Install Windows 7 On Computer

Install Windows 7 On Computer

The Windows 7 operating system has been and remains the leader among the installed OS around the world, despite the growing popularity of the new “Ten.” Coverage of the beloved operating system is more than 55% of all computers on the planet. And users often wonder how to learn how to install the “Seven” on their own.

The OS itself is nothing more than a simple, complicated program, but it is a program that can be susceptible to various kinds of hacks and hacker attacks. Computer hardware also does not last forever, and when upgrading or replacing faulty equipment, it is often necessary to reinstall the operating system.

In the period from the summer of 2015. During the year there was an update to the “top ten”, and at the end of the period this update was already mandatory. Users could not refuse it. And many forced owners of the new product want to return their beloved, stable Windows 7, but, unfortunately, do not know how to do it.

Features reinstalling Windows

This article is about reinstalling Windows 7 on computers and laptops, for everyone who does not know how to do this, or is afraid for the first time to reinstall Windows 7 on their own.

The article awaits you:

  • A detailed description of the installation itself is a step-by-step instruction;
  • Images of installation progress and subsequent settings;
  • Tips and tricks for installation.

Preparing to reinstall Windows

First of all, you need to take care of the safety of important data: copy all photos,s and documents to a reliable storage, it can be a removable medium or a cloud. And if your OS does not boot, you can try to boot from the Live CD to copy the data. Or connect an external hard drive and remove the necessary files from your drive.

Reinstalling Windows, in this case we will talk about the “Seven”, is very simple.

If everything is clear with the boxed versions: you pay money. You get a ready-made image, then in the case of a purchase on the network, you must first prepare this downloaded image, that is, write it to a USB flash drive or disk.
The most common image recording program is UltraISO. The utility is free and easy to use, and the network is full of information on how to prepare bootable media for installation on computers.

Set boot priority in BIOS

Conditionally. We prepared the image, now it needs to be installed on the computer.

  1. To do this, insert the media into the computer, if it is a flash drive, then it is better to insert it into the connector on the back of the case,
  2. Turn on the computer or restart it.

In BIOS, you must first configure the boot priority from a flash drive or disk. To do this, when rebooting, you must actively press one of the function Most often it is.”Delete” for computers and “F2”. But there may be another key, you can find out more accurately from the prompts on the start window when loading the OS. In the form of such a line.

“Press DEL to enter Setup”

In this case, the key was used on the computer “Delete” to boot BIOS.

  • Here we select our drive with the recorded image and click “Enter”, then. “Esc”,
  • Next, we need to configure the boot order from the media, that is, set its priority,
  • We go to the section “Boot device priority”,
  • Click on “First boot device” and again. “Enter”, here we indicate USB or disk.
  • In more modern motherboards, the interface is usually graphical, but it’s easy to figure it out. Just look for sections “Boot” (download) and “Boot device priority” (download priority).

    Loading a USB flash drive or disk with an image via the Boot menu

    This manipulation is needed only once, and after installing Windows, it will be necessary to return everything to its place. Instead, you can just when rebooting, at the moment when information about the installed memory appears on the screen, press the enter key in the Boot menu. These are usually keys “F11”, “F12” or “Esc”, but not always. Again, there is a hint on the startup screen of the download. In the window “Boot menu” select your media drive or flash drive and click “Enter”.

    Start of installation of Windows 7

    1. When a message appears on the screen, press any key on the keyboard to install Windows 7. Click,

    The Windows download process will begin. This picture will notify you about this on the screen,

    An installation window will appear in which we select the language,

    Next will be another window of language and regional settings. We leave Russian everywhere, or change to the language that you need and click “Further”,

  • In the center of the next window is a button “Install”. Click on it.
  • What bit depth OS to choose 64 or 86

    Next, choose which version of Windows 7 you want to install. Here you can also select the bit depth.

    1. In the next window, you should familiarize yourself with the license agreement, it is not easy to leaf through and agree, and read, do you know what data you trust under Microsoft under this license agreement? And what if you don’t like it and in that case it would be better for you to refuse to use this product. Mark the item “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and click “Further”.

    We are interested in the full installation, so we select the second tile (Full installation of the new version).

    Formatting the hard drive when reinstalling Windows 7

    When reinstalling Windows 7, you need to format the “Locally Disk” on which you installed Windows. Otherwise, the OS will be installed on top of the old system, and the files of the previous OS will be placed in the Window old folder and will only take up space on your hard drive.

      We select the Local disk for installation of “Windows”, format it and click “Further”. The remaining drives and reserved partitions must not be touched. Otherwise, you have to format the entire hard drive,

  • During the initial installation, the hard drive is clean, here you need to press the button “Disk Setup” and create the necessary number of “Local drives”.
  • For example: you have a 100 GB disk, and you need to create a partition for installation on 50 GB. We write in the window the necessary size of the future system disk and click “Apply”. For the remaining space, create a second or more Local disks. When creating a new partition, the system will warn about the creation of additional reserved partitions.

    Clean installation of Windows on a computer

    1. Next, install Windows, copying and unpacking files. Here you need to wait until the installation is completed, usually the process lasts 25-30 minutes,

    Then the computer will restart,

    Here you no longer need to press anything on the keyboard as at the beginning of the installation. At this point, when rebooting, it is advisable to remove the USB flash drive or disk. If you changed the boot priority settings in the BIOS, the installation process may begin again. Therefore, we remove the media and wait for the computer to continue the installation. All files are already on the hard drive and no removable media is needed.

    When the input window for the name of your account and computer name appears, the name of your account can be any, but the computer name must be entered in Latin. We click “Further”,

    Here you can set the password for your account,

  • In the next window, you need to enter the activation key, it is indicated on the box with the disk or flash drive. If you downloaded the image from the Internet, then you can activate Windows 7 after installation. In this case, enter the key input field, do not enter anything, and uncheck “Activate Windows when connected to the Internet”. We click “Further”.
  • Installation Complete. Activate and Configure Settings

    1. In the next window you have to choose whether to install updates immediately or after installation. If you select the recommended options, you will need an active Internet connection to download important updates. If there is no connection, select the third item (Postpone decision).

    Set the time zone time and date.

    Next, select the network to which the computer will subsequently connect. The subsequent configuration of Windows depends on this.

  • Windows completes the settings and the desktop opens.
  • Next, you will need to install drivers and utilities, but that’s another story. Enjoy your surfing the Internet, comfortable work, and a healthy PC.

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