Installing a widget on a Samsung smart TV

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How to install XSMART 3.0 on Samsung Smart TV

How to install XSmart 3.0 widget on TV Samsung K, M series via SDK is described here.

After checking the network status, select the “IP Settings” menu item

Next, click on the “DNS Settings” menu item and select the “Enter manually” option

Click on the “DNS Server” menu item and enter DNS After that, we confirm our actions with the “Ok” button

In newer firmware versions 1422 and newer, Samsung removed the ability to install applications from a USB drive, so we launch the widget via DNS.

Press the “Menu” button on the remote control, go to the “Network” section and go to the “Network Status” menu item

After checking the network status, select the “IP Settings” menu item

Next, click on the “DNS Settings” menu item and select the “Enter manually” option

Click on the “DNS Server” menu item and enter DNS After that, we confirm our actions with the “Ok” button

Open the TV Menu, select the item “Smart Hub”, then “Samsung Accounts”, then “Login”. In the menu that appears, select “Login”. In the window that opens, enter the develop login, no password is needed and click Login.
2. Next: go to Smart Hub, stand on any application, press the central button-cross of the remote control and hold it until the pop-up menu appears.
3. In the menu that appears, select: IP Setting, then a window will appear for entering the numbers of the IP address. We enter all four groups of numbers, confirming each by pressing the central cross button of the remote control (IP address for setting is
4. Re-holding the same button. call the Synchronization Menu again and select the Start User App Sync item.
Next, an inscription will appear about the request for custom applications from the server and they will be installed.

Login as user “develop”
– Press the button on the regular Menu remote control (or the Misc button on the touchscreen, use the arrows to move to the Menu button on the on-screen remote control)
– Select the menu item “Smart Functions”
– We choose “Uch. app. Samsung “, select” Login ”
– Enter “E-mail”: develop
– We put a tick “Remember password”
– Press “Login”
– Exit the menu
Adding a new IP address

Login as develop user
– Press the button on the SMART HUB remote
– Press the red button (A) to enter
– Enter username: develop
– The password will appear automatically
– Click OK. You are in Develop
Adding a new IP address
– Press the “TOOLS” button, then at the very bottom select “Settings”
– In the next window, select the last line “Development” and click ok
– Then go to “Server IP address settings” and write your IP with widgets or IP. (XSMART 3.0). OK
– Click “Synchronize User Applications”
– Widgets will be installed
– Exit the installation to the menu, press the red button “A” this will leave the Develop user
– Be sure to leave Smart-HUB, otherwise the widgets may not appear, go back

XSMART 3.0. Widget for Samsung Smart TV C, D, E, F, H and J, K, M series on Tizen OS

installing, widget, samsung, smart

XSMART 3.0 is a new version of a free widget that makes it possible to comfortably view various video content on Samsung Smart TVs C, D, E, F, H and J, K, M series on Tizen OS.

download XSmart 3.0 for installation via SDK

XSmart 3.0 download

Key features of XSMART 3.0 widget

The XSMART 3.0 widget has a Cinema section in which a huge number of movie sites are presented. And also the TV section, which has both paid and free services for watching IP-TV. Also, it is possible to add your playlists through your Personal Account, save bookmarks in the “cloud”.

Actual widgets for Samsung Smart TV in 2021 for various series, videos

Today there are many kinds of widgets for Samsung Smart TV. Below we will figure out what a widget is, what functions it performs, how to install it correctly, and which applications for various series of Samsung TVs are relevant in 2021.

Official widgets for Samsung Smart TV

New widgets appear regularly and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice among a large number of them. You need to carefully read all the characteristics of the application before installing them.

Some of the best official widgets include:

  • Social networks. Almost all social networks have a specially designed app for Samsung Smart TV. You can quickly install it and go to your page at any time (for example, VK. etc.).
  • Allows you to watch your favorite movies in high quality. All films in this application are arranged in specific categories. Users are presented with a large selection of films of both foreign and Russian production.
  • Skype. Now the world’s most popular video calling is also available on TV. But in this case, you will additionally need a webcam. If it is not included with your TV set, then you can purchase it separately and connect using a cable.
  • Playstation Now. This application is for those who like different games. With the help of widgets, today you can not only watch TV, but also fully play different games on the big screen. This program does not affect the processor, so there is no overload of the TV memory.
  • NetFlix. Users are provided with a large library with interesting content. This is a great alternative to the usual television. There are various TV shows, films of a wide variety of genres.

To avoid crashes and freezes, it is necessary to provide uninterrupted high speed Internet.

What is a widget and why is it needed?

A Smart TV widget is an application that performs a specific function. For example, such simple tasks as displaying the time on the icon or a more complex program. mirroring the chat window.

Using widgets greatly simplifies the following processes:

  • get quick access to various applications;
  • pass authorization in the system;
  • get easy access to a specific part of the menu.

All widgets are divided by purpose as follows:

  • services that supply video at the user’s choice;
  • information services (news, navigation, weather, etc.);
  • resources that provide IPTV services;
  • various gaming services and applications;
  • training sites;
  • social networks;
  • applications that make it possible to watch movies with a three-dimensional image and high resolution;
  • services that provide voice, text or video communication using the Internet;
  • clients providing access to viewing videos of a wide variety of topics.

From a large number of widgets, each user can choose the right one for himself. These applications allow you to have at your disposal a set of important functions.

What kinds of widgets are there?

Today there are both official and unofficial types of widgets for Samsung Smart TV. There are also the most popular applications that have won many users due to their simplicity and ease of use.

Unofficial widgets

You can also use unofficial applications, the most popular of which are:

  • Fork Player. This is one of the best Smart TV apps. It can be an excellent replacement for such programs. There is a comfortable interface, a wide variety of content, ease of installation and use.
  • GETS IPTV. Here you can find a variety of videos and programs, a large number of films. The main advantage is high-quality content that has passed an additional selection. On channels “for adults” you can put a password.
    It is possible to synchronize and add your favorite videos to your “favorites”.
  • VIPZal.TV. This program is similar to the previous ones, but it has its own library, which contains more movies, cartoons, as well as TV shows. They can be viewed online.

Popular in 2021 unofficial widgets for Samsung Smart TV running under Tizen OS:

Instructions for installing the zor-TV widget on Smart TVs LG, Samsung, PHILIPS

Installing the widget on LG smart TVs:

Installing the widget on Samsung smart TVs:

For TVs F and H series:
– log in under develop. To do this, go to “Menu. Smart functions. Samsung account” enter develop, the password will be substituted automatically.
– go to “Smart Hub”;
– select “Additional Applications”;
– go to “Options” (in the upper right corner);
– open “IP Settings”;
– enter IP:;
– go back to “Options”;
– select “Synchronize user applications”;
– the widget will be installed;
– reboot the TV;
– go to Smart Hab and launch the widget;

For TVs D and other series:
– log in under develop. To do this, enter develop in the “Samsung Account” field. The password will be entered automatically;
– click the “Login” button;
– use the Tools button to open the “Service” section;
– open the “Settings” menu;
– select the “Developer” option;
– select Configure “Server IP address” (IP Address setup);
– enter IP:;
– use the Tools button to open the “Service” section;
– open the “Settings” menu;
– select the “Developer” option;
– select “Synchronize user applications”;
– the widget will be installed;
– reboot the TV;
– go to Smart Hab and launch the widget;

Zip archive of the widget for Samsung Smart TVs for installation on your local server can be downloaded here.

Installing a widget on Samsung C and B

With this method of installing the application on a TV series B and other series, you should take into account that all programs that were previously installed and marked “user” will be removed. Therefore, if you do not want to lose them, you should save a list of their installation files in order to restore them later.

The installation of widgets on a C or B series TV must be started by creating a user, which will later be called “Develop”. This requires:

  • Press Internet TV;
  • Go to settings;
  • Create a new user by choosing the “Develop” type for him;
  • Set for him.

Now let’s go directly to installing the widget for Samsung B and C series.

  • Reboot TV;
  • Press the “Internet TV” button, and then “A”;
  • Select the user you just created and enter your PIN to login;
  • Go to the menu and go to the widget settings;
  • Now select “Developer”, and in it “IP Address setup”;
  • Here you will need to enter the required IP address or, if you do not know it, enter and save;
  • Now go back to “Developer”, select “Synchronize user applications” and confirm your choice by clicking “OK”.

Samsung H

To install the application on a TV of this model, you will need:

  • Go to SmartHub and select “Samsung Account”;
  • A new menu will appear in front of you, in which you will need to select “Log in”, and then click on “Sign in”;
  • In the window that opens, you will need to enter the login “develop”. In this case, you do not need to specify a password. It will be enough to check the box and click “Sign in”;
  • Now you need to go to SmartHub, point the remote control at some program, and hold down the middle of the cross on the remote control. Hold it until the sync menu appears;
  • In it, select “IP Setting” and in the field that appears, enter the IP address. Each group of numbers must be confirmed by pressing the D-pad;
  • Call up the synchronization menu again and select the “Start User App Sync” item;
  • You will be prompted to install custom applications, by agreeing to which you can install applications on the main or additional page of the Hub. After the installation of widgets on Samsung Smart TV is completed, you will see arrows informing about it;
  • To see the installed programs, you need to exit the Hub and re-enter.

Series E

Here, to register a user, you will also need to click on the SmartHub button, and then on the red “A” button. You will see the inscription “Samsung Account”. In the free field, enter develop and write down somewhere the password that the TV will generate for you. After that click “Login” and proceed to installation. To do this, you must:

  • Log in with your registered name;
  • Go to the “Service” section. To do this, press Tools on the remote control;
  • Select the item “Development (Developer)” going into the settings;
  • Now select the “IP-address” item and specify the required IP in the empty field;
  • Refresh the list of programs by clicking on “Synchronize user applications” in the “Development” section.

Samsung F

On the Samsung F series, creating a new user is more difficult than on other devices, so let’s take a closer look at this issue. So, to create an account named “Develop” you need:

  • Press the “Menu” or “Misc” button on the touch remote control and go to the menu using the arrows and the on-screen remote control;
  • Go to “Smart Functions”;
  • Now go to your account by selecting it from the list;
  • In “El.p.” write develop, and in the “password” field. sso1029dev !;
  • Check the box next to the “Remember password”, click on the entrance and exit the menu.

Now you can proceed to the installation:

  • Click on SmartHub and go to additional applications;
  • Go to parameters and select “IP Settings”;
  • In the free field, write down the IP address;
  • After that, you need to update the list of programs, for which you need to click on “Start App Sync”;
  • If after that the downloaded programs do not appear in the list, restart TV.

Samsung D series

When installing programs on TVs of this model, you also need to start with the registration of a new user. To do this, press the “Smart HUB” button located on the remote control, and then press the “A” button to enter the menu. Further, the creation of a new user will be no different from the same process described above.

After completing the process of creating a user, you can proceed to installing applications. For this:

  • Click on the “D” button;
  • Go to the “Developer” section;
  • Select “Server IP” and enter in the window that appears;
  • Now you need to click on “Synchronize”. This will install the nStreamLMOD and OVP widget;
  • Exit the installation completely by going to the main menu;
  • Press the “A” button located on the remote control and log out of your account;
  • Now exit Smart TV, and then go back into it;
  • To find installed programs, scroll down the list.

How to install widgets on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV allows you to fully enjoy all the possibilities your TV has. Their quantity and quality mainly depends on the technical characteristics of your device, but you can always expand them by additionally installing the necessary applications or widgets for Samsung 6 and other series.

However, despite all the restrictions, there is still the ability to install third-party applications from third-party sites. The only thing is that it will be quite difficult to install the application from a flash drive, since Samsung has blocked this possibility. But don’t worry. Workarounds exist.

Today we will talk about how to install widgets on Samsung Smart TV of different series, as well as using a flash drive.

Installing and launching widgets from a flash drive

It is worth saying in advance that this option is not suitable for all TVs, but you can try, especially if you have a Samsung 6 series or B TV.

To install the widget on a Samsung Smart TV 6 series from a flash drive, you need to create a corresponding folder on it and unpack the files from the downloaded archive with the program there. After that, you will need to insert the external media into the TV and turn it on. Your application should appear in the general list. At the same time, it will work only when the USB flash drive is inserted into the TV.

D series

Here, too, you first need to register a user. To do this, use the “Smart Hub” key on the remote control, and then the “A” key to get to the settings. Create a user according to the aLGorithm for the previous episodes.

  • press the D key;
  • go to “Developer”;
  • in the menu go to the “Server IP” tab. Enter in the window that appears on the display of the TV receiver;
  • press the Synchronize button, it will launch the installation of the nStreamLMOD and OVP widget;
  • leave the installation window by returning to the main menu page;
  • on the remote control press the “A” button, leave your account;
  • then exit Smart TV and re-enter it;
  • scroll to the bottom to find new widgets.

J series

Installing third-party applications on new TVs will take a little time. And to work, you only need a USB flash drive that supports the FAT32 file system, which can be checked using the Total Commander.

If you need to format USB to such a file system, using the right mouse button, click on the icon, then on the “Format” item. If there is data on the drive, it must be transferred to another device (for example, saved to a PC) before starting the process. formatting will erase all information.

Now on the drive, create a folder where you add the archives with the installed applications. You do not need to unpack files.

Turn on the TV receiver and attach the USB flash drive to it. As a result, the system will automatically detect the files prepared for installation, and the following message will appear on the screen at the top:

Pay attention to the last three words. They talk about starting the installation. We are waiting quite a bit before a new message appears:

Thus, the application on the Samsung Smart TV from the flash drive was installed and loaded into the TV. We are looking for the desired file in the list and launch it by pressing the “Smart Hub” key on the remote control. Now we go to the section “Applications”.

Go to the “My App” section and select our new widget.

When you launch the application for the first time, it will go to the “Recents” folder.

Installing applications for Samsung Smart TV from a flash drive

For such an installation, you will need to make a folder on a USB flash drive, and unpack the files into it from the archive of the downloaded program. Then connect the USB flash drive to the TV receiver via the USB port, turn on the device, find the files in the general list.

Series E

We register the user, as in the methods for the previous series, by selecting the “Smart Hub” and “A” buttons on the remote control. After opening a window with a Samsung account in the field that is not occupied, write develop and the password generated by the TV receiver. Click “Login”.

  • log in using your credentials to the program;
  • use the Tools button on the remote control to go to the “Service” section;
  • in the settings, click on developer;
  • enter the required one in the IP address;
  • update the list using synchronization of custom applications.

F series

For such Samsung, new users are created differently:

  • on the remote control select the Menu key, enter it using the arrows on the remote control;
  • we need Smart functions, go to them, and from there. to the account;
  • in “El.p.” write develop, in the password box. ssо1029dev !;
  • fix the password by putting a tick in the appropriate box, click the “Login” button, leave the menu.
  • press the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control, which will immediately redirect you to the widgets;
  • in the parameters, click “IP Settings”;
  • write the IP address;
  • use the “Start App Sync” button to update the programs;
  • a list of downloaded widgets will open. All that remains is to reboot the device.

Standard widget installation

Samsung has developed a lot of such programs for TV. The reason for this is the open platform. Nevertheless, the company imposes some restrictions on the download of individual widgets, since it is sure that it has provided its devices with enough of them.

However, craftsmen have long found ways to download and install programs from third-party sites.

Since the TV connects to the Internet, you need to go to the Smart TV menu by selecting the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control. In the search box, type the name of the program, activate the search, and then just follow the prompts.

Series H

To install a widget:

Установка приложения в телевизор Samsung (Tizen Studio) Инструкция! Tushkan лучше приложения?!

  • go to Smart Hub, select the Samsung Account key;
  • in the menu that opens, first select “Log in”, then click “Sing in”;
  • in the window that opens, you only need to write the develop login;
  • check the box, click “Sing in”;
  • go back to the Smart Hub, point the remote control at any widget, hold it in the middle of the arrows on the cross. Keep holding until the sync menu opens;
  • go to “IP Settings”, write down the corresponding address there;
  • by restarting the synchronization menu, find the “Start User App Sync” column;
  • TV will ask you to download new applications. If you agree, they will be installed on the Smart Hub pages (main or additional). After the installation is complete, arrows will appear on the screen;
  • to search for new widgets, leave the Hub, then re-enter it.

Series C and B

If you download new interfaces for such TVs, keep in mind that the previously installed widgets, marked with the word “user”, will be automatically deleted. To avoid loss, save the list of files you need to recover, and later download them again.

Before starting the installation of the widget, a new user must be created on these models:

  • press Internet TV, from there you will be taken to the settings menu;
  • the “Develop” user should now be created;
  • install credentials for it.

The installation of the widget is carried out as follows:

  • reboot the TV receiver;
  • click on the “Internet TV” button, then on the “A” button;
  • select the user created before, enter the password for him in the cell;
  • go to the settings of the new widget through the menu;
  • further along the path “Developer”. “IP Address setup”;
  • if you cannot find the IP, fill in the cell with the following combination:;
  • save;
  • go to “Developer” again, click on “Syncronize user application”, confirm with “OK”.

Installing the widget and watching IP TV on Samsung Smart TVs

Now many Internet providers give their customers the opportunity to watch IP TV on their computers for free. And on the network you can find many playlists for watching TV channels through the corresponding programs. However, viewing on a PC is not always convenient, and the size of monitors does not contribute to a comfortable time spent. This raises the question, is it possible to watch IP channels on Samsung Smart TVs, because the standard software does not provide such an opportunity? Yes you can! But for this we need exactly the same missing software, or rather widgets.
There are several options for widgets from different developers, with which you can view playlists, both your own, located, for example, on a USB flash drive, and built into them (network). To open network playlists, many developers ask for financial support of projects, which is actually justified, but they do not limit the viewing of user playlists.
After some research, I chose TheDark SmartTV for myself, so to speak server, program for PC with which the widget is installed on the TV and convenient synchronization of your playlists with TV is carried out. After installing the widget, the use of the program is not necessary, only to update it. You can read more about the possibilities and nuances in the corresponding article on our website.
The installation itself is not complicated, but it requires you to perform some actions with the TV. By the way, installing all custom widgets is similar to this method.

Installing a widget.
And so, all further actions mean that we have installed some so-called server on the computer and followed all the recommendations for setting it up. In this article, I will not talk about setting up each, but the actions with the TV are the same for everyone.

First, we need to create a “DEVELOP” user in TV. To do this, launch Smart Hub, press the red button on the remote control and select create a user and set. user: DEVELOP password: your choice. In 2012 models, this user already exists and a message may appear that such an account already exists.
Now, for further actions, you need to log in under this account, for this we press the same red button, enter (or select from the list) the username DEVELOP. Enter the password (if there was a message earlier that there is such a user, enter any, and remember it) and press enter.
Next, we move on to installing (synchronizing) the widget. We have already entered Smart Hub as a developer, press the TOOLS button on the remote control, then select the settings. development. put a checkbox I accept, we first need to select the server ip-address setting and specify the IP of your computer there, TheDark SmartTV application shows it in the main window, by the way, if you chose this particular program, then you do not need to download the widget additionally, it will be installed automatically.
After all the steps, go to the item Synchronization of user applications and boldly click on it. If everything is done correctly, all applications are synchronized and they will appear in the main window of the Smart Hub.

Smart-Box (Cross) widget for Samsung Tizen OS

Smart-Box (Cross) widget v 0.1.0 for installation on TVs Samsung J, K M, Q OS Tizen series The Smart-Box (Cross) widget presents a huge.

Installing a widget on a Samsung smart TV

Smart TV

Widgets that are designed for watching online movies, series and IPTV television on Samsung Smart TVs J, K, M, Q series, which were released in 2015-2017 and work on OS TIZEN.


NStreamLmod v.6.x widget for Samsung Tizen OS

NStreamLmod v.6.x widget for installation on Samsung J, K M, Q TVs of OS Tizen series The nStreamLmod v.6.x widget presents a huge.

ZFilm-HD Widget for Samsung Tizen OS

ZFilm-HD v 2.0 widget for installation on TVs Samsung J, K M, Q series OS Tizen The zFilm-HD widget contains a huge database of films, TV series.

GetsTV Widget for Samsung Tizen OS

GetsTV widget for installation on TVs Samsung J, K M, Q series OS Tizen GetsTV widget the largest database of films for every taste, updated.

HDrezka widget for Samsung Tizen OS

HDrezka v 3.2 widget for installation on TVs Samsung J, K M, Q series OS Tizen The HDrezka widget contains a huge database of movies, TV series.

ForkPlayer Widget for Samsung Tizen OS

ForkPlayer widget for installation on TVs Samsung J, K M, Q series OS Tizen ForkPlayer widget has a huge database of movies for every taste from hundreds.

Installing a widget on a Samsung smart TV

Installing “SunNet Smart TV” Application on Samsung TVs.

Samsung (platform. Is the release year):
10-12 platforms:
First you need to log in to your account (button A on the remote)
Select in the field Account. Samsung: develop
In the password field: 123456 (any other should work too)
Choose “Login”
Press the “Enter” button
Press the D button on the remote (for some TV models, the TOOLS button)
Select “Setting” (for some TV models)
Choose “Development”
Press the “Enter” button on the remote control
Select “Setting the IP-address of the server.”
Press the “Enter” button on the remote control
Dial the IP address:
Press return on the remote control
Choose “Synchronize user applications”
Press the “Enter” button on the remote control
The application is being updated.

13 platform:
Click on the “Smart Hub” button
Log in to your develop account (Menu. Smart Features. Samsung Account. Login (Email: develop; Password:) Password is usually not needed. If prompted try 123456
On the Smart Hub screen, there is a “Extras” tab. below, you need to click on it
Choose “Param.” in the upper right corner of the screen
Choose IP Settings from the dropdown menu
Dialing IP
Select “Param.” in the upper right corner of the screen
Choose Start App Sync from the drop-down list.

Manual for H series (2014)

Instructions for installing a widget in develop mode for Samsung Smart TV H series
1. Open the TV Menu: Select the Smart Hub item. Next: Samsung Account. Enter.
2. In the menu that appears, select Log in. Enter. Further below: Sign in. Enter. In the window that opens, enter the login develop, the password is not needed. at the bottom we put a tick and click Sign in.
3. Go to Smart Hub. We direct the blue field of the remote control beam to one of the applications. Press the central button-cross of the remote control and hold it until the Synchronization Menu appears.
4. In the menu that appears, select: IP Setting. Enter. Next, a window will appear for entering the numbers of the IP address. We enter all four groups of numbers, confirming each by pressing the central button-cross of the remote control (server IP
5. Then again holding the same button, call the Synchronization Menu again and select the Start User App Sync item. Enter.
6. Next, an inscription about the request for user applications from the server will appear and they will be installed either on the main page of the Hub or on the Additional page, where the end of synchronization (since there is no scale) can be judged by the symbol in the form of arrows in the left corner of the list of installed applications. For the application to appear in the Hub, you need to exit the latter and log in again.

Then the “SunNet TV” application will appear.

Installing Samsung Smart TV widgets from a USB flash drive. The fastest way

Hello everyone! There will be a short post today. And we’ll talk in it about installing widgets from a USB flash drive on our favorite “smart TVs” Samsung. This is a very simple way, it takes less than a minute.

In fact, installing Samsung Smart TV widgets from USB storage, while simple, has one big advantage. With this method. previously installed custom applications are not removed. And this is very convenient.

So, in order to install an application from a USB flash drive, you need to have NstreamLmod already installed. Now follow the link here and download the applications you need. Fortunately, the choice is huge, there is plenty to choose from.

After that, drop the archives of the widgets that you want to install onto the USB flash drive. I draw your attention once again to the fact that it is the archives that need to be dropped. That is, you do not need to do anything with the downloaded files, and this pleases:

Now go to the TV, turn it on and insert your flash drive into the USB connector on the back wall:

Pay attention to the markings of the USB sockets:

  • USB (HDD 5V 1A). serves to connect flash drives
  • USB (5V 0.5A). serves to connect keyboard and mouse to TV

Please bear this in mind. Since if a flash drive or a USB-HDD type disk is connected to the USB connector (5V 0.5A). then they will not be detected in the system.

At this step, enter the Smart Hub menu and launch the previously installed NstreamLmod widget. In its start list, select the “USB Scanner” item:

Then your USB stick:

We see the archives of the widgets:

Click on any of them to start the installation:

Wait for the process to complete:

At this step, the installation of Samsung Smart TV widgets from the USB flash drive is complete! Now exit the Smart Hub menu and turn off the TV.

Then turn on the TV again and enter the Smart Hub. New apps will appear on the homepage, or on the Apps tab on 2013 TVs (F-series):

Please note that all applications installed in this way are marked with the “User” label, that is, user.

Now let’s talk about the nuances of installing widgets on a Samsung TV from a USB flash drive.

First. If you have a trial version of the NstreamLmod application installed and the free trial period has already expired, then using the above method to install the applications will not work.

However, there is a way out and it is very simple. To do this, start Lmod and in the start list select the playlist from “Tsnakemana”:

Then click on the “USB storage” item and repeat the entire procedure described above:

Second. Sometimes, when installing widgets, an error message is displayed:

You should not worry, as a rule, the installation process still goes to the end. After turning on the TV again, the application appears in the Smart Hub.

Well, we figured it out with installing widgets from a flash drive.

Now let’s look at the example of the author of the article, what kind of applications were installed and whether they can compete with NstreamLmod’s playlists.

So, from the archive, the link to which was given at the beginning of the article, the following widgets were downloaded and installed:

First: Musical Clip You:

There are a lot of high quality video clips. All content is divided into categories and sections, navigation is convenient. Good application, definitely.

Second: viewing 3D volumetric photos

Third: Master Karaoke. The name speaks for itself:

This, as they say, is for the soul. Quite a wide selection, there is something to sing about:

It turns out that a microphone is connected to the TV and forward. True, the author himself has not yet tested this application in work, but over time he will definitely do it.

It will be necessary to see how the microphone is connected to the TV set, invite friends to visit for a beer and hang up the neighbors.

That’s all. He told about the most interesting and useful things. Now, installing Samsung Smart TV widgets shouldn’t cause you any problems. But if anything, please in the comments, we will discuss.

And here is the technology of the future for you today. The car parks without a driver.

Installing and configuring the Tizen SDK

First of all, download and install everything you need on your computer. Download and install Java. after it download Tizen Studio with IDE installer. Be sure to download the appropriate 32 bit for your Windows. X86 or 64 bit. X64.

Launch the downloaded Tizen Studio installer, agree to the license, change the installation path if necessary and click Istall. After the installation is complete, click Finish. Package Manager will start, if this did not happen then go to the folder that you installed tizen-studio \ package-manager and run package-manager.exe or PackageManagerV2.jar.

Click install opposite Tizen SDK tools.

Next, click on the Extension SDK tab and click install opposite Extras.

While the Tizen Studio packages are being downloaded and installed, go to the Samsung website and register.

After registration, we find out the IP address of the computer. We go to the Network and Sharing Center. Local network connection (or wi-fi). Intelligence. Your address will be in the IPv4 line.

Moving on to the TV. We go to Smart Hub, then to the Applications section and press the numbers on the remote control 1-2-3-4-5 one by one. In the window that appears, select ON and press Enter, enter the IP address of the computer in the empty field and then click on OK.

After that, the TV will ask to restart. For a more accurate result, turn it off from the remote control and unplug it for 30 seconds.

Turn it on and go to Applications again, the Developer Mode should appear.

We enter on the TV into our previously created account on the Samsung website. Click on the plus sign and enter your data.

Now we find out the IP address of the TV, press the Menu button and go to the Network. Network status, select IP Settings and see the address.

We return to the computer, wait until the installation of Tizen Studio is completed and run it, it is located in the folder where you installed, tizen-studio / ide / TizenStudio.exe.

After downloading it, click on the TV Connection icon, click on Plus, enter an arbitrary Name, the IP of the TV that you learned earlier and click Add.

Push the switch.

Creation of author and distributor certificates. Way

Go to Tools. Certificate Manager.

Next, click on the Plus icon.

Choosing Samsung.

Put a tick on TV and click Next.

Enter an arbitrary name for the certificate.

Enter arbitrary Author name and Password, remember them or write them down, you may need it in the future. After clicking Next, a window will appear asking you to log into your account, click OK.

Enter the details of the account that was previously created on the Samsung website.

After a successful login, just click Next.

Once again Next.

Next, enter the Password, you can be the same as previously created, leave everything else as it is.

If everything was done correctly, a window will appear with a message about creating certificates. Be sure to save the certificates in a different place, it is possible you can get them only once on the TV, the folder with the certificates is located in Drive: \ Users \ Username \ SamsungCertificate.

Creation of author and distributor certificates

Go to Tools. Certificate Manager.

Next, click on the Plus icon.

Choosing Tizen.

Enter an arbitrary name for the certificate.

Without changing anything, click Next.

Next, enter arbitrary data.

Without changing anything, click Finish and OK.

Installing applications on Samsung Smart TV T, R, N, M, Q, K and J series running Tizen OS

In this article, we will consider the installation using the new development environment Tizen Studio, the previous article with the Tizen SDK is outdated, since it was removed from the official site. This installation method is suitable for any device with Tizen OS, Samsung Smart TV T / Q (2020), R / Q (2019), N / Q (2018), M / Q (2017), K (2016) and J (2015) ) series. On J series, after restarting the TV, the application is deleted.

Creating a project in Tizen Studio and installing applications on the TV

Click on the project creation icon, select Template and click.

In Custom, select TV-Samsung v3.0 or TV-Samsung v4.0, depending on which one you have available, click Next.

Web Application.

Basic Project.

Enter an arbitrary Project name and click Finish.

Download and unpack the application for Tizen TV GetsTV or Others. Open the archive with the application files and drag it into the project, agree with everything.

Next, right-click on the project name and select Run As. 1 Tizen Web Application. If everything is done correctly, the application will start on the TV.

Installing third-party widgets on Smart TV (for example Samsung, LG and Philips)

To make Smart TV even smarter, install third-party widgets using a flash drive, ForkPlayer or IP addresses of applications.


Connect your flash drive to your computer.

Open “Computer” and right-click on the drive.

Select “Format”.

Select the FAT32 file system.

Click “Get Started”.

Formatting will erase all data from the drive. It remains to prepare it for installing widgets on Samsung Smart TV.

Create folder “userwidget”.

Download archives with widgets and drop their folder without unpacking.

Connect your drive to your TV.

Installing widgets from a USB flash drive will start automatically and end with the message “Package is done”. After that, a new widget will appear in the Smart TV menu.

Besides, widgets on Samsung can be downloaded by IP address. To do this, press the “Smart Hub” and “A” buttons. Enter the username “develop”. The password will be substituted automatically on all series, except F. on TVs of this series, you need to use the key “sso1029dev!”.

Then you need to click the “Tools” button to get into the settings, go to the “Development” section, mark the “IP settings” line and enter the address of the application that you want to install.

Standard widgets are available on LG Apps TV service. But if there is not one you need among them, you can download and install applications from third-party developers. This is done using a flash drive:

  • Download the archive with the LG widget to your computer. Download applications from trusted sources so as not to harm the system.
  • Check the file system of the flash drive. It must be formatted in FAT32.

Unpack the contents of the archive to the root of the flash drive.

  • Connect the USB stick to the top USB port on the TV.
  • Launch the My Apps application, select the USB icon and open the widget installation file from the USB flash drive.
  • There are several limitations on LG TVs. Widgets are launched only if there is a USB flash drive connected. Some USB storage devices may not be suitable for installing applications, and TVs with only USB ports may not support launching widgets.


    The installation of standard widgets can be done through the App Gallery application, which is located on the main page of Smart TV. If you want to install a widget from a third-party developer, you need a USB flash drive.

      Format the flash drive to FAT32 file system.

    Create a folder “userwidget” in the root of the flash drive.

    Transfer the archives of the widgets with the installation files inside to the created folder.

    Launch Smart TV and connect a USB flash drive to the TV.

    The installation of widgets, the files of which are uploaded to the root of the drive, will start automatically. After the installation is complete, you will find the applications in the SmartTV menu.

    Instead of a flash drive, you can use ForkPlayer to install third-party widgets. We have already told you how to install this application on Samsung and LG. Instructions for Philips:

    Open the network connection settings on the TV.

    Change DNS to

    Wait until the connection is established. If there is no connection, restart the TV.

    Open the MegoGoProgram. Instead, ForkPlayer will work, through which you can install third-party widgets.

    Some Philips TVs run Android OS, so there is no problem installing applications, including third-party ones. widgets are added in the same way as on a phone or tablet.

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