iPad 3 Untying Icloud

As you know, in all its devices and services Apple uses a single system of user identification, which requires the latest authorization through Apple ID to perform important actions. Purchase and download content, manage confidential data and settings, etc. However, many owners of iOS devices and Macs are often faced with the need to untie or completely remove Apple ID.

iPad 3 Untying Icloud

Why remove Apple ID?

In fact, under “Uninstall Apple ID” most users mean unlinking the identifier from a specific device. For example, when buying or selling an iPhone or iPad, so that the new owner does not have access to iMessage correspondence, personal photos, contacts, and in order to avoid future problems when using the device directly, you need to untie the iPhone or iPad from iCloud (remove Apple ID) and disable activation lock (Find iPhone, Activation Lock).

Another common case is the use of content from one account by multiple users. For example, there is a “corporate” Apple ID for which the necessary set of content was purchased (applications from the App Store, books on iBooks, Apple Music subscription, whatever), and ordinary employees at the right time (for example, to install updates) go out of their personal Apple ID accounts and are authorized under the “corporate”.

However, there are also cases when the Apple ID needs to be deleted permanently. The opportunity to do this without directly contacting Apple technical support appeared only recently, and at the end of this article we will talk about how to completely destroy all the data about ourselves stored on the company’s servers.


How to remove iPhone or iPad from Apple ID in iCloud remotely

1. Go to iCloud.com from your computer and log in using your Apple ID and password for the owner of the iPhone or iPad;

2. Select a section Find iPhone. Press the button All devices at the top of the screen. A list of devices tied to this account will appear, select the one you need;

3. If the device is offline click Remove from Find iPhone.

If the device online. In the window that appears on the right, select Erase iPhone. Confirm the deletion and complete the procedure by clicking “Remove from account”.

How to remove iPhone or iPad from Apple ID in iCloud, if the device is in your hands

When you exit Apple ID on your mobile device, iOS will ask you to delete the data, but you can leave some of them (for example, Contacts and Notes) or delete nothing at all, saving all the content on the gadget. It is important to understand that we are talking only about the information that is stored on the built-in physical drive, while most users additionally synchronize Photos, Contacts, Messages and other data with the iCloud cloud. This allows you to completely erase and untie the iPhone from your Apple ID, and then easily and quickly restore all content to another device.

1. Open the application Settings and go to the section Apple ID (at the very top where your name and surname are indicated).

2. At the bottom, click “Log off”;

In the latest versions of iOS, the user is offered three options for logging out of an Apple ID account:

  • Exit iCloud and Store. Full decoupling of Apple ID from the device;
  • Store Exit. ICloud synchronization is still working, applications from the App Store, for example, can be installed from another account;
  • Exit iCloud. On the contrary, leaves the user under the current Apple ID in iTunes (App Store, Apple Music, etc.), but disconnects the device from the cloud service.

3. In the pop-up window that appears, select “Exiting iCloud and the Store”, if you need to exit iCloud (untie the device) and the services of the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music, etc. Or item “Logout of iCloud”, if you just need to untie the device from iCloud.

4. Enter the password to disable the function. Find iPhone and press Off.

5. Now go to the menu Settings → General → Reset → Erase content and settings.

6. After entering the password, press “Erase [device]”.

After performing the above steps, the iOS device will be removed (untied) from iCloud with the activation lock turned off (Find iPhone, Activation Lock). In addition, the iPhone or iPad will be reset to factory settings with the deletion of all data.

Complete deletion of your Apple ID account

There may be several reasons for permanently deleting the Apple ID, most often this is due to the desire of the user to clear his “history” on Apple servers and create a new account. What will be deleted in this case?

  • All personal data about the user without the possibility of recovery;
  • All purchases in iTunes, App Store and other Apple services are not recoverable;
  • All data from the iCloud cloud service is not recoverable.

How to completely remove Apple ID

To do this, go to the special section of the Apple website dedicated to data privacy, log in using your Aplpe ID and answer security questions, select “Delete account” and start the process.

Here are a few simple steps, such as: indicating the reason for the deletion of the account, confirmation of familiarization with the terms and conditions of deletion, entering an email address to receive information on the procedure.

This is followed by an important point. A 12-digit code will be generated, which will remain the only opportunity for the user to confirm his identity if he changes his mind about deleting the account. The procedure itself takes up to seven days, which are required by the support service to confirm the legitimacy of the request, after which the user will receive a notification to the specified E-mail or by phone number.

How to check for unfamiliar devices tied to your Apple ID account

To make sure that there are no devices that do not belong to your device that are tied to your Apple ID account (maybe they are watching you), follow these steps:

1. Open the application Settings and go to the section Apple ID (where your name and surname are indicated).

2. You will see a list of devices that are also tied to the Apple ID that you are using.

3. Select an unfamiliar device that does not belong to you.

4. Click “Remove from account”, and then Delete.

5. Immediately change the password for your Apple ID account, for this:

  • Run the application Settings and go to the section Apple ID.
  • Select item password and safety, and then click Change Password.
  • Change your password. You can learn about Apple ID password requirements in this article. And how to come up with complex passwords and never forget them, we talked here.