Install Windows on the Lenovo laptop from the disk

How to install windows 10 on a laptop?

I recently installed Windows 10 on the new Acer laptop, took a photo of a step.By.Step installation, and decided to write detailed instructions. This guide is suitable for all laptops: asus, hp, del, lenovo, samsung, and t. D. The differences from my actions will be minimal. And I will definitely write about them and explain everything.

I installed Windows 10 on a laptop from a flash drive. Just on my Acer laptop there was no CD/DVD drive drive. Now it’s already normal. Than laptops have a compact drive drive. On netbooks they definitely are not. The process of installing from a flash drive itself is practically no different from installing the operating system with a DVD disk. This means that it doesn’t matter which manufacturer you have a laptop, it is new, or it has already been installed on it, no matter what drive you will carry out the installation. Following my instructions you will succeed. We will consider the process from recording the image of Windows 10 to a disk or flash drive, until the desktop appears.

How to enter and configure the Lenovo G500, G505 BIOS laptop for installing Windows from a flash drive or disk

Consider how you can enter the Lenovo G500/G505 laptop BIOS to configure it to install the Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system with a USB medium (flash drive) or disk.

Turn on the laptop. A flash drive or disk should already be installed in a USB port or CD/DVD drive, respectively. To get into the laptop BIOS, you must often press the combination of “FN” “F2” buttons during loading.

The Windows 8 operating system is installed on our laptop model, so you can immediately let you go to BIOS, and problems may arise. Problems usually arise if the operation of the Windows operating system has been completed incorrectly.

To go to BIOS in this case, you need to wait for the operating system loading. The loading icon will appear on the screen and starts to spin. See the image below.

After that, you need to press and hold the button for turning on the laptop for about 5 seconds. The laptop will turn off.

Turn on the laptop again. We often begin to press the combination of “FN” buttons “F2”. Now the problem should be solved.

After we entered the BIOS, we go to the Boot tab of the main menu. If you have an ordinary flash drive, like ours, then in the first line “boot mode” the value of “UEFI” is changed to the “Legacy Support” value. To do this, press the Enter button and in the contextual window that appears, select the right value.

Now the tab window will change, a new line will appear. “Boot Priority”, in which by default “UEFI First” will be valid. We need to change it. To do this, click on the “Enter” button. In the menu contextual window, select the “Legacy First” value.

Next, go to the EXIT tab The main menu BIOS. Here, with an active (highlighted white) line “Exit Saving Changes”, click the “Enter” button. A context window will appear, asking if we really want to go out and save changes? Press the “Enter” button.

At the beginning of the system loading, we start again quickly and often press the combination of “FN” “F2” buttons. We enter the BIOS. We switch to the already familiar Boot tab The main menu.

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On this page we find a block of lines under the title “Legacy”. This is a list of devices located in the order in which the computer will contact them in search of the operating system for downloading.

Since we will load the operating system from the flash drive, we need to raise our flash drive in the list on the first line. Now it, as can be seen in the image above, is on the third line (USB HDD: USB Disk 2.0).

To raise it above, we will switch to this line and use the combination of “FN” buttons “F5”. (Combination of “FN” buttons “F6” lowers the selected device according to the list).

Now we go to the EXIT tab The main BIOS menu and press the Enter button twice to save changes. The laptop again goes into a reboot.

But after the start of the new load, the laptop will begin to use the operating system located on the flash drive.

When using the CD/DVD drive to load the operating system, we carry out all the same actions, only instead of the USB device, in the list of devices, we raise the device located in the CD/DVD drive in the list of devices.

Loading via boot menu

As I already wrote, this is the best and simple way. To open a boot menu on Lenovo laptop, you must immediately press the F12 key to actively click on the power button.

The menu opens in which you need to choose our drive.

As you can see, in my case, two USB drives are displayed in the loading menu of the Lenovo laptop. One with the inscription “Efi USB Device”. First, try to choose the drive that without EFI (in the screenshot he is at the very bottom). This is if you are going to install Windows 10. Otherwise there may be problems with installing Windows 10 on an MBR section.

After choosing and pressing the Enter key, the laptop will be loaded from the flash drive. Provided that you correctly recorded the flash drive.

If the Boot Manager menu cannot be opened through the F12 key, then use a special button with an arrow. Which is probably on every Lenovo laptop. Sometimes it is located next to the power button, and sometimes drowned into the case (as in my case).

It needs to be pressed when the laptop is turned off. Then, select “Boot Menu” in the menu. You can also go to BIOS from there.

And already in the boot menu to choose your drive, as I showed above.

Eh, youth! Someone else uses Windows XP?⁠ ⁠

In this brief essay, I will share my first gadget (namely mobile, before that I had a Vector-06C in the late 80s, and a standard PC on Windows), behind which I spent a fairly large period of time, and with which I only associate me pleasant memories Looking a little later I will say that after I had to “sell” it, but after time I returned it again.

Back in 2007, I acquired the first laptop-it was the HP Compaq NC6320, which was based on the 32-bit operating system Windows XP Home Edition.

At that time he had more than suited me.

Immediately after the purchase, I climbed to demolish the axis restoration section, broke the Hard when installing the Windows on “C” and “D” (then this had to be done first). Naturally, the OS itself went to the first disk, and the second for everything else.

After the successful procedure for rolling the axis, I installed all the programs that were relevant for me at that time: Skype, Alcohol 120%, Nero Burning Rom, Daemon Tools, ICQ, Mail Agent, Tula for downloading from coarse and so on.

In the year 2015, I “sold it” to one friend, who later successfully gave him to his friend.

Time passed and in December 2021 I wanted to return it. Nostalgia tortured or something? Indeed, thanks to this laptop, in 2006, I met my wife, with whom we have already had two children.

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In January 2022, he nevertheless returned to me back. A little battered, but still mine!

How to Install Original Windows 10 On Lenovo Ideapad S145 Laptop | Move Windows 10 From HDD To SSD

First of all, I unscrewed all the screws from the back, took off the clavat, got to the processor, processed thermal, cleaned the cooler, etc.

It turned out that many screws are no longer there, some “ears” are successfully broken by the former craftsmen. The battery has already become unusable during this time. All labels are torn off. In general, after all the necessary procedures, I started the next step.

I, like in the old, are like-installed Windows XP and rolled all the drivers he needed.

After I decided to sag on the network in search of a laptop of the same model on spare parts. I could not find in Runet at that time. I found on ebay one German in excellent sustain. Bought, and after a while he was already with me.

On the left is my laptop purchased on the right on ebay.

My handsome with a fresh axis is Windows XP Home Edition. License! (I have already forgotten what the activation of Windows is by phone)) But I had to remember and activate. Also pleasant memories.

But its brief characteristics. I changed the RAM to the line for a large year in 2008, probably.

This is already a German laptop. Windows XP Professional should be default on it, but for some reason he decided to roll on a laptop with 2 gigs of RAM Windows 7 Ultimate, also 64-bit.

Turned it on today. Dulls. It will be necessary to roll back “Piggy”.

Look like that’s it. If you have any memories regarding your first gadgets, then it is made to Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

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How to install Windows 7 on Lenovo G50-30

Go to the office of Lenovo and download the latest version of the firmware for the BIOS Lenovo G50-30. Here is a link to the site http: // www.Lenovo.Com/ru/ru/

To download the firmware for the BIOS Lenovo G50-30, you need to go through the above link and select Support Section in the Site hat

A falling menu will appear in which we choose support for Lenovo and Think products

How To Fix Lenovo Boot Loop, Restarting, Stuck Loading, Stuck Diagnosing PC

We fill out the shape. Indicate the series and model of the laptop and click cross.

In the window, the component select BIOS. In the window operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit) click BIOS Update why Windows 7 (64-bit), and on 32-bit there are simply no firewood.

install, windows, lenovo, laptop

Latest version of the firmware for the BIOS Lenovo G50-30 downloaded. Difficulties with BIOS firmware should not arise. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installer. The laptop should work from the network. BIOS settings do the default.

Clean the hard drive of the laptop from all sections on it. I just installed the Windows 8 boot image in the drive and putting the BIOS priority for the system began installing the system. I reached the selection of the OS installation section and removed all sections on the hard drive, leaving the unreasonable area.

Reinstallation of Windows on laptop

When we are talking about reinstalling the Windows on the laptop, we mean the wrong process that occurs on the desktop PC. Each model is a unique device with its own set of components. Hence the difficulties: after installing the system, you will need to find and install drivers designed for a particular laptop.

In fairness, it is worth noting that the laptops have one huge plus. If the factory system was not replaced by “its own, more convenient”, then we have the opportunity to use “native” programs to restore. They allow the OS to roll back to the state in which she was at the time of purchase. At the same time, all drivers are preserved, which saves us from the need to search for them. In addition, in this case, the installation carrier is not required, since the disk already has a special section containing files for recovery.

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Next, we will consider two Windows reinstalls.

The computer is simple

Do not switch to personalities, even with a dispute, “which is better Intel or AMD”.

Curses, expressing emotions, but again, not to the opponent or interlocutor.

Separately for Linux witnesses: you are glad to be here, but you also have a wish to be easier and more understandable for you.

Not misleading obviously incorrect and harmful tips, even joke. If you want to joke, mark it in a commentary by adding the word “joke”, or in another understandable word, so that in the future this comment was seriously perceived seriously.

In the published post, it is strongly recommended to indicate the configuration of PC (laptop) and the operating system. As well as brands and models of components.

Indicate the Tags “Computer” “Laptbook” “Software” “Computer assembly” “Operating system” “Driver” “Components”.

It is amazing that it took you several days!

And you can act even more beautifully and create your own Istalization set/image using native MS to plunge the ADK/DISMI time XP Concept of custom.Made firewood on the installer did not change

I went through a similar story when PC collected. Only there, the USB connectors did not work, they needed drivers, and in order to install them, it was necessary to insert a flash drive, t.To. I didn’t buy a drive for a disk)

What kind of fagot disc Lenovo put there that the installation officer does not see him?

Or Windows was a curve image? With the removal of “extra” components.

It is written interestingly, but moron memes are probably not for the technical post.

Eh. Did not put Windows NT 4.0 :-)))) Since that time, little has changed 🙂 Only there there was a text mode, and after the first reboot during the installation, it was necessary to press F4 at a certain moment, while there was no message that it was necessary to press F4. And if there are no drivers for the disk controller, then the further installation in most cases fell into BSOD, and the drivers were supposed to lie on the disk a: \

And what settings in the BIOS, you can’t tell? Otherwise he does not see a flash drive (

install, windows, lenovo, laptop

So much text, about a banal driver. And if you were smarter, you would have stuffed it into a distribution and you would not have to choose it manually.

For the first time I hear that for installation dozens of the Rapid Storage driver needed.

Stage 5: Settings after installation

After the installation of Windows 7 will be performed, it is necessary to perform a few more actions to set up the system in order to go directly to its use.

    Immediately after installation, a window opens, where you will need to prescribe a computer name and create the first user profile. In the field “Enter user name”, enter the arbitrary name of the profile (account). In the field “Enter the name of the computer” also make an arbitrary name PC. But unlike the name of the account, in the second case, the introduction of the characters of the Cyrillic alphabet is not allowed. Therefore, use only numbers and Latin. After completing these requirements, click “Next”.

Installation of Windows 7 is not very difficult. The installer intenster is quite simple and intuitive, so even a beginner should cope with the task. But if you use the leadership from this article when installing, this will help you avoid all kinds of difficulties and problems that may nevertheless arise when performing this important procedure.

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