iPad 2019 Which Case Fits

The last time the iPad Air tablet line was updated in 2014 was when Air 2 was introduced to the public. Since then, Apple has launched new powerful iPad Pro tablets and more affordable iPads 9.7 2017 and 2018 in the Apple model line, but still sold in the middle price range Air 2, frankly outdated and no longer worth its money. Finally, after almost a five-year pause, Apple released the 3rd generation Air, and the iPad lineup again acquired a complete, logical look.

If you choose your first Apple tablet or just want to upgrade your old iPad (not the Pro-series), Air 3 10.5 2019 will do just fine. If it’s a little expensive for you, stop at the iPad 9.7 2018. If the price does not matter, and the priority is performance, take Pro 11 (2018). Finally, if you need the tablet to fit in the inside pocket of your jacket, feel free to buy the updated iPad mini.

The new iPad Air 3 10.5 (2019) is incomparably more powerful than its predecessor. Over, the A12 Bionic processor installed in Air 3 outperforms the A10X used in the previous one. “Firmware”. In general, the new Air in terms of characteristics is closest to the iPad Pro 10.5 of 2017, they are even almost indistinguishable externally. We can confidently say that the power of the iPad Air 3 is enough for any tasks facing the tablet: it can play modern games at maximum settings, process photos ands. In the next few years, you don’t have to worry that the tablet will slow down after the next update.

Does the owner of the iPad Air 3 10.5 need a case?

The daily use of the tablet, unfortunately, does not pass without a trace: even with careful use, scuffs appear on the back cover and edges, micro-scratches can occur on the screen. If you are not lucky enough to drop the iPad on a hard floor, the result will most likely be the premature death of your favorite gadget. A special protective case for iPad Air 3 (2019) can help preserve the appearance of the new device and protect it in the event of a fall.

iPad 2019 Which Case Fits

Which case to choose?

The most popular and comfortable cases for iPad Air 3 are various options for the original Smart Case. Such a cover consists of a base into which the tablet latches and a top cover that can turn the accessory into a desktop stand. Depending on the manufacturer and the materials used, a cover can cost from two hundred hryvnias to two to three thousand. The container in which the iPad is fixed is made either of hard plastic or of more elastic materials. Polyurethane (TPU), silicone. The second option is more preferable because the polyurethane cover softens the blow better and does not crack when dropped, unlike plastic protective accessories.

Is the iPad Pro 10.5 case suitable for the fresh Air 3 10.5 (2019)?

The dimensions of these two tablets are identical, so the answer is yes, it will do. But keep in mind that the Pro 10.5 had four speakers, and the new Air has only two, therefore, there will be two extra holes in the back cover of the case. In addition, the Air 3 camera, unlike “bugs”, there is no flash, which means that the hole for the camera in the case will be slightly larger than necessary. If these minor features do not bother you, you can safely buy a cover for the iPad Pro 10.5, especially since their continue to decline.

The covers presented on this page are compatible with the following models: Wi-Fi Only A2152 (MUUJ2, MUUK2, MUUL2, MUUQ2, MUUQ2, MUUR2, MUUT2); Wi-Fi Cellular A2123 (MV152, MV0D2, MV162, MV0E2, MV172, MV0F2, MV1D2, MV0N2, MV1F2, MV0P2, MV1G2, MV0Q2).