iPad 2019 How Much Computer Ram

iPad 2019 How Much Computer Ram

When choosing a computer or laptop, the buyer pays special attention to technical specifications, one of which is. Random access memory (in common people, RAM, RAM or RAM).

IPhone phones are also equipped with RAM, the amount of which, as in computers, affects the speed of information processing and the number of operations. Accordingly, the more RAM, the faster the iPhone “thinks”.

Since the advent of the very first iPhone model, to this day, neither on the box, nor in the settings you will find the size of RAM. Apple doesn’t indicate this parameter anywhere, although I was always interested. How much RAM is in the iPhone. In order to determine the exact amount of RAM, we installed the application:

I managed to see how much RAM in the iPhone 7. 2 GB.

The system utility shows the amount of iPhone RAM in the Memory section, click on this area and see: Memory (RAM): 2002 Mb. This means that our test iPhone 7 is equipped with 2 gigabytes (Gb) of RAM.

The application is free, respectively, any user with their Apple ID can download this program and see the real amount of RAM on their iPhone or iPad.

The RAM capacity of iPhone phones:

For those who are still thinking about which model of phone to buy, we have made a list of random access memory (RAM) for all iPhone models, which makes it possible to understand which RAM is in which model:

  • IPhone. 128 Mb EDRAM
  • IPhone 3G. 128 Mb EDRAM
  • IPhone 3GS. 256 Mb EDRAM
  • IPhone 4. 512 Mb EDRAM
  • IPhone 4S. 512 Mb EDRAM
  • IPhone 5. 1 Gb LPDDR2
  • IPhone 5S. 1 Gb LPDDR2
  • IPhone 5C. 1 Gb LPDDR2
  • IPhone 6. 1 Gb LPDDR3
  • IPhone 6 Plus. 1 Gb LPDDR3
  • IPhone 6S. 2 Gb LPDDR4
  • IPhone 6S Plus. 2 Gb LPDDR4
  • IPhone SE. 2 Gb LPDDR4
  • IPhone 7. 2 Gb LPDDR4
  • IPhone 7 Plus. 3 Gb LPDDR4
  • IPhone 8. 3 Gb LPDDR4
  • IPhone 8 Plus. 3 Gb LPDDR4
  • IPhone X. 3 Gb LPDDR4

Install the application, see how much RAM is in it, then check the list above and you can protect yourself or your relatives from some type of fraud when buying an iPhone.

I don’t know how it is from the factory, but some craftsmen stuff old iron into the cases from new iPhone models, or sell the iPhone 5S as the iPhone 5SE. So, in such cases, reconciliation of RAM helps to avoid fraud during the purchase.