Install whatsapp web on Android

Installing WhatsApp messenger on your Android device

The easiest way to get WhatsApp messenger on your Android device, as, indeed, any other popular application, runs through the available to most users of the considered OS directory of software from Google. With this approach, the installation of the WhatsApp client can be done using both the means of the device and remotely from a computer, and the only condition is to log in to the account of the “corporation of good” on your smartphone.

  • In any mobile web browser, click on the following link. If this is not possible, open the Google Play Store, enter in the search field WhatsApp and navigate to the messenger page by tapping its name (WhatsApp Messenger with the developer. WhatsApp LCC) among the results the system gives out.

WhatsApp Messenger offers End-to-End encryption for iPhone and Android users

The client now refuses to send unencrypted messages. End-to-end encryption extends to group chats and voice calls on Android and iOS platforms.

A cryptographic security systems specialist under the pseudonym Moxie Marlinspike said: “The Open Whisper Systems team is trying to make personal communication as easy as possible. Last year, we announced a partnership with WhatsApp and began integrating the Signal protocol into the product, moving toward end-to-end encryption.

The encryption technology is based on the Signal protocol, which has been implemented in all types of WhatsApp communications over the past year, including chats, groups, group chats, attachments, voice memos and voice calls.

The app will notify users when end-to-end encryption is available. According to the developers, the integration is fully implemented, and users of the latest versions of WhatsApp already benefit from end-to-end encryption when sending messages and making voice calls.

WhatsApp client notifies users that their chats have become encrypted.

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Starting today, users will see notifications on the talk screen as their individual and group chats become encrypted. Encryption status will also be displayed on the chat settings screen.

The latest WhatsApp update adds a new feature that allows users to be notified each time they change the security code for a contact.

Renowned cryptographer Moxie Marlinspike and WhatsApp also promise that over the next year, they will continue to work with clients for other platforms to improve the security and privacy of communications.

Downloading the app on Nokia

Blackberry brand, so popular in the U.S. among businessmen and politicians, for some reason is still not very popular here. Perhaps because of the no longer familiar push-button keypad as in the 9900 and 9700. Or perhaps just because of the inflated price, which sometimes outpaces the iPhone. Regardless, you can also download WhatsApp for these phones from the BlackBerry World store:

Here we’ve looked at almost all the versions of Vastap that are available for download to phones. If you can’t find your model, leave a comment specifying it and we’ll try to provide a download link just for your device.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web. is a more limited version than the desktop client or smartphone version, but it has various benefits that can be useful to many users:

One account on two devices

Using WhatsApp Web. the only possible way to use the same user account on two different devices. You can communicate on your cell phone and, for example, continue your conversation on your computer.

In any case, keep in mind that in order to work properly, both devices must be on and close to each other, otherwise synchronization will be interrupted.

Type faster

Using the web version, especially if you’re doing it from a computer or device with a physical keyboard, you can take advantage of using the keyboard. Typing speed on a physical keyboard is usually (pardon the tactile typing speedsters) faster than on a mobile device’s virtual on-screen keyboard. There is more space, and it directly affects our typing speed.

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Share everything much easier

Because it allows you to quickly share links from the clipboard or files posted on your PC, it’s very easy and quick to pass them on to any contact. In addition, the drag-and-drop function of the mouse simplifies all these actions.

install, whatsapp, android

Save battery life

It is true that both devices must be turned on, be close together, and connected to the network to be able to sync the app and the site, but after that the smartphone screen may remain off. This will save you battery power, and quite a lot of it, since WhatsApp is usually one of the most frequently used apps and therefore consumes a lot of charge.

No installation required

WhatsApp Web does not require installation. Thanks to the web version you do not have to install anything on your computer and therefore do not occupy its memory. This also makes it useful regardless of the operating system and device type you use: with a browser, you can use WhatsApp Web even on tablets. If your computer isn’t yours, you can use WhatsApp Web without making changes in the bowels of your system.


Because the app and site data are synchronized, each new message or call creates a notification in the web version that you can see immediately. You can tear your eyes off the screen with no problem as the website itself offers you notifications.

The best tricks or tricks of WhatsApp Web

Here are a few tricks to work with WhatsApp Web and take full advantage of its features when using it:


Keyboard shortcuts. is an easy way to simplify the use of WhatsApp Web. With practice you will learn them, and with that you can increase the speed of moving between chats, reply to messages, or use any other supported features. Here’s a list of keyboard commands that apply to WhatsApp Web:

  • Ctrl N: create new chat.
  • Ctrl Shift ]: Go to the next chat in the left menu.
  • Ctrl Shift [: go back to the list of chats.
  • Ctrl E: use this command to archive the chat.
  • Ctrl Shift M: mute the chat to not receive sound notifications.
  • Ctrl Backspace: use this keyboard shortcut to completely delete the conversation.
  • Ctrl Shift U: Mark messages as unread.
  • Ctrl Shift N: create a new group for chatting.
  • Ctrl P: access to your user profile.
  • Alt F4: close the chat window.

Attach files

One of the biggest benefits you get when you use WhatsApp Web. is the simplicity it offers for sharing files. True, when using the web version, some functions like sending audio files or locations disappear, but for everything else it’s easy. In this sense, you will take advantage of Windows Explorer and your knowledge of organizing files and folders on your computer, where there is obviously a lot more space and you store a lot more stuff, not to mention the number of possibilities that open up through external hard drives.

If you click the paperclip icon in the upper right corner, it displays a list of file types that you can share, such as images from the gallery, photos taken at that very moment, documents or contacts.

Menu to attach files

The best part. If the file is supported, you can skip this step and drag and drop files directly into the conversation to share them.

You can drag and drop attachments

Read messages without displaying the double blue check mark

This is probably one of the most useful tricks, although it’s more a result of chance than a feature conceived by the creators. When you receive a new message, instead of clicking on the conversation in your chat list to enter it, hover over the message for a few seconds: you can see a preview of the text without entering the chat, preventing read reports from being displayed.

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Previewing messages without displaying the double blue check mark

Multiple accounts across multiple browsers

If you have more than one WhatsApp account with different numbers, there’s nothing stopping you from opening them all at once. Take advantage of the incognito window, or open another browser to configure and access additional WhatsApp accounts.

How to use WhatsApp Web on your smartphone

As we said before, WhatsApp Web is designed for PC, but there’s nothing to stop us from using it on a smartphone. It’s worth noting that in order to pull off this trick you need to have another smartphone at your disposal.

The reason is that if you try to scan the photographed BIDI code on the same smartphone, the WhatsApp application itself will open for you. Hence, we need another smartphone or any other device where WhatsApp is not installed.

  • Open WhatsApp Web on the second smartphone.
  • Activate desktop mode.
  • Scan the BIDI code on your main smartphone (with WhatsApp installed).

Done! This way we can use WhatsAppWeb for the main number on any other smartphone. The main advantage of this usage is the ability to have several chats open at once. In Telegram, for example, this option has been available for a long time. WhatsApp, on the other hand, lags behind, as always.

It’s also worth noting that WhatsAppWeb is not optimized for mobile devices, so you’ll probably need to use it with your smartphone horizontally.

How to get WhatsApp on your computer

Since WhatsApp is only capable of working on multiple devices at once quite conventionally, you’ll need a smartphone to connect to WhatsApp Web. And it’s not only and not so much for authorization, but also to keep WhatsApp Web running.

You can only connect to WhatsApp Web with a smartphone

To connect to WhatsApp Web, you need to scan the QR code

It is very important that your smartphone remains within line of sight of the computer running WhatsApp Web the whole time. This is a prerequisite, because the mobile device in this case is a kind of hub, through which messages are sent and received, and then simply relayed to the web version and displayed in the browser.

Since all messages with all content go through your smartphone, which has to relay them to your computer, be prepared for the traffic to be consumed. That’s why it’s best to connect to WhatsApp Web when your phone is within range of the free Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, the load will fall on the mobile Internet, which most users do not have unlimited.

Benefits of WhatsApp:

One of the advantages of the application is that as soon as a new person who you have in your contact list. Download WhatsApp for free and install it on your phone, you will receive a notification that this user is now also available for conversation via WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp syncs with your phone contacts
  • Using WhatsApp all calls will be completely free, regardless of the location of users.
  • Saving of Internet traffic by sending images in a compressed format.
  • In WhatsApp you will be able to share not only images, but also documents of different formats.

Developers carefully read user feedback. check and fix bugs that are pointed out to them. In some cases, they ask the person who left an unflattering comment about the messenger. Write a detailed email to their email account to find out if many users are having a problem or if the problem is with that particular person. This kind of technical support from WhatsApp is a very good indicator of their attitude towards their audience.

  • can be downloaded on Android phones
  • install whatsapp over the internet
  • versions of the application are available for installation on tablets
  • can be installed on Android with your number
  • supports video without programs
  • works on all new phones
  • all files and contacts in the memory of the device and in the cloud
  • Convenient chat mode for users
  • Possibility to make calls to any region
  • A convenient program for exchanging data and messages

On the downside, unfortunately WhatsApp doesn’t have the same amount of stickers as, for example, Telegram or Weber. Also WhatsApp has not as strong encryption as other programs of this type. Otherwise, WhatsApp is pretty much perfect.

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On our website you can download WhatsApp for free via direct links from official sources. You don’t have to thank us, happy to try!


WhatsApp Messenger (WhatsApp, WhatsApp). is a program for communicating with other users by sending SMS messages for free between the dialed contacts on your smartphone. To send a text message requires only the Internet. Downloading the application on your smartphone. Turn on the installation file. After downloading, open the application (internet on). Dial your country code, your own number and double-click “OK” to make the application send a message to your smartphone for the final verification of the number (SMS will be sent according to the tariff network).

After the final verification of your number, enter your name, a snapshot for your profile and press the “trail” key at the top of the screen. After that, the text “Welcome to WhatsApp” will appear!” and information that you can use WhatsApp absolutely free for a year, and then only half a dollar a year. Click on the “Next” button, and then you will see the signature “Welcome! To start a conversation with the selected contact who also has WhatsApp, click on the icon in the upper right corner.”. No need to be intimidated by the fact that the list will not show all the contacts. Recommend the application to your acquaintances and have them download it to their own smartphone as well. At this point, the installation of the application is complete. To send messages on WhatsApp, select the person with the phone number to whom you want to send a message. Type your messages and click on the send button.

By pressing the button in the menu section you can change the status so that everyone knows what you are doing at the moment: in full access, in class, at work, the battery is low, can’t talk, in training, resting, or you can type the status you want. You can also create a multi-person chat here. When talking on WhatsApp you can: send various pictures, audio content, contacts, location, read the necessary data, use the search for messages, dial a subscriber (at the expense of the mobile operator), blacklist the other party (blocked users can not send, see the status and correspond with you), completely clear the history of correspondence, send a chat by mail, add the desired contact directly to the desktop smartphone.

In the WhatsApp settings, you can: send a request to those. program support, see information about the WhatsApp application, blacklisted numbers, correspondence statistics, tell a friend about the application, disable use of hidden numbers, change profile login, font size, delete your own account, make a copy of correspondence (backups), edit notification.

Features of WhatsApp

Android smartphone owners have already experienced the benefits of this app. Key features include:

  • Free calls and SMS. Only the Internet connection is used, not the voice minutes and SMS of your data plan.
  • Creating group chats. So you’ll always be in touch with your family or friends.
  • No usernames or passwords. WhatsApp integrates with your address book using only your phone number. No more having to remember or write down endless logins and passwords that often end up getting lost.
  • You are always in touch. Even if you close the app, it will notify you if someone sent you a message.
  • Wide range of interesting emoticons.
  • Messages are stored even if you’re offline. They will be delivered when you reopen the messenger.
  • Lots of useful settings.

Communicate in personal correspondence or create group chats, share your experiences and feelings. On our website you can now download WhatsApp for Android for free.

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