no point in writing there.

    After about 2-3 days, an answer should come to the mail that the smartphone with such and such a serial number has been successfully unlocked. After that, restart your locked smartphone, and you will no longer see the terrible iСloud Activation Lock screen.

    In the fall of 2015, Apple updated the rules for removing iCloud lock. New instructions for removing iCloud Activation Lock are available here.