Install Whatsapp On A Windows 7 Computer

Install Whatsapp On A Windows 7 Computer

The popular WhatsApp messenger is most often installed on mobile devices. smartphones and tablets. However, some are uncomfortable using mobile clients. they are used to always use only a personal computer. Here we will look at how to download for free WhatsApp Messenger in Russian, installation methods on a laptop or desktop PC running Windows 7. the most popular and stable version of this operating system.

The following methods are available for a computer on Windows 7: Vatsap Portable (there is no installation file, it is used “as is”); Vatsap Web (browser version, it is recommended to use the latest releases of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera); WhatsApp Desktop. The latest version of the boot file can be downloaded here:

We will take a closer look at the desktop version. To download the Vatsap option for Windows 7 for free, in addition to the computer itself, we need a smartphone with the Vatsap already installed.

Installation Instructions

Initially, we must make sure. what bit depth of the Windows operating system of our PC is 32 or 64 bit. To do this, on the desktop, right-click the “Computer” icon, select “Properties”. In the window that opens, we find the section “System Type”. there will be indicated the bit depth of our Windows 7. From the proposed installation options, you must select the appropriate one for your parameters.

On this page of our site you must click the “download” button to download the distribution package of the program. The official Russian version of the program will be downloaded for free from the official website of Vatsap. After the process is complete, the installation file will be located in the “Downloads” folder. To open the folder, at the bottom of the screen we find the Explorer icon, click. In the upper left corner of the screen we see the necessary section “Downloads”.

We start the installation of the program, go through the initialization, perform all the traditional WhatsApp requests, a QR code appears.

We take the phone on which the application is pre-installed (we already told you how to download WhatsApp to the phone for free).

We enter the application menu, find the WhatsApp Web menu item and scan the QR code with the camera of the smartphone.

We start WhatsApp, we wait while devices are synchronized. To avoid unnecessary expenses of mobile traffic, it is better to use Wi-Fi for data transfer. After synchronization, the computer will have access to messages sent by Vatsap earlier via the phone. You will also see a list of contacts.

Installation and synchronization are complete, the application for Windows 7 is ready to use.

The advantages of the desktop version

It should be noted that the desktop version has several advantages. for example, it is much easier to type text here (for many, it is more convenient to use a PC to work with text); more comfortable watching photos,s (due to the larger screen size); there is no need to constantly be distracted by the phone, especially when it is difficult. say, at work. All messages sent from the computer will be automatically displayed by the phone.

As you can see, downloading Vatsap for free on a computer is easy. Now communication will become even more accessible, convenient, enjoyable. You will appreciate the opportunity to exchange photos,s, text messages from anywhere where there is Internet.


Decided to download WhatsApp for Windows 7 computer? Then you have come to the address. Billions of messages are sent every day by users of the WhatsApp application from their phones, and now it can be done from any computer or tablet running Windwos OS.

The popularity of Vatsap for Windows 7, for any mobile and desktop devices is growing every day, and thousands of new users install the application on their gadgets. Therefore, you do not lag behind the present, but be sure to install and download WhatsApp on your computer.

How WhatsApp works on Windows 7 computers

Below to all users, we present detailed instructions that will help you quickly install the WhatsApp application on your Windows PC, completely free. Screenshots will clearly show which options to choose in programs during installation. So how do you download Whatsapp on Windows 7 for free and launch the app?

  1. First you need to download the emulator, and then install it.
  2. Install BlueStacks on your computer, leaves all the checkboxes by default.
  3. Now download the WhatsApp APK application on your computer here. A file will appear in your downloads WhatsApp.APK. this is the application itself, which we will use.
  4. After downloading the file, click on it 2 times, and wait until the installation process passes:
  5. Open the messenger and start registration:
  6. Select your country, Russia or another, and enter your mobile phone number (valid):
  7. We agree and click OK:
  8. Now be patient while the program will send an SMS code with confirmation to activate. As you guessed, the code will not come. because you are not using a phone, but installing Whatsapp for Windows 7. We wait until the slider reaches the end:
  9. Now the installer will offer to use voice communication in order to pass the code to you. Click call me. Accept the call and enter into the window the code that the girl will dictate to you in a sweet voice:
  10. That’s all ! Activation successful:
  11. Now you can use the messenger WhatsApp on the computerrunning Windows 7/8:

Attention: the official version of Whatsapp for the computer has been released

For your information: after activating Vatsap in the Bluestacks emulator, you will lose activation on the phone, so if you want to use the messenger on your PC and phone, we suggest you use the new service Whatsapp Online. The main advantage of this WEB service is that you simply go to the messenger directly through the browser. To activate the utility, you will need to read the barcode from the monitor screen.