Installation of communication with iPhone update server

Failed to establish a connection with the program of the assistant. Failed to establish a connection with the IPhone update server. Disconnect active VPN

“ITunes cannot check the authenticity of the server”-sometimes the user sees such an annoying inscription, trying to establish Connect between the i-device and PC. Yes, iTunes is a stable service, but not insured from errors.

Fortunately, the above problem is solved in most cases at the program level and any user can cope with its elimination. How? Read this article.

The mistake that will be discussed in this material is not the only problem that arises when working with iTunes, and it is logical that each problem requires an individual approach. However, despite the fact that the Apple support service has developed unique measures to eliminate each problem, engineers also created, let’s say, first aid scheme. Standard errors that need to be made before moving on to individual instructions. We recommend that they start acting if iTunes reports that the server authenticity cannot check.

Reloading the program and gadget, and then a repeated attempt to perform an operation interrupted by an error. The recommendation, of course, is banal, but this does not become less effective. The most ordinary Reset often saves the situation.

Before the procedure

If you are the owner of the version of the “six” with a memory of 16 gigabytes, take care in advance about the availability of sufficient free memory. Keep in mind that even if there is enough to download an archive folder with updates, then when it was unpacking and installing it, it will take a little more. Therefore, try to always leave a small confusion in excess of the specified volume of the update package. If this is not done, an error may occur at any time. The load can be interrupted, the iPhone. Freeze or get stuck in the restoration loop, and at best everything will be done again, at worst. Forcibly restore the gadget, with full loss of data.

Therefore, remember the three main points that must be done before the iOS update: make sure there are enough free space, update to the latest version of iTunes, and be sure to make backups on the computer or in iCloud.

This will minimize the risk of an unsuccessful update. And in the case of a system failure. You can almost without loss restore all your data.

In order to certainly exclude the likelihood of errors, it will not hurt to pre.Update the operating system of your computer, built.In security programs, as well as the installed antivirus. After that, reboot PC to apply all updates, and you can start loading a new firmware on iPhone.

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How to restore iPhone data from ICloud backup

What to do if the Apple check has failed, is there a way to restore files from iCloud directly? To easily receive files from the icloud backup, Fonelab iPhone, data recovery allows you to get a backup iCloud without your iOS device.

  • Open the backup iCloud and view the files in the icloud backup.
  • Remove certain files or the entire backup copy to your computer.
  • Maintain the initial status of your data when restoring.
  • Available for all iOS devices under the control of iOS 15/14/13/12/11 and earlier versions.
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How to restore an icloud backup without iPhone

If an iCloud check error occurs, download and install the iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Then start it and select the “Restore ICLOD” backup file from the backup file.

Enter your Apple ID and password on the right to access all ICLOD backup files. Select the desired backup file and click the “Download” button to get a backup file file.

Note. For example, to restore photos from the icloud backup, go to the “Photos” tab on the left side and look at the photos on the right panel.

Check the files and data that you want to restore from the icloud backup, and click the “Restore” button in the lower right corner. When a request appears, select a specific folder to save the restored files and press the “Restore” again.

Based on the above exchange, you must understand what you can do when you are faced with an error of connecting to the Apple ID server on your iPhone. As you can see, solving this problem is not as difficult as you thought. Even if the error has not disappeared, you can access the icloud backup files using AISEESOFT IPhone Data Recovery. It is not only easy to use, but is also able to view and restore the backup ICLOD without iPhone.

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How to clean the ICLOD storage space when the icloud storage is filled? This article tells how to manage the ICLOUD storage and clean unnecessary documents in the ICLUD storage.

Want to get iCloud Backup for Android devices? Here are some useful ways to synchronize the contents from ICLOUD BACKUP on Android.

How to remove iCloud lock on iPhone 6s / 6 / 5s / 7/8 / x / 4? Still stuck at the entrance to iCloud? Learn how to get around or remove the ICLOD activation block on iOS 15/14/13/12 from this page.

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Iphone data recovery

installation, iphone, update, server

The best software for restoration of iPhone data, which allows users safely restore the lost iPhone / iPad / iPod data from the iOS device, backup ITUNES / ICLOUD.

Why is the iPhone not updated

The iPhone is not updated? Try to update it through iTunes

Despite the fact that the lack of memory is the main reason for the problems of installing iOS updates, others are found:

installation, iphone, update, server
  • Lack of connection with the network;
  • Low connection speed;
  • High load on the Apple server;
  • Low battery charge;
  • Problem installation file.

All these problems can be solved in different ways. If the case is a lack of storage, you need to try to delete all unnecessary data. Go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Storage” and check what takes most of the space. If this is a cache of applications, you can try to clean it. And, if “another”, then it will be best to reset the iPhone to factory settings, and then restore a backup copy. These data will be deleted by themselves, and the place will be freed.

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With the connection, too, everything is plus or minus just. If the iPhone writes there is no Internet, try connecting to Wi-Fi network and download the update with its help. Typically, the speed of routers can be enough to quickly and unreasonably upload a new version of the operating system. If there are no problems with the speed of your Wi-Fi network, but the iPhone screen says that there is a calculation of the rest of the time, or the download does not go at all, try to postpone the update for later. Perhaps the Apple server is currently experiencing an increased load, and this affects the speed.

How to delete iOS update

If the iOS update is loaded, but it is not installed. Or maybe this. You need to try to remove it and download it again. Sometimes it happens that the update was either not completely downloaded, or initially contained some kind of error.

If the update is downloaded, it will be located in the same list with installed applications

Updating or restoring iOS without using iTunes

You need to use iTunes to update or restore the iOS device if you forgot your password and are not blocked, or if the device is in recovery mode.

If this is not the case, then you can update or restore without iTunes using the following actions:

  • Disconnect the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device from a computer.
  • On the device, turn on Wi-Fi Internet. We recommend that you connect to the network, not a modem, when loading software updating.
  • Update devices by going into the settings General software update.

Fix the error of the software updates server using iOS System Recovery

Compared to common methods, to correct the error of updating the iPhone software on the server failed to contact Apeaksoft IOS recovery is easier. Its main functions include:

To diagnose why the software update failed to use advanced technologies.

How To Update IOS on Cisco Switch Part1 || Setup A TFTP Server/Back Config Up/Upgrade IOS

Correct various problems with the iPhone and correct the settings in one click.

Support for eliminating problems with updating recovery mode and DFU mode mode.

Does not damage current data when repairing iPhone.

Work on all iPhone models, such as iPhone X / 8/8 Plus and earlier versions.

Compatible with Windows 10/8/8.1/7 / XP and Mac OS.

In short, this is the best way to fix the errors of software updating and install the latest IOS version on your iPhone.

How easy it is to solve the problem with updating iPhone software

Step 1. Install iOS System Recovery on your computer

Itunes Could Not Contact The iphone Software Update Server because you Are Not Connected To Internet

Download and install the appropriate version of the iOS System Recovery on your computer depending on the operating system. Connect your iPhone to a computer using a USB cable.

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Step 2. Diagnosis of your iPhone in DFU mode

Launch the application and press the Start button in the main intese. If you are not sure, press the “question” icon on the upper tape to find out how to transfer the iPhone into DFU mode.

Step 3. Eliminate the problems of updating iPhone software in one click

Fill in the information window with the model of your iPhone and the main information, and then click the “Download” button to get the firmware. The application will correct your iPhone automatically after boot. Here you can also find out how to get more memory for iPhone.

Apple often releases software update for iOS to present new functions and fix errors. However, if you receive a message that it is impossible to contact iTunes with the iPhone software update server, you will not be able to get the latest IOS version and new functions. Fortunately, you can learn about the elimination of problems in this guide. In addition, we shared several alternative solutions to update the iPhone when updating errors in iTunes.

IOS update is not installed. Causes

The iPhone is not updated? There can be many reasons, but they are all solved

installation, iphone, update, server

The main obstacle that does not allow many users to upgrade to iOS 15 are errors called “Update Checking Confusion” and “Update Installation Failure”. As it should be clear from the name, the first error arises at the stage of searching and loading the update, and the second at the stage of its installation. However, they arise for the same reasons:

  • Not enough memory on iPhone
  • Loading takes a lot of time (high load on the server)
  • There is no access to the update server (poor connection to the network or block from the operator)
  • Low level of battery charge

The methodology for eliminating these problems, despite the fact that they are different, are actually the same. You need to install iOS updating not directly with the iPhone, but using a third.Party tool. But the tool itself can already change. We will describe all the most convenient, and you will already decide what is right for you.

How to update iPhone via iTunes

It’s a pity that this method did not help. The iPhone still gave an error, although about 6 GB was available for installation of updating instead of the required 4.04 GB. Therefore, it was decided to use iTunes (I know that there are no more, but I’m still sitting on MacOS 10.14, and I have it).

When updating through iTunes, the installation file is downloaded in the computer memory, not the smartphone itself

The last method of forced updating the iPhone through iTunes helped. Most likely, the problems were really in a lack of memory. And the update through the computer on which the installation file was loaded, everything decided. Therefore, if you are faced with the same problem as in my case, you can try to immediately upgrade using a computer. This, as practice has shown, is the most effective way.

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