Installing widgets on your Smart TV

Installing widgets Samsung Smart TV from a flash drive. The fastest way

Hi all! Today will be a short post. And we’ll talk in it about installing widgets from a flash drive on our favorite “smart TVs” Samsung. It is a very simple way, takes no more than a minute.

In fact, installing widgets Samsung Smart TV from a USB drive, despite its simplicity, has one big advantage. In this way. Not uninstalling previously installed custom applications. And this is very convenient.

After reading this article you will learn:

So, what are widgets? In fact, this is a full analogue of applications (programs) for a smartphone or tablet.

On the Smart Hub desktop, you click on the widget shortcut and it launches:

All applications, depending on their purpose, are divided into categories.

These can be online movie theaters for watching movies, games, various informational applications (currency exchange rates, weather, etc.), and other. д.), sports activities and much more:

I want to clarify that in this article, we consider only official applications from the manufacturer. We will talk about third-party developments (the most interesting) in the following posts.

By the way, all the widgets installed in the system, are divided into main types:

  • Recommended (installed automatically).
  • Social, or personal (also put automatically).
  • Custom (installed by the user).

Also, all applications are geo-dependent. Let me explain what this means.

Depending on the region (country) set in the Smart TV settings, you will be able to use certain sets of widgets. That is for Russia you have your own, Europe has others, and so on.

Okay, so now we’re back on topic. Let’s take a look at the screenshots to understand where which widgets are placed. Using the 2012 E-Series as an example:

In Samsung F-series TVs of 2013 model year, the order in which the applications are displayed has changed slightly:

As you can see, here the social and custom widgets are located together. Well, you say, where to get and how to install widgets on your Samsung Smart TV?

Well, everything is clear with the social and recommended ones, they are installed automatically. And here’s where the custom applications come from.

Here too, everything is simple. To do this, go to the online store Samsung Apps, select the widget you like and install it.

In the Smart Hub menu, select “Samsung Apps” with the left-right arrows on the TV remote and press “OK” (center key):

Now look for the application you need. Fortunately, there is a lot to choose from:

When you have chosen the widget you want, press the “OK” button again to display a detailed description of the application:

Note that in this technology, too, there is a commercial interest. There are free and shareware widgets.

It often happens that the application itself is free (like an online movie theater), but you have to pay to see licensed movies in it. As they say, you can’t grease it. won’t go.

But I’ll tell you a secret, do not rush to part with the money. Follow the news of the blog and soon you will learn more interesting variants.

With the installation is solved. And here’s how to delete unnecessary, or did not like the widget. Also very simple.

Go to the Samsung Apps online store and select “Downloaded applications”:

The list on the right shows all the widgets installed on your system.

Select what you want to delete, hover your cursor over it and press the “OK” button (center key on the remote):

while you’re in the Smart Hub menu, move your cursor to the app you want and press the “Tools” button on your TV remote:

An additional menu will appear where you need to select “Delete”:

By the way, I recommend looking through this menu.

For example, using the “Move” item, you can place the widget in a convenient location in the Smart TV menu. Small thing, but nice. Agree?

Now let’s look at free widgets for watching movies on Smart TV. Let’s start with the fact that we have already reviewed some useful applications in the previous article. If you haven’t read it, be sure to check it out.

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Here, let’s briefly run through the most interesting free online movie theaters, which can be downloaded from the Samsung Apps store.

The first in our review will be the popular movie theater

You can find a lot of good movies in excellent quality. Choose by taste and color. Everything is categorized, there is a portal search. It’s easy to use:

Since recently a new tab “Premiere” appeared in the cinema. The point is that you are given access to fresh licensed movies for money:

Installing and running widgets from a flash drive

Installing widgets using an ordinary removable drive is very easy, you only need:

installing, widgets, your, smart

When everything is at hand, then proceed in this sequence:

  • Download an archive of the desired widget;
  • insert the flash drive into your computer, format it in FAT32 format (specified before formatting begins). All data after that is destroyed on it, so you need to take care of their safety in advance.
  • In the blank media create a new folder with the name: “userwidget”, transfer the previously downloaded archive.

After copying the data is complete, you need to plug the flash drive into your Smart TV, and the installation will start automatically. After its successful completion, the new widget will appear on the common panel together with all previously installed.

Install apps on your Samsung Smart TV via USB

This is a simple and very easy method. Simply download the required Android TV apps from a third-party website and copy them to your USB drive. Connect your USB drive to your TV and access it via SmartHub. Just navigate to the app file you want to install and select it. It will now install the apps on your Samsung Smart TV immediately. Make sure that you download applications designed to work with your TV. All this is possible because Tizen OS supports APK or tpk apps just like Android.

If your Samsung Smart TV has a Samsung browser pre-installed, simply open it, visit a third-party source and download the apps as you normally would on your Windows phone or PC. Then install the downloaded application on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to install widget format (.wgt) on Samsung J, K, M series TV on OS TIZEN

This guide is only for installing widgets in the following format.wgt with Tizen Studio, on Samsung Smart TV J, K, M, Q series, which were released in 2015,2016, 2017 and run on Tizen OS.

First you need to download and install “Tizen Studio”. 2. Now you need to create a certificate. How to do this you can learn here. 3. Then you need to put your TV in developer mode

On Samsung Smart TV J, K, M, Q series it is done like this:

  • Go to “Apps” app store
  • On the remote control, quickly dial the combination “1,2,3,4,5”
  • If you have done everything correctly, the window will appear where you need to enter the IP of your PC
  • Then press “Ok”
  • Now, you need to turn off the TV, and after 30 seconds, turn the TV back on

Run the already installed “Tizen Studio” 5. Open “Connection Explorer” then “Remote Device Manager” and press “Scan”. Now let’s select your TV, place the rocker switch to “ON” position and click “Close” 6. Now turn to the installation of the widget. Here you can download widgets for Samsung Smart TV Tizen. 7. Open File-Import-Tizen-Tizen Project press “Next”. Choose the item “Archive file”, press “Browse” and find the downloaded file.wgt, press “open”, then “Next”

In the new window change “Version” from “2.3” to “3.0” or “4.0”. And also, check the boxes next to “Name” and “Tizen”, and then click “Finish”

If you have done everything correctly, “Project Explorer” window will show widget file 10. Now you need to right click on it and choose “Build Signed Package” 11. That’s it. To make the widget appear on the TV, perform the following action: It is necessary again to click on the installed widget with the right mouse button, then select “Run As” and “Tizen Web Application”

Tips for installing apps

After creating an account, all manipulation will be done through the account from the TV menu. The list of available applications is quite extensive, but depending on the location it may vary. This is due to the availability of local TV channels and regional programs.

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The installation procedure is almost the same on all devices, regardless of the features of this or that model, and looks as follows:

  • Activating your personal account and logging in;
  • Logging into the branded store using the remote control;
  • Filtering of the offered programs at your own discretion;
  • Selecting an app;
  • Familiarize yourself with the instructions, features, and price;
  • Agreement to the terms and conditions of the creator and supplier;
  • Installing and opening.

In order to choose the ideal set of applications for yourself, you need to carefully read their descriptions and features. It is also useful to explore the list of current applications, which are offered in the store.

Do not forget that you need access to the World Wide Web to download applications. You can connect to the Internet using your personal account of Tricolor TV.

How to install an application on your Samsung Smart TV, if it is not in Apps

Samsung Smart TVs are some of the best on the market. The excellent matrix and sound, the quality and durability of the device. all these advantages make many buyers firmly committed to the TV from Samsung. These TVs have a wide range of installed and available for installation applications that can please even the most sophisticated user. But as you know, you can never have too much of a good thing. Many users would like to install third-party apps on their Samsung TV receiver. Here’s how to install this app on your Samsung Smart TV if you can’t find it in Apps.

As you know, Samsung TVs don’t work directly with Play Market, but use their own digital app store called “Apps”. You can go there, download the application you like to your Samsung TV, and then use the functionality of the specified application.

If the application you need is not available in “Apps”, then such an application must be installed from the outside. For this you will definitely need a computer. it is also necessary that your TV and PC are connected to the same wireless network.

Before starting the process of installing a third party app on your Samsung TV set temporarily disable antivirus and firewall on your PC, which can hinder the process.

Next, we will tell you how to install the application on your Samsung TV from 2016 and later years of release, if it is not in Apps. The installation itself takes a few steps:

installing, widgets, your, smart

Below we will analyze each of the mentioned steps.

Understand that we will talk about installing unofficial widgets. The ones you can’t find in the Samsung Apps store. And it is them, are the most interesting and functional.

In order for the process of installing applications to go smoothly and without problems, it is very important to read the information below:

  • Before installing widgets, turn off antivirus firewall for a while to avoid problems with TV and PC connection.
  • In order to successfully install widgets from PC to TV, they must be connected to the same home media network. Learn more here. During installation, you will surely synchronize your TV and PC (enter IP address on TV:.
  • To synchronize, you need to sign in to your TV with a developer account (Develop). How to do this is described in detail on the example of installing an application here. Read carefully!
  • When installing unofficial widgets all similar (not from Samsung Apps) installed in the system before will be deleted. The way out: simultaneous reinstallation of the desired programs.
  • Well, of course, all actions you perform at your own risk. The author takes no responsibility for anything.

And now let’s start the review of the most popular and at the same time easy for common people to install applications into your big and smart TV.

installing widgets Samsung Smart TV, with the help of a widget list generator from the developer AlexkDpu. If you remember, we’ve already met this person in a review of playlists of a popular NstreamLmod.

It is worth noting that the portal of this comrade, is kept up to date to this day and for more than two years is completely free. Agree that this fact causes confidence in the person and his work.

So, the first thing you need to do is to go to the developer’s site at After that, a list of applications available for installation will open in front of you:

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Here, as you can see from the screenshot, you need to tick the necessary applications, or on the contrary, uncheck the unnecessary ones. I think this step should be no problem.

By the way, remember that when you install custom applications (not from Samsung Apps`a), all similar ones, which were installed in the system earlier, will be deleted. It’s important to understand this point, so that you won’t have any resentment.

It should also be said that the choice of widgets is quite small. But you will find more in the load, so do not worry:

Once you have selected the applications you like, click on “Create widgetlist”, which is at the end of the list:

At this step, a list of selected applications will open in front of you and the IP address will be specified, to synchronize the TV and computer:

Regarding the synchronization process, we talked to you at the beginning of the post. If you forget, please go back and read points.4 again. And if you are too lazy to go back, here is a short video on the example of H-Series TV:

So that’s basically it. The installation of widgets on your Samsung Smart TV is now complete.

In order for them to appear in the system now, you need to log out of Smart Hub and log back in. After that, you will see them on the main page or in the “Additional applications”. So, it turned out to be very simple!

Of the observed nuances of the above method, it is worth noting the fact that you should not install more than five applications simultaneously. With so many, there can be errors. Judging by the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, which are on the page of the service.

Also it should be understood that the list of available applications for installation is still limited by the widget-list developer. Hence the logical question: what to do if you want to install something of your own, not available in the list??

The answer is very simple. It is necessary to use a local server and perform the installation directly from your computer. So now we will look at three such programs. Let me tell you right away that it is very easy and accessible to work with them.

installing Samsung Smart TV widgets, using SammyWidgets. Click here to download the program itself. After that unpack it into a folder of the same name on your computer. It should look something like this:

And further, dear readers, a real gift awaits you. In the folder “widgets”, there is already an archive of 150 popular applications. Here you will find software for all tastes and colors. Russian, Ukrainian and European widgets are included.

That is why I propose to say a huge thanks for the laborious work of assembling this archive, the administrators of the resource Thanks to them, the life of “samsunovodov” acquires cheerful colors and tones.

But let’s get to the point. Run the file “SammyWidgets.exe”. If you see a window like in the screenshot below, it means that some application is using port 0:

Often it is Skype. Work out the problem in order to free the specified program port necessary for the local SammyWidgets server.

In working order, the app has this very handy interface:

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Hello! And you can install Tizen Studio on your computer, and install the widgets on another person’s TV (i.e. е. TV and PC are on different networks)? My dad needs to install the app on his TV, but I can’t go to him and he can’t manage to install Tizen Studio by himself using these instructions.

You can, but it’s complicated. You need to set up your network so that your computer remotely sees your dad’s subnet and pings to his TV accordingly. There are many ways to do this. Google to help.

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