iPad 11 Battery Replacement

iPad 11 Battery Replacement

IPad Pro 11 Battery Replacement

Replacing the battery on the iPad Pro 11. Is a difficult and responsible event, which can be entrusted exclusively to professionals with extensive experience.

Therefore, if there were problems with charging the iPad or the device suddenly turned off. It’s time to contact a reliable service center, because an independent attempt to replace the battery or contacting a neighbor for help may result in a tablet replacement.

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The cost of repair services iPad Pro 11

Exact price based on diagnostic results

Work Cost Term Guarantee
iPad Pro 11 Battery Replacement from 2500 rub. To order
Flooded iPad Pro 11 from 1000 rub. To order
Diagnostics iPad Pro 11 according to diagnostic results To order
Replacing the back cover on the iPad Pro 11 from 4000 rub. To order
Screen Replacement for iPad Pro 11 from 27500 rub. 1 hour 90 days To order

What is important to remember:

  • A high-quality battery may not cost too cheap, but if instead of a good part you get something unclear, assembled on the knee by hardworking Chinese and bought in the passage for 100 rubles. It is unlikely that the device will live long and work well.
  • If a special program shows that the battery life is worn out by 20% or more. It’s time to think about replacing the battery.
  • Flooding the device is likely to shorten the battery life, so do not refuse the proposed replacement. Most likely, you still have to change the battery after a while.
  • Bloating. If your iPad looks like it’s about to give you an iPhone. It’s time to go to the service center, and we sincerely recommend hurrying with this. And if you are very unlucky, you can become a spectator of a very rare and traumatic show. A flaming iPad.

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