iPad 4 Latest iOS 13 Update

The beta version of iOS 13 is already here, as is our list of changes.

According to Apple, at a presentation from the WWDC 2019 scene, the new iOS 13 features can change the software for your iPhone, and today the first beta version of iOS 13 is coming out.

This year is a little different, since iOS 13 for iPad will actually be called iPadOS and will be able to boast of exclusive privileges that will not be on the iPhone. We present the functions of both systems here.

The Dark Mode for iOS 13 is exactly what everyone likes, without exception, the long-awaited customization of the user interface allows you to switch from a bright background to something more suitable at night in bed.

The new iOS 13 features come day after day, and we will update this page in the next 24 hours to tell you more. There are really a lot of nuances.

IOS 13 update: release schedule

  • Yesterday, Monday, June 3: iOS 13 beta at WWDC 2019;
  • July: The first public beta version of iOS 13 will be released;
  • Beginning of September 2019: iOS 13 Golden Master (latest beta);
  • Mid September 2019: iOS 13 launches with the new iPhone 2019;
iPad 4 Latest iOS 13 Update

We have outlined a timeline for the beta version of the iOS 13 update, starting with the first beta version for the final software version, and all this at the first glance at the update on Monday, June 3. This date was fixed several months ago before we received an invitation to WWDC.

1. Beta version of iOS 13: The first beta version of iOS 13 is available right now, but only to paid Apple developers. Maybe you should wait for a public beta that is much more stable, maybe you should switch to a beta on a secondary device.

2. Public beta version of iOS 13: this is a good way to test Apple features on a large scale, with the release in July. Last year the public beta of iOS came on June 25, so the release in 2019 is a bit later, but worth the wait. Typically, this is already a fixed beta after the iOS developer stage, and while it may be rude, this version never offers all the features of the final software.

3. IOS 13 Golden Master: This is the final version of iOS 13 software released a week before the final release, intended for developers and public beta testers. At this stage, the system is quite stable and offers application developers seven days to adapt to the final software.

4. Official release date for iOS 13: we get the new iOS 13 software in an ultimate stable form about a week after the release of the next iPhone, which we expect in the form of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11 XR. Date? Probably mid-September (last year it was September 17).

IOS 13 update: Compatibility

IOS 13 requires iPhone 6S or later, iPad Air 2 or later, the new iPad Mini 4 and iPhone SE.

Support for the update will end for some older devices supporting iOS 12: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and Mini 3.

For compatibility with iOS 13, you will need the iPhone or iPad of the release of the last four years (depending on the device category). This means that smartphones such as the iPhone 6 will no longer receive iOS 13. If you have one of those blacklist devices, then you are stuck on iOS 12.

What devices is iOS 13 compatible with?

You will need an iPhone 6S or later, an iPad Air 2 or later tablet model, the new iPad Mini 4 or iPod Touch 7th generation. The iPhone SE is recorded in a strange category because it relies on the specs of the iPhone 6 era, but came out after the iPhone 6S. Do not worry, everyone will have their favorite small iPhone iOS 13.

Interestingly, the iPad Mini 4 (with iPadOS) and the 7th generation iPod Touch are the only devices in their class that support iOS 13.

IOS 13 update: Dark Mode

  • Belated Dark Mode on iOS 13 and iPadOS;
  • The macOS system got Dark Mode in 2018;
  • Shortcuts in black and dark gray in the Notification Center;

The dark mode in iOS 13 will become system-wide, that is, it will change shades from bright white and light gray to black and dark gray in all supported applications.

Dark Mode will be a great feature when you use your iPhone at night and want to avoid bright white colors. This solution will also help to save battery on the OLED panels of the iPhone, which appeared with the iPhone X and beyond. Apple did not mention this at all, but we know that OLED panels (in fact) “turn off” pixels to reflect black color.

According to Apple, you can enable Dark Mode in iOS 13 using the Control Center, or you can set it to automatically turn on at a specific time.

IOS 13 update on iPad: iPadOS and big changes!

Some of the biggest changes we expected in iOS 13 on the iPad will come in an update called iPadOS. Apple signals that the iPad needs its own platform.

This solution promises big changes in the iPad workflow, starting with the redesign of the home screen. The docked widgets, as we predicted during the rumors about iOS 13, allow you to add widgets from the View Today screen (left of the main screen on iPhone and iPad). While this feature is exclusive to the iPad and does not go to iOS 13 for the iPhone.

Slide Over allows you to open multiple applications and cycle through them. You can also scroll through to see them all at once, using the gesture implemented in many phones and tablets. Multitasking has become easier.

Split view has become better so that you can open one application on both sides of the center of the screen (this was not possible before), and Apple demonstrated this option by opening Notes next to Notes. You can also link an application to several other applications. Safari can now link to individual pages in the same workspace.

App Expose is the new iPad software solution, allowing you to see all the available space. For example, the Dock application now offers the App Expose icon, to switch to convenient viewing mode with just one click.

New gestures for copying, pasting, and undoing appear on iPadOS. The company demonstrated how three fingers squeezed down copy text, and three fingers spread apart (in the opposite direction) place text on a page, by dragging three fingers across the screen you cancel the last action. We have yet to see how it all works when the software becomes available.

The Apple keyboard can be shortened and moved around the screen, and the system will debut with a fixed keyboard called QuickPath Typing. There are also new keyboard shortcuts.

In fact, there are too many changes in the iPadOS to detail in this iOS 13 article, so we’ll prepare a separate article.

IOS 13 update: QuickPath keyboard

The Apple QuickType keyboard offers finger-typing, a popular solution for generating complete words. We used this feature with previous iOS keyboard extensions such as Google Gboard and SwiftKey.

You can use the QuickType and QuickPath methods, and the following languages ​​are now supported: English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

IOS 13 update: New Find My app

Apple combines the features of “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone” in iOS 13, which allows you to find your friends and missing gadgets using a much faster and more convenient interface.

What is really great is that the system will use an encrypted Bluetooth signal to help you track devices that are not connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network. This is basically a good option for the Mac, but in some cases it promises to help with the iPhone.

IOS 13 update: Old iPhone will be twice as fast!

People are holding on to their iPhones for longer and Apple seems ready to admit it, the company is accelerating work on iOS 13.

The most important statistics of iOS 13 indicates a doubling of the launch speed of applications, but that’s not all. According to Apple, Face ID recognition will be 30% faster than before. Apple found a way to reduce application loading by an average of 60%.

IOS 12 offered us faster updates, and iOS 13 seems to continue the trend.

Reminders received a major overhaul

Among all the built-in applications, it is Reminders that receive the greatest update from iOS 13. There is a quick toolbar to add dates, times, places, flags and photos, and Siri is smart enough to offer reminders that you might want to add. Apple cited an example. A smart reminder that comes as you communicate, where you make plans in messages.

Changes in camera modes and portrait mode

IOS 13 is going to offer important changes, starting with the fact that you can change the light intensity in portrait mode. Users have been asking for this solution for some time now. In portrait mode, a new monochrome effect called High-Key Mono will also appear.

The Photos app gets the feature that Apple calls the “Diary of Your Life,” designed to document your best shots by day, month, and year. You will also get additional controls for zooming in and out of the photo gallery.

Photo editing gets better with iOS 13, settings controls and filters are included, while the editing part reflects dramatic changes: almost all the tools and effects. Including filters, rotation and cropping. Are transferred. If you are poorly versed in the settings, the “Auto” button will appear.

Siri’s new voice will sound more natural!

With iOS 13, a new Siri voice will come, which will sound more natural than before. We heard a few samples and we must admit that the voice sounds less robotic.

According to Apple, the company uses advanced neural text-to-speech technology. In particular, you will notice this when Siri speaks longer phrases, for example, reads Apple News aloud or answers questions.

It’s about time, since Siri will talk much more if you wear AirPods. Siri can read incoming messages and send them through contacts, which is very convenient.

Another new Siri skill: your HomePod voice assistant will understand the voices of different family members in your home. This should mean that the question: “What’s on my calendar?” will not reproduce other people’s irrelevant information.

Memoji get fine tuned

Apple adds more personality to Memoji, allowing you to create a trillion configurations: new hairstyles, hats, makeup and piercings, and these are just a few categories. Case studies at WWDC showed that these personalized Animoji masks take into account such small details as eye shadow, braces and even AirPods.

Memoji Stickers is something completely new. IOS 13 will bring even more iPhone and iPad users to the complex Memoji ecosystem, whether you have a TrueDepth camera or not. You can customize Memoji, and iOS 13 will automatically create a fun set of stickers that will remain in the keyboard submenu so you can use them in messages, mail, and third-party apps.

You can share your personalized Memoji with contacts through iMessages, but only when you provide access to them. The same applies to sharing a name and photo with contacts. Thus, you can choose, for example, how people see your name. According to Apple, you can decide whether you want the profile to be accessible to everyone, only to your contacts or just one.

Memoji is getting better with iOS 13.

You can share your personalized Memoji with contacts through iMessages. Your contacts can see your Memoji when you give them access.

New Memoji Stickers will appear on the system keyboard so you can send them to your friends. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need a new iPhone with a TrueDepth 3D camera, you can still customize and send Memoji stickers.

New Features for HomePod

You may not know this, but HomePod is becoming part of the iOS family and also receives updates.

Firstly, you can transfer songs from your iPhone just by bringing your smartphone closer to the HomePod column. Prior to iOS 13, you had to tell Siri to do this, but now transferring music is much easier and you don’t need to say what needs to be done.

HomePod will also introduce Live Radio. Ask Siri to play up to 100,000 radio stations from around the world. And HomePod can now find out which member of the family speaks to personalize the response. It will be useful with Apple Music. Based on your taste and listening history. This solution goes beyond music, messages, notes, reminders, and other solutions.

Sign in with Apple

Apple uses Facebook Connect, Google and other platforms that allow you to conveniently log in to third-party accounts. Signing in with Apple will help protect your privacy better than Facebook and Google.

The important thing is that if you do not want to redirect your email to the developer of the application or website, Apple actually creates a unique random email for you, and this address will be unique to this website or application.

Reminders and Cards

Apple redesigned reminders from scratch. Just enter what you want, and Reminders will understand when and where to notify you. Smart lists will help you keep track of the most important events.

Maps in iOS 13 look better, even if not everyone likes them. Will they ever be better than Google Maps? No, most likely not. But for users who need a pre-loaded application with maps from Apple in iOS 13, it gets much better.