Internet Doesn’t Work On Iphone 7

There can be many reasons why the Internet does not work on an iPhone. Internet connection disappears due to mechanical or software failure, poor connection with the operator’s base station, spent traffic or even a SIM card malfunction. The user is required to correctly determine the cause and try to solve the problem on their own or take the cell phone to a service center.

Ways to Identify a Problem

Any user is used to the fact that his iPhone is constantly online via wireless networks or mobile Internet. However, there is disappointment if the device stops catching the Network. In this case, you need to try to identify the problem yourself.

Internet Doesnt Work On Iphone 7

The fact is that problems with mobile communications can be easily detected, unlike other connection methods. It is enough to know the main indicators that indicate a malfunction:

  • when the mobile Internet is functioning intermittently or does not work at all when the 3G or 4G icon is on;
  • there is no possibility of connecting to a wireless network;
  • Unable to enable modem mode on the device.

Most often, problems with the mobile network are the lack of data transfer, but the connection icon is active. In this case, this may be the cause of a small malfunction. To solve it, just restart the gadget. In addition, you can try to activate “Airplane Mode” and turn it off after a few seconds. If the problem persists, you need to change the network settings.

Often the phone may stop loading pages due to problems with the operator. In this case, they are much more difficult to identify than the technical problems of the phone.

The network does not work with normal coverage

The most common reason that the mobile Internet does not work on an iPhone, according to the experience of most users, is precisely the technical problem with the mobile operator. Why does this happen, few people know, so subscribers can only wait for troubleshooting.

Note! This problem is easy to identify by the fact that with good coverage, the mobile Internet icon does not light.

You can try to solve this problem as follows:

  1. Check with your carrier for settings such as username and APN. You can do this on the official website or by calling technical support.
  2. Open gadget settings.
  3. Find and select “Cellular network” in them.
  4. Open the tab “Data Transfer”.
  5. Enter the required values.

Note! Before you start looking for the causes of malfunctions, you need to make sure that all services and tariffs are connected.

You can also call technical support and clarify, maybe these are just temporary problems that will be fixed soon.

Problems with operator settings

When all the settings are set correctly, but the Internet is gone on the iPhone, there are several ways to check and fix the problems:

  • turn on and off the “Airplane mode”;
  • open the settings, select the “Operator” tab and disable the “Automatic” slider;
  • check the correctness of the entered network settings.

Important! All of these actions must be performed sequentially.

Weak Network Signal

Quite often, especially away from cities, there is a problem with unstable operator coverage. There are still regions where the signal quality is poor. In this case, it will be possible to solve the problem on their own only by changing the place or the mobile operator.

Interesting! To date, there are practically no regions with a complete lack of signal from mobile operators.

However, even in the centers of large cities there are places in which communication is completely absent. These are metro stations, basements of residential buildings and some elevators. Concrete walls also adversely affect signal transmission, so the quality of the connection may be poor.

In addition, due to the excessive enthusiasm of some employees of companies for mobile Internet, devices for jamming cellular signals are being installed in offices. Also, this practice is used in some educational institutions.

If you have to face the problem of a low level of communication in an apartment or a house, you can complain to the operator by leaving a request on the website or by calling the support service. Most often, service providers value their reputation and quickly fix coverage errors.

Lack of communication after unlock

Unlock is an activation of a device brought from the United States. Such a phone may experience signal problems. The SIM card is active in this case, but there is no Network. To do this, you need to reset all settings. How to do it:

  1. “Main parameters”;
  2. “Reset”;
  3. “Reset network settings.”

Note! If the phone and the iOs system are activated using the SAMPrefs or Redsou programs, then there is a high probability of problems with the signal.

If the iPhone is completely and normally unlocked, but there is no signal from the Network, then you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Connect a phone with a SIM card to a computer.
  2. Install and go to iTunes.
  3. Select autosave, and then go to the recovery point.
  4. When recovery is complete, restore the gadget from autosave and recognize it as a new device.
  5. After that, the device itself will find a connection to the Network and connect.


Connection check is carried out as follows. You need to go into your phone’s settings and check the inclusion of cellular data and the included LTE, 3G, 4G mode.

In addition, it does not hurt to check the gadget for new updates to the operating system. Quite often, problems with wireless connections arise precisely in connection with the outdated version of iOs.

Performing a network reboot

This procedure helps you solve problems with network connections and connections. To do this, the user should perform the following sequential steps:

  1. “Parameters”.
  2. “Cellular data.”
  3. Disabling the “Slider” slider.
  4. Wait no more than a minute and re-enable the option.

After that, you can try to open any page online. If the connection does not resume and data is not transmitted, a complete reset of all settings is recommended.

3G or 4G setup

Before making any settings, it is recommended to check the availability of money in the account. Perhaps the network does not work for this reason.

If everything is in order, then you need to evaluate the functioning of communication standards. To do this, go to the Network settings and select “Data Transfer”. Next, you need to check the activity of the 3G wireless data function.

It is recommended to enter the following data in the presented lines (APN, username and password):

  • Beeline operator will need to enter beeline. beeline;
  • MTS operator installed the following data: mts. mts;
  • Megafon users need to select internet. gdata. gdata;
  • subscribers of the Tele2 operator need to enter internet.teleru in the APN section, nothing in the columns with the name and password;
  • Iota subscribers should enter internet.yota in the APN section, and leave the rest of the items blank.

Note! Sometimes simply entering the listed data is not enough. A complete reset and password re-entry, username and APN can help.

Wi-Fi Settings

Today, Wi-Fi is widespread.

Note! Finding a Network has become very easy, as each public space has its own access point.

In this regard, you need to know the main problems connecting the phone to the Network and the options for fixing them:

SIM card damage

Note! Quite often, it is enough to reinstall the SIM card.

It happens that it is wrong or was incorrectly trimmed. However, damage due to various mechanical influences is also possible. In this case, only replacing it with a new one will help. Today, all operators offer a similar service with all settings saved, including the subscriber number.

Network module failure

Due to a strong blow, moisture can break the network module, which is responsible for all iPhone connections. It is not possible to carry out repairs on your own and is not recommended. Only a qualified technician can repair the damage. Due to the high cost of repairing Apple equipment, it is better to immediately contact only trusted specialists or an authorized service center, otherwise there is a risk of wasting money.


In 50% of cases of loss of connection to wireless networks, a regular reboot helps to fix the problem or failure. In all iPhones, it is performed the same way. by simultaneously holding two buttons. “Home” and “Shutdown”.

How to solve the problem using an operator or virtual expert

In the absence of communication due to the fault of the service operator, you can call technical support for a consultation. As practice shows, often this helps to solve the problem, or at least find out its cause. Short-term disconnection of access to the Network is possible due to technical problems at the base station, which the operator will certainly notify the subscriber.

As for the way to solve problems with a virtual expert, this is also an effective method. If the expert is really a professional, then he will surely tell you all the troubleshooting methods.

In the absence of an Internet connection on Apple’s mobile devices, you should not panic and make a global problem out of it. Often you can fix any failure or malfunction yourself. If this does not help, then the gadget will be repaired at the service center.