IPad 3 Battery Replacement

IPad 3 Battery Replacement

iPad 3. basic problems and methods

With the constant use of any equipment, sooner or later it becomes necessary to repair it. Tablets are no exception. There are many reasons why the situation is that iPad 3 repair is now on your number one to-do list, however we will help with diagnosing problems and ways to solve them.

IPad 3 Screen / Glass Repair

As with previous models, the vast majority of iPad 3 problems are related to the screen. And as before, often, there is only one reason. falls, blows. Most often, due to just this, there is a need to replace the iPad 3 glass. Slightly less often, this happens due to moisture and debris getting under the glass or even factory defects. The replacement procedure is simple, but we do not recommend doing this without the necessary skills and equipment. In our center we will carry out this work at the highest level.

In some cases, replacing the screen may not be enough. If the hit or fall of the tablet was stronger and more serious than it might first seem, the entire display module can fail. One way or another, at Royal-Service, our specialists will quickly and efficiently replace the iPad 3 screen.

Solving iPad 3 Battery Problems

No less often, users are faced with the problem of batteries in tablets. The battery itself is limited in shelf life and depends on the number of charge and discharge cycles. Typically, after a year and a half, replacing the iPad 3 battery is a common occurrence. Alternatively, a malfunction can cause the battery cable or charging connector to disconnect, as well as the failure of the power controller on the motherboard. In our service center this or that reason will be identified and eliminated.

IPad 3 Case Replacement

As with many other breakdowns, the replacement of the case is most often carried out due to the fall of the tablet, serious bumps, chips and scratches. Sometimes this is done even to give the device a new look, replacing the color of the case. Our experts will do the job in the best possible way.

IPad 3 Recovery

If the tablet starts to work incorrectly (function slowly, freeze, reboot or shut down), but there are no reasons for this externally and hardware. you are faced with a software failure of your iPad. In most cases, restoring iPad 3 solves this problem. Diagnostics and the process itself are quick, our experts will return the tablet to working condition.

Home button, as well as buttons for silent mode, volume and lock / unlock, iPad 3

The buttons may have been subject to mechanical stress or moisture, debris and other substances. Most often, the solution is simple. replacing the button loop. Our experts will do the work and advise you on preventive measures for the future.

Sometimes the banal ignoring of the instructions for use and device settings leads to the fact that the button refuses to work. Quick diagnostics and tablet setup will return everything to its place. We will advise you in detail to avoid further problems and, if necessary, we will fully configure the tablet.

IPad 3 speaker troubleshooting

The cause of the breakdown is most often dust or moisture entering the device. If the tablet fell, a shock could also cause the speaker to malfunction. By visiting our center, you will receive detailed advice and after the diagnosis we will replace non-working components.