Installing google services on huawei

How to bypass the ban and install Google services on Huawei and Honor

Play Market app store is the development of the world-famous company Google. The Android operating system is also a development of Google, and therefore a huge part of mobile devices have a store presented in the system by default. Play Market was pre-installed in many models of mobile devices from different manufacturers, such as Samsung, Honor, Pixel and so on.

Honor removed Play Market from the system of its products, which, of course, caused a lot of dissatisfaction on the part of users. And not surprisingly, because it has only caused additional difficulties for the inexperienced user. it has become unclear where to install applications on the mobile device.

The reason for this is that back in 2019, the American government blacklisted Huawei, and Google severed contact with it. This happened because the Chinese company began to cooperate with those enterprises that are on the list of organizations with limited access to U.S. technology and goods.

Worked in the cell phone stores of two major carriers for several years. I have a good understanding of tariffs and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially Android.

Of course, if desired, the user can download this application store to his device. over, there are several ways to do this.

Those mobile devices that were released before 2019 have an app store from Google. However, if the device was released later, it will not have Play Market.

Where to start?

To interact with the Huawei system, you need to have a Huawei ID. This is the equivalent of a Google account, which provides access to Google services. Next you need to register a developer account: individual or corporate.

For an individual developer, you will need to enter his full name, address, phone number, and email address. Unlike registering a developer account on Google Play, you also need scans of your passport and bank card. Yes, yes, documents are required for identification. Huawei promises to delete them after registration.

To register a corporate account, you need a company ID, either a DUNS number (International Legal Entity Identifier), or a business license.

We wait for approval of the account. In 1-2 days, Huawei promises to verify our data. After this you can connect the application to HMS. To do this, go into the AppGallery Connect console.

We create a project, and in it we add the application

Note that for an app that uses HMS, the package name must end with “.huawei.

2.Put the configuration file agconnect-services.json in the root folder of the application. Also save SHA-256 hash. It will be needed to authenticate the app when it tries to access HMS Core services.

Note. To get SHA-256, you can run a command in the terminal, substituting the necessary data from your keystore:

Some services require a data storage location:

3.Adding dependencies to the Android Studio project.In build.gradle file at the project level:

4.To prevent obfuscation of AppGallery Connect services, Huawei recommends prescribing the following rules in the proguard-rules at the level of the app module:

Initial project setup with Huawei Mobile Services is complete.

installing, google, services, huawei

How to quickly and easily install google services on any smartphone from Huawei or Honor

Recently, the popularity of new products from brands Huawei and Honor has declined somewhat due to the lack of Google services for these devices. Despite the fact that Huawei develops its own system Huawei Mobile Services, many users prefer to use the usual applications from Google Play. There are many ways to install the Market, but the easiest is using the application “Chat Partner”. This is done literally in a few taps on the screen. This method requires neither unlocking the bootloader, nor root, and does not affect either the updates or the security of smartphone, so it is suitable for absolutely everyone.

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So, first you need to download the APK-file of the application “Chat Partner”. it will help you to install the usual services. When trying to install, the system may warn you that installing applications from unverified sources is not safe, but as far as Android is concerned, almost any source is not reliable enough.

Next, you need to run the installed application. Login to the system does not interest us. at the bottom there is a button “Detect device”, press it.

Chat Partner app requires Google-services to work. Finding their absence, the software will offer to install them. press “Repair Now”, if asked give the Chat Partner administrator rights (this is necessary) and wait until the end of the installation.

The next step is to sign in to your Google account after installing the services, just like when you launch any Android smartphone for the first time, make sure the Play Market icon is present and restart your smartphone.

Congratulations! Now you have access to the usual Market, from which you can install almost all the usual applications. And note: the whole installation process takes only 5 minutes. But note: NFC payment via GPay will not work, as the new Huawei and Honor smartphones have not passed the required certification. Nevertheless, you can use contactless payment via other banking applications (e.g. Yandex.Money).

By the way, the global launch of Huawei Pay, which is essentially an analogue of Google pay, Apple Pay and other similar payment systems, will be announced already on March 26. This will allow you to pay for the goods in the usual way.

Installation via Recovery

You can put Google services, Play Market directly by downloading the original APK file from the official Android But it is not possible to run this file on the device, in normal mode. This can only be done through the Recovery menu. Once the file is downloaded, you must turn off your tablet. Then press the combination power button volume button.

Depending on the model, the combination may be different

  • Power button volume up
  • power button volume down
  • power volume up volume button down
  • volume up volume down button

If you have no exact information, one of the above methods will definitely work.

installing, google, services, huawei

Huawei tablet will boot into Recovery menu, where you need to select the item “Install zip from sdcard”, specify the path where the downloaded APK-file lies and confirm the installation “Install”. After installing it, you need to reboot the tablet. After restarting, Play Store will appear in the menu of your Huawei tablet.

How to install Play Store via Open GApps

This program can be installed in two ways, depending on whether the user has Root rights.

If you have Root access rights

You download the APK-file and install it as any other program.

If you don’t have Root access

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Huawei tablet must be restarted, run in Recovery-menu (by pressing a combination of buttons), where you must select the item “Install zip from sdcard”, specify the path where the downloaded APK-file is and confirm the installation “Install”. Then boot the tablet in normal mode.

Widget moving

To move it to another position, tap on the icon and wait a couple of seconds. When the phone reacts with the characteristic vibration, move it to the necessary position by swiping, without releasing the finger.

To move to another page, bring it to the edge of the screen in the desired direction and drag it to the desired location.


Important: I recommend, for the safety of your personal data stored on your Android gadget, to download the application “Google Play Services” only from the official source (link above), especially it is completely free. Downloading from other sources, can do harm to your computer, for example, in third party applications may “insert” the Trojan horse or viruses.

Here are some examples of errors that you can solve with the app. I recommend that you read this list in order to be aware of what errors may occur on your device.

How to install Google services

Before installing the APK file with Google services you need to install a special application “Chat Partner”, because without it you will get the following notification on your Huawei or Honor phone.

How to install Google services on Huawei

In order to install Google services with “Chat Partner” you need to perform simple steps. This way does not require Root rights, does not affect the security of the smartphone, and does not affect the updates.

Installation of Google services:

After authorization you can install all the usual Google applications: You-Tube, Chrome, Calendar, Gmail and so on.

We have to take into account: with such installation of Google services the payment via NFC with Google Pay will not work! This is due to the fact that Huawei and Honor devices do not have official certification. But if you have NFC, you can also use contactless payment system Huawei Pay, which is an analogue of Google pay.

How to install Google services on Huawei smartphones

As you know, the new smartphones from Huawei come without Google services, because due to U.S. sanctions brand from China is now prohibited to use such in their branded mobile devices. For now only the flagships Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro come without services of the “search giant”, but in the near future all phones of the company will not be able to boast of such. That is why many people wonder whether it is possible to install the services of the American corporation manually, and if so, how exactly it can be done. Developers from the forum 4PDA managed to achieve this by finding a way to most easily and simply add to the phones of the Chinese corporation the most necessary software.

The fact that the services of Google. it’s not just a store G Play, but also many other programs, including G Maps, Gmail, G Drive, Chrome, YouTube, GBoard, and others. It is hardly possible to use fully any smartphone in the international market without all this software, so the instruction on how to install Google services on Huawei smartphones is very relevant. To the joy of users, it is very easy to do, and you do not even need to obtain root rights. The installation process of this software is not essentially different from that of installing any program or game from the Internet.

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To begin with, it is necessary to open the standard browser in the Huawei smartphone, and then go to the official website of the Chinese company LZ Play. Once this is done, you need to click on the special button on the home page, and then, after that, wait for the app-release file to be downloaded.APK and install it. If necessary, you should give the program all the permissions it asks for. Once it is installed, and it usually takes no more than 10 seconds, you need to launch the installed Google Play store and log into your account, entering your username and password from the account of an American corporation. If two-factor authentication is enabled, you will also need to enter the code that comes to the trusted phone.

After performing this procedure, Google Play will offer to install additional software on your Huawei smartphone, i.e. YouTube, Chrome and other applications. Whether to agree with it or not is up to everyone. All updates to Google services will be installed automatically, which means you won’t have to go through this procedure after each update. Currently this is the only real way to add “search giant” services to Huawei and Honor phones easily and simply. As you can easily notice, the procedure is very simple, so even a child can cope with it. You will have to repeat this procedure only if you completely reinstall the firmware, and when you update it, nothing will “fly off”.

What to replace Google on Honor

Before you install Google service on your Honor 30 or 9c, think about whether it is really necessary for you? Huawei phones have already acquired their own store, great applications and solutions which replace usual programs. They will probably fit you completely, and you won’t have to bother with the manual additionally to install Google services on Honor 9a or 9s.

  • Play Market analogue. AppGallery. From here you can install all the applications you need: Yandex browser replaces Chrome, can become an alternative to Gmail. No problem to install Telegram, TikTok, online movie theaters.
  • Additional app store. ApkPure. It helps to install and update APK-files. Instead of searching for them and downloading them, you can simply put ApkPure just from your browser, and then put the version on your smartphone. Which will work fine. The same way you can install a lot of useful programs that are supposedly unavailable on Honor.
  • Google Pay’s analog to the Wallet app. Most Honor has an NFC chip for contactless payment at the cash register. Thanks to the Wallet, you won’t notice the difference.
  • You can use certain software, like YouTube, directly from your browser.

But if you don’t want to put up with the insufficient functionality of your phone, then the instruction above will help you to install Google services on Honor. You will be able to enjoy the usual work on your phones without thinking about limitations. I hope this information will be useful to you, and you will understand all the nuances. And if they fail to install, you can always use the alternatives listed above.

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