Install Windows 7 On Computer

Install Windows 7 On Computer

In this article I want to make a small digression. I am writing this article one of the very first in this god. I decided to start my blog by writing several articles in which I will outline various options for installing the currently dearly beloved windows operating systems that are beautiful for their graceful Apple products, as well as the brainchildren of various GNU / Linux communities.

The topic of this article will be entirely devoted to the simplest possible way to install Windows 7. Installation from a disk that contains the distribution package of the operating system. We will divide all the work in steps and will clearly follow it. Thanks to this detailed instruction, everyone can repeat all the steps without much work.

So, let’s start the installation!

Preparation for installation

This section will be useful for those who are going to reinstall the Windows 7 operating system. “Clean” computers or laptops, you can skip this step, everyone else should carefully read this section so that subsequently the joy of the new installation does not overshadow the sorrow of lost data, such as a multi-year archive of a family photo album or a collection of favorite films and music.

First of all, you have to prepare your computer or laptop (I’ll just say computer later) for working with new software. To do this, you need to remember what important information is stored on your computer, then you need to copy it to a place protected at the time of installation. It can be a flash card, hard drive or any portable storage device of sufficient size to save all your data. You need to search for such data on the local drive of your computer in folders with photos, my documents and on the desktop. If you are an experienced user, then to save information, you can use the free space of the second local disk, if any, in the system.

Where to get the installation disk

Suppose you have already decided which language of the Windows 7 system you are interested in: Russian, English, French, and so on. Think in advance about the language of the Windows 7 operating system in advance. Good practice. It is unlikely that you need a system with English if you do not know it. Of course, later it will be possible to establish any language you like, but why would you immediately complicate your life.

I offer several options for finding the image of the installation image of Windows 7.

  • We get Windows 7. At the same time, you get a licensed copy of windows, which will not cause problems with system updates, activation and does not contain unwanted software that can be preinstalled in a custom image. About it further. In addition, you will have the opportunity, bypassing the upgrade phase to Windows 8, immediately upgrade to Windows 10, and with it completely free.
  • OEM delivery of a disk with Windows 7. This means that the installation disk is included with your computer or laptop. The advantage is obvious. Nothing needs to be purchased additionally. The downside is that usually this delivery contains a stripped down version of windows, for example, Windows 7 Starter or Windows 7 Home Basic.
  • Download the Windows 7 image. This method is more suitable for an experienced user who understands the basic principles of the Internet at the level of an ordinary user who can download a file. We download the installation image of Windows 7 of any edition we are interested in and record it using a special program for burning discs. You can download a similar image on any torrent tracker or forum known to you. It is highly undesirable to download custom windows builds. Assemblies in which users changed at their discretion some features of the operating system, for example, thematic design or added some set of useful programs.

Programs for recording. Alcohol, Ultraiso, Burnware free, Nero burning rom, Clone cd; You can download from the official website of the developers, which is easily located on the Internet. We will talk about how to record an image later.

Burn Windows 7 distribution to disk

The downloaded Windows 7 image must be unpacked, if archived, to the file type with the extension iso or nrg or dmg or any other image extension.

We need a clean (new) drive DVD-R or DVD-RW already recorded, which we can clear. I will talk about burning a disc using an example Burnware free, understand the intricacies of recording other applications you, I hope, will not be difficult.

1. Download the distribution package from the official website

2. Install the application and run:

3. Push “Burn ISO”:

4. Next, indicate the location of our image file on the disk of the local computer:

5. Next, select the write speed of the disc. I recommend choosing the lowest possible one for your drive. The less you specify the multiplicity of the recording, the longer the recording will take. For example, the average long-term recording of an OEM image Windows 7 Home Basic on 4 it will be from 15 to 25 minutes, depending on your DVD-ROMa. Agree, this is not such a big waste of time. But the recording quality will be optimal and during installation the prepared disc will not show you unpleasant surprises.

6. In the same window, select the type of disk, in our case DVD 4.7GB and press the button “Write down”.

After the recording is completed, we receive a message about the successful completion.

Windows 7 installation process

Turn on the computer and insert our Windows 7 disc into the DVD-ROM drive. Immediately after starting the computer, we hold down the magic key combination for selecting bootable media. This combination may be different for different computer manufacturers. Call Boot menu can be done with F12 or F10 or F9. For laptops, the combination may be different. The most popular models are shown in the following table:

Manufacturer / Device BIOS version Boot menu key
Mat. MSI boards AMI F11
Mat. Gigabyte boards Award F12
Mat. Asus boards AMI F8
Mat. Intel boards Phoenix award Esc
Mat. AsRock boards AMI F11
Asus laptops Esc
Acer laptops Inside h2o F12
Acer laptops Phoenix F12
Dell laptops Dell F12
HP laptops Esc. F9
Lenovo laptops AMI F12
Packard Bell laptops Phoenix secure core F12
Samsung laptops Phoenix secure core Esc
Sony Vaio laptops Inside h2o F11
Toshiba laptops Phoenix F12
Toshiba laptops Inside h2o F12

After pressing a call combination Boot menu choose our DVD-ROM. Boot menu as well as key combinations can also be different, for example, these:

Your task is to choose the keys Up and Down DVD device. To do this is quite simple, you just need to find a record among the list DVD.

If the DVD device is selected correctly, but after pressing the key Enter you will see the boot screen Windows is loading files.

Next, wait until the Windows Setup Wizard downloads files and install the initial language settings. If you have an image with Russian localization, then leave all the default settings and go to the next step, if your image contains several languages, select the one you are interested in and click Further.

To start the installation wizard, click on the button Install:

We have come to an important step. Selection of the Windows 7 edition. If your disk contains several editions of Windows, but at this point we select the one we need to install now. If you purchased a disk or image with the Window 7 system, it is important to choose the edition whose serial number you were given at the time of purchase.

The input of the serial number in Windows 7 can be performed at the last stages of installation. But you can not enter the key. To enter it, you will have 30 days from the date of installation of the system, i.E. Starting today. You can enter the key in the system properties (Start Menu. Computer. Properties).

Read and agree to the license agreement and click Further.

In the menu, select Full installation:

Next, you need to select the hard disk partition for installing Windows 7. Here it is important to choose the correct installation partition, given the item on Preparing to install this article. Indeed, if suddenly you have several sections, and some of them contain important data for you, you should return to the very first step of this article and familiarize yourself with it again. Come back?

To split and prepare the disk, click Disk setup:

Good practice. Format the partition on which the operating system will be installed. Therefore, select the section with the future system on click Format.

The installation wizard for our security for unreasonably deleted data honestly warns that all information from the section that is formatted will be deleted:

After formatting is completed, press the button Further and expect the installation to finish. In the process, the system will restart several times. Do not be alarmed, this is a very expected reaction to the installation of some components of the kernel system and their settings.

On average, the installation process takes from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the computer. Next, go to the last stage.

System Settings

Immediately after installing the system, enter the user name and computer name:

Enter the password and a hint to it at will, and click Further. If all fields are left blank, the password will not be set. This means that each time the system boots, the desktop of the user specified in the previous step will automatically boot.

In the next step, enter the serial number, which was discussed above. I repeat, you can skip this step. If you have a laptop or netbook with Windows 7, then the serial number is printed on its back cover:

Next, you need to select the computer protection settings. For most cases of using a computer, I advise you to accept the recommended settings, which include settings for system updates, Internet Explorer, and more. Next, set the time zone, date and time. If the operating system managed to determine the network card of the computer, then you will also be asked to select the network location parameters. If your computer is at home, select home network. At the end of the installation, the user desktop should appear.

On this, the installation and initial configuration of Windows 7 can be considered complete.