iPad 2020 Where The Carnival Will Be Held

IPad Pro 2020 Review

Prices, you know. Apple products have always been one of the most expensive consumer electronics in the world, and in a crisis and a falling ruble, dumping cannot be expected. So, the minimum version of an 11-inch Wi-Fi tablet with 128 GB of memory is offered from 69.9 thousand rubles. The most equipped 11 inches will already cost 128.9 thousand rubles. 12.9-inch model and even more expensive: “base” It is offered for 86.9 thousand rubles, and a tablet with 1 TB of memory and an LTE module will be available for 146 thousand rubles. However, the volatility of the national currency may lead to the fact that Apple products will soon become even more expensive.


Externally, the new tablets remained very similar to the 2018 iPad Pro. With one big caveat. The camera module is now as square as on the current iPhone. True, it was made not in the body color, but in black and somewhat reminiscent of what we saw on the Pixel 4. The tablet cases are still made of aluminum, but the manufacturer emphasizes that their strength has increased (the third generation iPad Pro has often been criticized for bending). They did not reduce the screen frames, but there was already room for five microphones on the case (the 3.5-mm audio jack on a rather big device wasn’t and never was). Two colors. Silver and “space gray”.

Along with the new tablets, Apple showed off a new keyboard with a touchpad for the iPad Pro, called Magic Keyboard. Its design is such that allows the position of the tablet can be adjusted in a wide range, like laptops. Magic Keyboard keys are made with a scissor mechanism. The keyboard, which is connected via a magnetic connector, has a USB-C port for recharging the tablet. Depending on the version, Magic Keyboard will be sold for 300-350 (24-28 thousand rubles).

IPad Pro 2020 received Apple A12Z Bionic processor. The company does not disclose how it differs from the Apple A12X chipset, which was installed in tablets of the previous generation. It is known that it is 8-core, with it an eight-core GPU, as well as the Neural Engine block. Recall, smartphones of the iPhone 11 family run on the next-generation processor. A13

Traditionally, Apple did not disclose the amount of RAM on their tablets. However, as 9to5Mac portal experts found out, now all Pro RAM has 6 GB of RAM. The size of the permanent memory can be selected: 128, 256, 512 GB or 1 TB.

Compared to the third generation, the iPad Pro 2020 has dramatically increased its photographic capabilities. Of course, the ability to shoot on a device weighing half a kilogram may seem controversial, but the supply pocket does not pull. The main module consists of three sensors. The first 12 megapixel migrated to the tablet from the current iPhone. The manufacturer promises in it a double optical zoom and advanced autofocus. Second. 10-megapixel sensor with an ultra-wide angle lens, which gives a 125-degree viewing angle. Both cameras are covered with sapphire crystal.

The third sensor looks much more interesting. It is a lidar that can replace a depth sensor. Insiders have long predicted that Apple will begin to actively develop augmented reality, and it seems that this has begun to come true. The company promises that any application with ARKit support will receive sensor data.

The front camera has remained from the previous model. 7 megapixel sensor with aperture 2.2.

IPad Pro Released (2019)

There is not too much information about the upcoming news, but one thing is clear. Do not expect revolutionary solutions in this generation.

For example, it is highly likely that the cases and diagonals of the screens will remain the same. But, according to analyst Min-Chi Kuo, the tablets will receive screens made using Mini-LED technology. New matrices will be thinner and lighter, and most importantly, devoid of the lack of classic OLEDs. Burnout.

“Heart” the new iPad Pro, as the logic suggests, should be the latest Apple A13 processor, which debuted with the iPhone 11. Perhaps the tablets will receive some kind of overclocked modification, as it was last year with the A12X chipset.

Another innovation in the iPad Pro (2019) should be multi-camera. Yes, as many insiders say, this year Apple will move away from a long tradition, when the main camera of the tablet computer was considered a kind of side function. The 2019 iPad Pro will receive a triple camera, like the iPhone XI, and it is framed in a square block, but in a slightly different way (making a full glass lid on a large tablet is not very practical). But the source of TheElec claims that the camera in the new tablets will indeed be triple, but one of the modules will be a 3D camera with a ToF time-of-flight module.

iPad 2020 Where The Carnival Will Be Held