Internet Does Not Work On Sony Tv

Lack of connection when connected by wire

If the device is connected to the network using a wire, then the lack of connection may be for the same reasons as with a router. The only exceptions are a few factors:

  • Physical damage to the wire at the user’s home or outside. In the first case, you can try to check the integrity of the cable in all visible areas. There should be no cracks and breaks in the insulation, strong bends and other damage. In the second case, everything is much more complicated, since it is almost impossible to physically check the condition of the wire outside the apartment or house;
  • Lack of contact in the places where the cable and TV are connected. It is recommended to check all outputs. The cable must be tightly fastened without play or the possibility of free disconnection.

Note! In all other cases, communication problems are almost identical to those that would occur with a wireless connection, except for problems with the router.

How to fix internet connection problems on your TV

If the Internet does not work on the TV, this is not a reason to get upset and panic. First, you need to determine the true cause of the problem. Often, as practice shows, in almost half of the cases, restarting all connected devices, for example, a TV and a router, helps. If this does not help, then you need to further figure out what to do and how to check other ways to fix the problem.

No communication with direct connection

If the service provider uses a dynamic IP address without binding to the so-called MAC address, then connecting the cable to the TV should work immediately. However, if this did not happen, then you should clarify the information about the technologies used on the provider’s website or by calling the technical support service. In this case, several options are possible:

  • If a dynamic address is used, then the connection should occur immediately after connecting the wire without settings (only if there is no binding by MAC address);
  • If the address is static, you can set it in the network settings on the TV device;
  • When one of the technologies is used, PPPoE, L2TP, or PPTP, then such a connection cannot be configured on the TV. Only using a router can help.

Note! If there is a binding by MAC address, then you can specify it in Lji models as follows: “Support”. “Product Information”. For models from Samsung, Philips, Sony Bravia, etc., you can view the address in the same way, only the names of the settings items may differ.

Internet Does Not Work On Sony Tv

Setting up Smart TVs

When a user connects to the router for the first time via wire or wireless, special configuration is required. It can be automatic or manual. In the first case, it is quite simple, you only need to follow the device prompts, in the second, the data is entered manually, and for this you need to check with the provider.

Automatic step-by-step:

After turning on the TV, you need to select “Network” in the settings;

  • Click on the item “Network settings”;
  • Then click on “Select the type of network”. From the two options, you need to choose “Cable” or “Wireless”. In the first case, the setting will be completed. In the case of a wireless connection, a list of available networks will appear;
  • Select your home network and enter your username and password. After that, you can access the Internet from the TV.
  • Manual tuning is carried out as follows:

    First select “Network”, and then “Network settings”;

  • Choose the type of connection: via wire or Wi-Fi;
  • In the case of a wireless network, a list of available networks will appear, from which you need to select the required one;
  • Enter a password;
  • If the TV itself does not determine the parameters, a window will appear with the following lines: “IP address”, “Subnet mask”, “Gateway” and “DNS server”;
  • If all values ​​have already been entered, then just continue. If the lines are empty, you need to enter all the data in accordance with the settings of the router. After that, the TV should start to catch the network.
  • Important! An example of settings is shown for a Samsung TV. For other brands, the item names may differ, but the sequence is identical.

    Reasons for lost connection

    There can be many reasons. Often there is a simple failure of the equipment, router or the TV itself. Also, there may be a problem with the service provider. The first step is to eliminate these problems. In the first case, it is recommended to restart the associated devices, and in the second, contact the provider’s technical support. It is necessary to clarify the reason for the lack of communication, whether any technical work is underway.

    Note! If the problem is on the part of the provider, then the user will not be able to do anything, he will only have to wait for the end of technical work.

    The problem can also occur with the cable connection, their integrity and insulation may be violated, especially if there are children and animals in the house. Or is it all in the wire that left the nest.

    If the Internet is slow, then this immediately indicates technical problems of the operator or user. You can run a speed test and contact support if it is much lower than stated.

    You should not exclude various failures in the settings of the router or TV, as well as commonplace reasons, for example, when one family member changed the password for accessing the network and forgot to tell the rest.

    Checking if the TV is properly connected to wireless equipment

    Sometimes problems with connecting wirelessly do not bother users, since almost all TV models only need to correctly establish the type of connection, that is, Wi-Fi.

    Most of the problems arise in the router itself or its physical connections with the provider’s cable, as well as when connecting a TV with a router wired. In this case, the network cable of the TV device must go into the LAN port, and the neighboring WAN ports are intended for cable entry from the street and gain access. Check that all wires are connected correctly.

    Internet connection check

    Your online home theater won’t work without internet, so make sure the signal is strong enough and the network speed allows you to download quickly.

    Dns change

    If these instructions did not help, then we proceed to the next option for resolving the situation. Changing the DNS. To do this, you will also have to go to Settings. Network. Network Status, and follow the steps:

    • Make sure the machine is connected to an access point;
    • Click on the IP address settings;
    • Select “DNS” there;
    • Manually write and save by clicking OK.

    Why Megogo doesn’t work on TV

    Let’s first look at the “symptoms” through which the unstable functioning of the program manifests itself:

    • Showing a black screen instead of loading is the most common mistake that Smart TV owners complain about;
    • Megogo freezes during boot and refuses to respond to subsequent commands;
    • An error occurred while trying to enter the program;
    • System error immediately after login.

    The reasons why Megogo slows down or does not start on the TV:

    • Your TV is not connected to the internet;
    • The program requires updating, since the old version is no longer serviced;
    • The RAM is too clogged, and the current power is not enough to fully launch this software;
    • Removed system components that ensure stable operation of the cinema.

    Smart TV

    In order to drop the current presets on Smart TV, use the instructions:

    • Enter the “Parameters” section;
    • There click “Support”;
    • Select the line “Self-diagnosis”;
    • Click on “Reset Smart TV”;
    • Enter the pin code. The default is 0000;
    • Wait for the end of the process, go to the main screen;
    • Click the APPS key there, click OK;
    • Then read the terms of licensed use, and also tap on OK;
    • Wait until all components are downloaded and start using.


    If the update did not help to remove the problem, then uninstall the utility and reinstall it. Most often, this action helps to get the job done, as it re-configures all key parameters.

    Turn off the TV

    Often Megogo refuses to work for no apparent reason. Due to an unknown failure. In this case, a banal reboot will help. Turn on the TV for 5-10 minutes.

    Connecting a smartphone to a TV (universal)

    If the “native” YouTube client on Sony does not want to work in any way, an alternative would be to use a phone or tablet as source. In this case, all the work is taken over by a mobile device, and the TV is only an additional screen.

    Troubleshooting Application Problems (Android)

    Elimination of the problem under consideration for TVs running Android is somewhat easier due to the peculiarities of the system. On such TVs, YouTube’s inoperability arises afterwards of failures in the operation of the hosting client program itself. We have already considered solving problems with the client application for this OS, and we recommend that you pay attention to Methods 3 and 5 from the article at the link below.

    Cleaning Internet Content (OperaTV)

    Some time ago, Opera sold part of the business to Vewd, which is now responsible for the operability of the OperaTV OS. Accordingly, all related software on Sony TVs had to be updated. Sometimes the update process will crash and the YouTube app will stop working. You can fix the problem by reloading the Internet content. The procedure looks like this:

      Select “Internet browser” in the applications and go to it.

    Select “Delete. All cookies “.

    Here select “Network”.

    Activate the option “Refresh Internet Content”.

    Wait 5-6 minutes for the TV to update and go to the YouTube app.

    This method is the best solution to the problem under consideration. You can find messages on the Internet that a hard reset of settings also helps, but as practice shows, this method is impractical: YouTube will only work until you turn off the TV for the first time.

    Why YouTube doesn’t work on a Sony TV

    Cause of failure and methods of elimination

    The reason depends on the operating system on which the smart TV is running. On the OperaTV OS, it’s about rebranding applications. On TVs that run Android, the reason may vary.


    The reasons for the inoperability of YouTube are due to the sale of the OperaTV brand to another owner or some kind of malfunction in the Android OS. However, it is easy for the end user to troubleshoot this problem.

    What to do if YouTube stopped working on Sony Bravia TV?

    If YouTube doesn’t launch on TV, then there are easy solutions. Read on for an overview of solution options.

    Cleaning Internet Content

    The need for this action lies in the possible failures of the OP. To clean up, follow the algorithm:

    • Open the “Internet browser” application;
    • Go to “Options” / “Browser settings” / “Delete all cookies”.

    Confirm the actions taken.

    And then open the home screen, activate the section “Settings” / “Network” / “Update Internet Content”.

    If you have any questions or complaints. Let us know

    Wait for a while until the system updates the information. And re-link your account to TV using the prompts that are displayed on the screen.

    This method is considered to be the best way to solve the problem. Some users carry out a full factory reset, but practice shows that this option is not practical. Tv works smoothly until the first shutdown.

    Troubleshooting application problems

    This method can be used for TVs operating on the basis of Android, since they are easier due to the peculiarities of the system. Inoperability occurs due to malfunctions in the hosting client program itself. That is, you need to update the OP versions.

    Open google play.

  • Select “My Apps”.
  • In the displayed list, click on the name of the program.
  • Click on “Delete”.
  • Finish the process by pressing “OK” on the TV remote.

    Why YouTube won’t launch on Sony Bravia

    The reasons for not working YouTube on Sony TV depend on many factors. The main criterion is Smart TV software. If the device is running Android, the reasons may vary. Read more below about why hosting won’t start.

    How can you return Youtube to Smart TV

    The main reasons for the inoperability of YouTube on Sony TV:

    • Changes made by YouTube developers;
    • Lack of normal operation in old TVs;
    • Lags in the application;
    • Service failure.

    To solve Youtube problems in Smart TV, you need to:

    • Download a special program from other devices. For example, TV Cast;
    • Install a program for streaming via TV;
    • Connect smartphone and TV;
    • Activate the signal on the smartphone;
    • Enter the IP address in the field on the TV;
    • Upon launch, run the on your smartphone.

    Keep in mind that if a browser is already installed on the TV, then the task becomes much easier. Just open your browser and activate Youtube.

    Why YouTube does not work on Sony Bravia TV: reasons for what to do?

    Why doesn’t YouTube work on Sony Bravia’s TV? An important question in 2020, since many users prefer to watch YouTube on the big screen. Youtube is a large and popular hosting because it is free, allows you to upload your owns, has a number of monetization methods, and offers a paid subscription. Well, its greatest value lies in the huge variety of content. For the action to be taken if YouTube has stopped functioning on Sony Bravia TVs, read this article.