Ipad A1709 What Model

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iPad Pro
Any business will do better.

New display 10.5 inches.

Display new iPad Pro 10.5 inches is almost 20% more than the model 9.7 inches, which means you will have more usable space. In addition, you can use the full-sized on-screen keyboard. At the same time, the iPad Pro is still convenient to carry.

ProMotion. unprecedented update frequency.

The Retina display on the new iPad Pro is powered by ProMotion technology, which supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz. And it is incredibly beautiful. Films ands look amazing, graphics in games literally flies. without artifacts and glitches. And when you touch the display with your fingers or Apple Pencil, the device responds with lightning speed.


Brightness 600 cd / m²

The increased brightness of the display will allow you to perfectly see the content in any light.

Advanced P3 Color Gamut

The expanded color gamut of P3 allows you to more accurately convey shades of green and red, so any pictures ands look more natural.

1.8% reflection coefficient

Apple has developed a special anti-reflective display coating. Therefore, the iPad can be taken with you everywhere. the image will always be very clear.

Multitasking. We improved a lot right away

Doing a few things soon will become even easier. The new Dock in iOS 11 lets you quickly open apps and files you’ve been working with recently. And in Slide Over and Split View modes, both applications will be active and you can use them simultaneously. For example, you can retouch photos in Adobe Photoshop Fix and at the same time edit the web page. Or book tickets online and mark the desired dates in the Calendar. iPad Pro and iOS 11 are perfect for your tasks. All at once.

Performance. powerful than many laptops

The A10X Fusion processor with 64-bit architecture and six cores provides you with amazing power. You can handle 4Ks on the go. Render complex 3D models. Open large documents and add your sketches. Everything is very fast and easy. At the same time, the iPad Pro will continue to work without recharging all day.

Fusion A10X Processor

The A10X Fusion processor easily handles such demanding tasks as games, high-resolution photo editing and working in two applications at the same time.

ISP Signal Processing

Apple’s signal processor uses machine learning to help you capture amazing quality photos ands.

No recharge up to 10 hours

Work and create without worrying about the battery charge. it will last for a whole day.

Conveys ideas even more accurately

The increased refresh rate of the display of the new iPad Pro also gives another important advantage. the response speed of the Apple Pencil is increased. 2 Now it behaves even more naturally. Not a single such electronic pencil allows writing, marking up documents and drawing with such accuracy.

Instant notes

When a brilliant idea comes to you, write it down immediately. Take the Apple Pencil, touch it on the iPad lock screen, and a new note will open.

Instant marking

You can easily sign a document, add a few notes to a PDF file, or make a quick sketch in a screenshot.

Drawing between paragraphs

Now you can draw or write something by hand right between the paragraphs of the typed text. For example, in Notes or in Mail.

Scan and Sign

The new scanning function in Notes recognizes a document in the frame and scans it perfectly. And you can sign it, save it and share it with others.

iPad. A powerful device for work, study and games. than a million applications have already been developed that allow you to use all the features of a large Multi ‑ Touch display and a high-speed processor. So, your favorite activities will become even more beloved.

Less than 500 grams. Tons of opportunities

Incredible performance, an advanced display, two cameras, ultra-fast wireless and a full-day battery all fit in the slim and sleek iPad Pro case. 1 So you can take it with you everywhere and solve any problems with it.

Wireless connection

Scroll through sites, watchs online, instantly send documents, wherever you are. After all, all this can be done using Wi-Fi 802.11ac and 4G LTE Advanced. 3A, the built-in Apple SIM4 card will allow you to connect to transfer data to cellular networks in more than 180 countries and regions.

  • Up to 866 Mbps Wi-Fi
  • Support 25 LTE frequencies
  • Up to 450 Mbps on a 4G LTE network


Ipad A1709 What Model

The iPad Pro is equipped with the same magnificent cameras as the iPhone 7. Improved optical stabilization and ƒ / 1.8 aperture allow you to take high-quality photos ands even in low light conditions. And thanks to the extended color range, your selfies look like professional photos.

  • Camera12 MP
  • Face Camera 7MP HD

Touch id

The Touch ID sensor uses the latest fingerprint identification sensor, which allows you to instantly unlock your iPad and protects applications with important data for you. It is also used when paying for purchases using Apple Pay in applications and on websites.

2 times faster than previous generation sensor

Smart keyboard

If you need a full-sized keyboard, just lay out the Smart Keyboard2 and you can type. Available for both iPad Pro models: 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches. Folds quickly and turns into a thin and light cover. Convenient to use. Ideal for living on the move.

New 10.5-inch full-size keyboard

Start here. Keep going there (iPhone iPad)

ICloud Media Library

All photos, even those that you just edited, are automatically synchronized on all your devices.

Start email on your iPhone and add it to your iPad Pro. Copy photos,s or text from iPhone and paste onto iPad. You can even use the function Airdrop for wireless file transfer between devices. By the way, iPhone and iPad Pro are compatible not only with each other, but also with Mac and Apple Watch.

iCloud Save all the most important.

iCloud reliably stores your photos, applications, music and other files. Syncs and protects them. It also allows you to access them from any device.