Installing And Setting Up Your Samsung Smart TV

The development of television has led to increased opportunities for users. Today, technology allows you to watch high-definition broadcasts, as well as use other multimedia functions. The most popular TVs Samsung, which today consider them the most advanced. However, this technique requires a complex setup that not everyone can do. The information below will help you understand how to connect and configure Samsung Smart TV on your TV.

What is important to know

Installing And Setting Up Your Samsung Smart TV

Literally, the term Smart means “smart.” It is expected that such a TV should provide more features than the usual model for digital TV. In most cases, such devices provide Internet access and support for a large number of multimedia formats.

There are also smart receivers, but Smart TV on the TV and set-top box, different topics. If the TV is a full-fledged device, the receiver only improves its capabilities and opens up access to the “smart” option on older models.

Today, smart TVs are produced by many developers, and in addition to it, a large set of applications and services is offered. For this reason, the capabilities of devices with Smart-TV support from different manufacturers are different.

Features and Specifications

Like conventional televisions, Samsung’s advanced models provide the user with modern and high-quality television.

Among the mandatory criteria for these devices:

  1. support and playback of content of all formats (mpeg-4, acc, m3u, avi, etc.);
  2. high pixel screen resolution (from 1080p);
  3. presence of ports for high-bandwidth cables.

Using a smart TV, the user can enjoy high-definition digital TV with the same comfort as when using a computer or digital set-top box.

Each model provides a separate set of features that the user can expand at any time by downloading new widgets from the Samsung Apps developer service.

Connection and setup

Setting up digital TV for Smart-TV is carried out in the same way as on a conventional TV or receiver.

Models with smart TV support when setting up digital channels also solve the problem of preserving channels already present. They have a system setting that allows you to select a radiation source (antenna, satellite, cable).

For example, when you manually configure the channels of digital TV and select a cable as the signal source, the search does not occur in other ranges and the broadcast and satellite TV programs are saved

But the digital channel settings on the TV are not enough to make full use of the smart TV function and you need to connect to the Internet.

There are four ways for Samsung models:

  1. Wired Internet. Connection is made using an RJ45 Ethernet network cable to the LAN port. To connect, you will need home Internet.
  2. Wi-fi Wireless connection with data transfer rates up to 30 Kb / s. Not all smart-TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi module. In its absence, you need to purchase a router with a connection to a USB input.
  3. WPS This technology allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi network using a router without entering additional settings. It is available only when using a router and should be supported by it.
  4. PlugAccess Samsung’s unique Internet connection technology, which is only supported by devices from this manufacturer.

After choosing a connection method, a connection is established. You need to go to the settings menu by pressing the appropriate button on the TV or remote control. After opening the Smart-TV interface, you must enter the settings and select the “Connection” item there.

Establish a connection

In the menu that opens, a list of available networks is displayed.

Further step-by-step connection setup depends on the connection method:

  • Direct connection. An available connection is selected and the password provided by the network operator is entered, after which the entered data is confirmed with the OK button. After a few seconds, the connection is established.
  • Using a router. In this case, the router data (IP address, port, DNS addresses and password) is registered, which can be found in the operating instructions or obtained from the operator (if leased).
  • PlugAccess It is required to enter the “Connection” settings item. After that, insert the USB drive into the router, wait for the indicator on the device to change, remove the USB flash drive and insert it into the TV with Smart TV. After a few seconds, the connection will be established automatically.

After a successful connection, you can begin to set up Smart TV on Samsung TV.

Device registration

If the menu is not in Russian, you need to go into the system settings and change it, as well as select a region (Russia or Eastern Europe).

At the first stage, it is important to register the Samsung device and activate the synchronization of the device with the remote server.

  • Firstly, it will confirm the use of licensed equipment and will be remotely supported.
  • Secondly, the user will receive an update for software and individual widgets.
  • Thirdly, without registering a user, the functions of smart television will become inaccessible.

User registration

To perform this procedure, you need to turn on the Smart Hub, for access to which there is a corresponding button (for old Samsung F-series TVs and other models of 2011-2014, the remote control has a green button). A menu opens prompting you to register.

The following steps must be completed:

  1. select “Create an account”;
  2. accept the user agreement (privacy policy);
  3. enter the desired username and password;
  4. check the box “Receive E-Mail on Samsung Smart TV.

After registration, you will be prompted to log in or enter under the status of “Guest” (Ghost). You need to select a user and log in to your account. For guests hidden settings Smart TV are not available


An authorized user can access the Smart-TV system settings, including synchronization. You need to call up the settings menu (button B or TOOLS) and select “Development”. In the menu that opens, you will need to enter the IP address of the router to connect (with a direct connection, the IP address of the Samsung TV will be determined automatically).

Upon completion, it will display the message “TENET application has been successfully installed.” You need to return to the main menu and again go to the newly loaded widget. The application will prompt you to enter a login with a password that is assigned to the device.

A bunch can be obtained:

  1. in the instruction manual;
  2. at sellers;
  3. at a Samsung service center (phone in Moscow. 7 (495) 925-00-03).

Upon completion, confirm the entered data and wait a few seconds. This will establish synchronization with the remote server, followed by the following changes:

  • The exact time will be set, the forecast of the pagoda, the exchange rate and other information will be issued;
  • News reports about the developer and his products will be received.

Thanks to synchronization, the device will be checked for available updates.

To watch Internet channels on Smart TV, you will need to install an IPTV player, which can be downloaded on the Samsung Apps service.

There are two ways to organize interactive television:

  • Connect for Smart TV with your ISP the Home TV service. The operator will provide a list of popular high-definition channels at a tariff for a small fee.
  • Use free channels. Links to view and download can be found on the Internet. Playlists are completely free, but most channels do not broadcast in Full-HD quality. They are also created with the expectation of extras and contain hundreds of channels, among which only a few dozen will be interesting.

IPTV will require a high data rate, as Internet broadcasting is streamed from all channels included in the playlist. Recommended Internet speed from 30 Kb / s.

TOP apps

For the full use of Smart-TV, it is recommended to install and configure additional widgets that will become useful and significantly expand the capabilities of the user. It is recommended to immediately go to the Samsung download center, where you can find any system utilities for setting up Smart-TV (drivers, updates).

Official Smart-TV applications for television, multimedia, the Internet, games, etc. with a detailed overview are always available on the Samsung Apps developer service.

Be sure to install the following programs:

  1. The largest catalog of movies and TV shows for Smart-TV online. It provides a wide selection of free movies, as well as paid content. For only 300. 500 rubles you can get access to all domestic and foreign innovations. It is recommended for everyone who does not have access to interactive television due to the low speed of the Internet.
  2. Another free catalog. Unlike the previous one, there is more free content here.
  3. Explore 3D. Utility for viewing content on Samsung 3D TVs. The interface is in English.
  4. Stream interactive. Archive of Russian-language short series and programs. There is a large selection ofs from television games, reporting, documentaries, etc.

With the installation of games for Smart TV it will be difficult, because most Samsung TVs do not have high graphic performance and only support simple 2D games. If you want to play something interesting and colorful, it is better to use a computer for this, and only display the image on the TV.