Install Program On Android From Computer

How to copy an application from a computer to a smartphone and install it? Do I have to go to Google Play (Market)? The answers to these questions are in our article.

Install Program On Android From Computer

What should I do if there is very little traffic on the mobile Internet, but I urgently need to download and install the application on a mobile device with Android OS? It would probably be nice to download a program or game to a regular personal computer, and then just copy it to a smartphone and launch there.

We will provide some convenient ways to install applications on Android from a computer

We will provide a couple of convenient ways to install applications on Android from a computer.

Method 1. We bring everything to InstallAPK

After you download this convenient utility to your PC, you will have an enviable opportunity to install applications on Android devices directly from your computer. This software is perfectly combined with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

All that is needed is to run the program and connect the phone or tablet via USB. In the smartphone’s settings menu, we enter the “Security” section (“Applications” for older versions of the OS), where we put a tick in front of “Unknown sources”.
In English: Settings. Application Settings (Security). Unknown Sources.
Next, double-click on the apk file previously downloaded to the computer, after which the installation will be completed.

If even after this the installation did not happen, go to the smartphone’s settings, select “For Developers” and check the box “USB Debugging”.

For the program to work, sometimes it may be necessary to install special drivers, which you can download for free from the developer’s site.

By the way, you can download the application for Android, which a priori comes with such an extension, not only on the Google Market. Popular games and programs for smartphones based on the above OSes can be found on our website.

The only drawback of InstallAPK. in that this program does not work with all phone models. And if your device turned out to be in a small number of such unlucky smartphones, then you will use another method that reveals how to install programs from your computer on Android.

Method 2. Installing the application through the built-in browser

In order for method number three to function, we need to install a file manager. We choose ES Explorer, but you can install any other.

Why do we say “to work the next way”? Due to the fact that for continuous use this method is too long and inconvenient, and by installing the proposed application, everything will be done in a few clicks.

So, we connect the device to the computer and copy the apk file to the root of the memory card. Next, disconnect the cord, start the browser and enter content: // or
file: ///sdcard/ ApplicationName.apk (depending on the version of your OS).

Method 3. Work for ES Explorer

For this method, we need the useful ES Explorer program. This is a file manager that allows you to view all the folders located on your smartphone or tablet. But the main thing is that it can be used to copy or move files from the device’s memory to an SD card and vice versa, as well as install games and programs on an Android tablet or smartphone.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:
1. install the ES Explorer program on the smartphone;

2. connect the smartphone to the PC and copy the desired apk-file to the smartphone’s memory from the computer;

3. disconnect the device from the computer and launch ES Explorer in the smartphone itself, find the apk-file and double-click on it to install the program.

Method 4. Gmail not only receives mail

This is a very convenient and original way to install the program on Android, which only a few users know about, but, judging by its complexity, we can say. outrageously light.

So, we send the message to our gmail-mail, attaching the apk-file to the letter. Opening it through the Gmail application, we see that the Install button appeared opposite the attached file (the application automatically detects the file).
By clicking on the button, you download and install the application.


Note that if you do not install applications from GooglePlay, the window “Installation is blocked” will appear on the smartphone screen.
The fact is that for security reasons, it is forbidden to install applications from unknown sources on the device. In this case, we do the same as at the beginning of the first method.
We select: Settings. Personal (Security). Unknown sources. After that, such an operation as installing the game on Android from a computer or other methods will become quite available.

Also, do not forget: so that when the smartphone is connected to the computer, the latter has access to the smartphone’s memory, open the shutter on the phone, click on “USB connection established”, where you need to click “Turn on USB storage”.

As you can see, the first method will be the easiest, but due to the fact that the program does not work on many computers and there are compatibility problems, it is not suitable for many users.
The second method will be universal, but very inconvenient.
The third method is suitable for any device, but here you can not do without the previous one. The latter method seems to have no shortcomings, but it will be useless if there is no Internet connection.