Install netflix on Xiaomi TV

The Netflix streaming service, localized for Russia in October 2020, will be required to broadcast 20 domestic TV channels from March 2022. According to TASS with reference to the head of the Internet Radio Association Alexei Byrdin, this was the result of Netflix being included in the register of audiovisual services (ABC) at the end of December 2021 at the initiative of Roskomnadzor.

“The service will be obliged to comply with the requirements of Article 10.5 of the Law “On Information…”, including its latest additions, for example, to distribute 20 federal TV channels,” Byrdin said.

The list includes channels of the first and second multiplexes. Among them are Channel One, Russia 1, TNT, Spas, NTV, Mir and Zvezda.

It’s only begining

Birdin noted that before Netflix was added to the register of audiovisual services, this list included purely domestic companies. Netflix becomes the first foreign service in this registry.

According to Birdin, a number of foreign streaming services should be included in the registry. He listed Apple TV, Crunchyroll, and the Google Play app store.

“The ice has broken,” Byrdin said. He also added that Internet Radio welcomes the initiative of Roskomnadzor to add Netflix to the ABC registry.

Additional difficulties

Netflix, and subsequently other foreign streaming platforms, will have to agree to a number of conditions dictated by Russian law. According to TASS, the head of the Telecommunications Committee of the Association of Software Developers (ARPP) “Domestic Soft” and the general director of the company “Automatic Radio Electronic Systems” Nikolai Mikhailov told TASS that it will be necessary to use Russian-made software to broadcast the channels of the first and second multiplexes.

How to Install Netflix on an Android TV Box

Mikhailov emphasized that only software included in the Russian register of domestic software is suitable for this. “Such a measure would allow not only supporting Russian software developers, but also developing the country’s technological independence,” he added.

TV channels are not limited

Adding Netflix to the ABC list imposes other obligations on it, in addition to the need to broadcast Channel One programs to its users. Current Russian legislation requires that the primary owner of ABC be exclusively a Russian legal entity. Foreign companies and private investors can control only 20% of the authorized capital of the service.

Netflix as of December 29, 2021 did not meet this requirement. In this regard, the service, if it wants to continue working in Russia, will first have to register a Russian legal entity, and then find a partner who will receive an 80 percent share in it.

Byrdin emphasized that Netflix could bypass this requirement. To do this, he needs to apply to the government commission for a special permit to own a 100% stake in a Russian legal entity.

We add that on January 1, 2022, the law “on landing” of foreign Internet companies comes into force in Russia. It obliges them to register on the Roskomnadzor website and open their representative offices in Russia. Disobedience is punishable by severe sanctions.

How Netflix was “recruited

Roskomnadzor announced the inclusion of Netflix in the ABC register on December 28, 2021. In Russia, the service operator is Entertainment Online Service LLC.

“Online Entertainment Service has ensured compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of Russia, necessary for inclusion in the registry of audiovisual services as the owner of the Netflix audiovisual service in Russia. Roskomnadzor has entered the Internet service into the ABC register,” company representatives told Izvestia.

According to Vedomosti, the inclusion of Netflix in the ABC registry was sought, among other things, by the Internet Video Association. It includes the largest Russian online cinemas (Okko, Ivi, Megogo, etc.) Representatives of the organization, like Byrdin, believe that other foreign streaming platforms should also be included in the register.

Netflix first appeared in Russia in January 2016. However, for almost five years, Russian users were forced to pay for it in foreign currency and use the English-language interface. Also, there was almost no Russian-language content on the service. At the beginning of 2020, the service offered just under 1,000 films and series dubbed into Russian, and about 2,000 more content items included Russian subtitles. For comparison, more than 8,000 films and series were available in English at that time.

In the second half of 2020, a decision was made to localize Netflix for Russia. The first reports of this appeared in September 2020. The Russian partner of the service was the National Media Group (NMG), one of the largest media holdings in Russia. The Entertaining Online Service company, founded in the summer of 2020 with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, is 100% owned by NMG. The launch of a full-fledged Russian version of the service took place in October 2020.

To change the language of your account, go to the Netflix website and click on the profile menu in the top right corner. Select Account from the list that opens and scroll down to find Language under My Profile.

To do this from a web browser, first go to and click on your profile in the top right corner, click “Your Account”. On the next screen, scroll down to Settings and tap Sign out of all devices. Now click “Sign Out” and your Netflix account will be disconnected from all devices.

Russifying the Netflix website is very easy in your account. Go to the profile menu, in the My profile tab, scroll the list that appears to the line Language and set the desired language. Then save your changes.

Netflix is ​​an American service that allows you to watch movies and series online. Netflix is ​​the largest and, one might even say, the most popular service for watching TV shows in America (and in the world). As soon as you pay for a subscription, you will be able to watch the most popular TV shows and movies.

If your internet is down, Netflix won’t work. Make sure Wi-Fi or cellular is turned on and that your device hasn’t been accidentally put into airplane mode. Also, try other apps to see if they can connect to the internet. Restart your internet connection.

  • Determine if your TV has Smart TV technology.
  • Connect your TV to your home network.
  • Open the application list on the TV.
  • Select the Netflix App.
  • Sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Find and play videos with the remote.

What you need to watch NetFlix on TV

To watch NetFlix content on TV, you need 3 things: registration, Internet access and a service client application.

We have just dealt with registration. As a rule, owners of Smart TV do not have any difficulties with access to the global network.

Ordinary TV users will have to get a media player for this.

The NetFlix app is available for download from your TV’s content stores. In particular, for Smart TV and Android media players on Google Play. for Tizen OS (Samsung). in the Tizen Store, for webOS. in the LG store.

In addition, the TV can be connected to a computer or mobile device as an additional monitor and broadcast an image to it via cable or over the air. About what these technologies are and how to set up a connection, F1comp told earlier.

When connecting a TV as a second monitor, it is enough to install NetFlix only on the transmitting device. such as a phone or tablet. And if the source is a computer, then you can get by with the web version in the browser.

Sign up for NetFlix

Creating a NetFlix user account will definitely cause difficulties for those who do not understand English. Yes, despite the fact that the service officially came to our country 2 years ago, it has not been translated into Russian. But this only applies to the interface. The bulk of films, TV shows and other things have Russian-language dubbing or subtitles that can be selected in the settings.

The registration process is best done in the browser version of NetFlix or in the application on the phone, as it is quite lengthy. Doing it on TV is very inconvenient.

  • Choose a tariff plan. There are 3 of them here. The differences between them are only in the quality of graphics (screen resolution level) and the number of devices on which you can download content. The limit on the number of devices does not mean that some of the materials will not be available to you. A user of any tariff can watch everything, except perhaps on all devices. You can change the selected plan later.
  • Next, the service will ask for payment details. Do not be alarmed, the first payment will be written off in a month, but for now this data will simply be saved. If anything, unsubscribing is available at any time. And renewal too. Choose a convenient payment method. Visa / MasterCard or PayPal, and fill in the fields.
  • Account created. Check if your details are entered correctly. If you wish, save a phone number that will help restore access to the service if you forget your password.
  • Create profiles for family members who will use NetFlix with you. Including children. A total of 5 profiles are allowed. Each of them will have their own list of preferences and recommendations, and children will also have a ban on access to materials with age restrictions.
  • Next, you have to choose 3 films, series or shows that you like the most. Based on this, NetFlix will select personalized content for you.
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Now registration and initial setup are completed. The main work is behind, and small additional changes can be made already on the TV.

What is shown here?

The NetFlix streaming service, unlike traditional Internet TV, not only broadcasts the products of third-party film companies released for hire, but also films its own. over, content newly added to the collection becomes available all over the world at the same time, and not in turn, as is usually the case. By the way, serials and multi-episode shows here also come out at once for whole seasons.

Here’s what NetFlix subscribers think are worth watching in 2018:

  • The second season of Mindhunters.
  • The third season of “The Eighth Sense”.
  • Season 6 of House of Cards.
  • The series “Altered Carbon”.
  • The series “Castle Rock”.
  • Thriller “Hold the Dark”.
  • Historical action “Apostle”.
  • Western “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”.
  • Comedy “Stories of the Myrowitz Family”.
  • Fantastic thriller “Annihilation”.
  • Multi-series cartoon “Squirrel and Strelka: secrets of space”.
  • Multi-series cartoon “Pirate School”.
  • Fantastic animated series “Three below”.
  • Animated series with elements of the thriller “Ship Hill”.

And this is only a small fraction. Everything on NetFlix is ​​enough for several years (!) of continuous viewing.

How to Connect, Set Up and Watch NetFlix on Smart TV and Regular TV

Alas, what has always seemed interesting, once becomes commonplace. Even the popularly beloved “Battle of Psychics” and “Comedy Club” on TNT Premier sooner or later cease to be breathtaking. Have you noticed such changes in yourself? So, it’s time to change the television repertoire. switch to something new and no less exciting.

We continue our acquaintance with streaming media services. So, meet: NetFlix is ​​a popular American streaming resource with a huge database of diverse content for every taste and age.

Setting up an account

NetFlix allows you to change any user account settings, from email to subtitle display settings.

To access the changes section, enter the main menu of your account and click the “Account” item.

The top part is “Membership Billing”, contains basic user data: email address, password and phone number (if saved).

Below is the bank card number or PayPal account from which the monthly payment is charged by default. And on the right. buttons for changing the payment details “Update payment info” and access to information about all payments “Billing details”.

Even lower is the field for entering promotional codes and gift card numbers to receive a discount. Unfortunately, NetFlix gift cards are not yet sold in Russia, but in the future, most likely, they will be.

XIAOMI TV 4S V57R 43″ Smart TV Netflix APK Installation

The second part of the settings panel. “Plan Details”, shows your current tariff plan. To change it, click “Change plan”, select the appropriate option and confirm the decision by pressing the “Continue” and “Confirm Change” buttons.

Next comes the most voluminous section. “Settings” (Parameters). Here are configured:

  • Feedback options. “Communication Settings”. Among them, you can choose which mailings you want to receive from NetFlix. about service updates, new movies, fresh reviews, and more. And also. configure the delivery of messages to a phone number or refuse all mailings and notifications by checking the box next to “Donotsendmeemailsortextmessages”.
  • Permission to collect your personal data for marketing purposes. “Marketing Communications”.
  • Parental control. “ParentalControls”. It will be useful if there are minor children among your family members. In this section, you can set the age level of the user (what content will be available to him), as well as prescribe the names of films and programs that will be opened only with a pin code.
  • Consent to take part in testing new functions of the service. “Test participation”. Enabled by default.
  • Manage media download devices from NetFlix according to your Manage Download Devices plan. If you change the device listed here to another, all content downloaded to it will be deleted.
  • The activation section of the device to which you are going to download content. “Activate Your Device”.
  • Last user activity. “Recent device streaming activity”: date and time, geographic location (country, city, ip-address), devices used.
  • Sign out of the account on all devices. “Sign Out of All Devices”.

The last section of the settings panel. “My profile”, contains the individual settings for your profile. Including:

  • Playback options. “Playback Settings”: video quality and autoplay episodes on the main page.
  • “Subtitle Appearance”. display and format of subtitles: font, color, letter size, background, etc.
  • Viewed content and your reports of problems with it. “Viewing activity”.
  • “Ratings”. the ratings that you have set for the viewed materials.
  • “Manage profiles”. button to go to the user profiles control panel.

Select content to view, add to playlist, put likes

The entire collection of service materials is divided into headings. There are 4 of them in the standard section:

  • TV shows. television shows.
  • Movies. movies and series.
  • Recently added. recently added.
  • Mylist. user’s personal playlist.

In the headings and “TV shows” and “Movies” there is a genre selection menu: Action, Crime, Documentaries, Comedies, Horror, Trillers, etc.

You can see what kind of materials the headings are filled with on the page below, where each genre is represented by miniatures of films in the form of a tape.

The “Kids” section also has a category menu. Among them are two main ones: “Characters” (characters) and “Origin” (names of cartoons and programs), as well as one additional one. just a list of genres without a name.

In addition, both in the main and in the children’s section there is a search bar where you can enter the name of the film, genre, or the names of actors and characters.

To read a brief description of a movie that attracted attention, like or dislike it, and add it to the playlist, click on its thumbnail (tile) 1 time. If you simply hover over the tile, the same miniature buttons will be displayed on top of the tile and a small piece of video will scroll.

We create user profiles. Choose movies and voice language

Children on the left, adults on the right

Collections of standard and children’s NetFlix content are located in different sections of the service. By default, the standard. adult section is displayed. To go to the nursery, click the “Kids” button in the top bar next to your profile picture or in the menu that opens when you hover over it.

To switch from the mode for children to the standard, press the button “Exit Kids” in the same place.

Setting up profiles

To create a new user profile, click the “Manage Profile” button in the account menu. Then in the panel that opens, click “Add Profile”.

Enter the username and check the “Kid?” box if it’s a child.

To change the settings of an already created profile, click on the desired avatar in the “Manage Profile” panel. Here, in addition to the user name and the “child” mark, you can select the interface language (Russian, unfortunately, no) and the age category of the available content: “For little kids only” (for babies), “For older kids and below” (for children older), “For teens and below” (for teenagers) and “All maturity level” (no restrictions).

Change the language of dubbing and subtitles to Russian

By default, the content is voiced in the original language (mostly in English). To switch to Russian, start playing the selected movie (show, series), click on the icon circled in the screenshot in the bottom panel of the player, and select “Russian” in the “Audio” column.

In the absence of Russian dubbing, you can turn on Russian-language subtitles (“Subtitles” list). Fortunately, they are present in most NetFlix movies and series.

How to unsubscribe from NetFlix

To cancel your subscription to the service, open your account settings and click the “Cancel Membership” button.

Next. “Finish Cancellation”.

Then mark the reason why you decided to unsubscribe.

Cancellation will be made after the end of the current billing period. Access to the service can be restored at any time. Account data with content and settings is retained for 10 months after unsubscribing.

Here, perhaps, are all the main points that dot the e when using NetFlix. And if you have other difficulties, welcome to the Help Center. a section of answers to frequently asked questions on all the functionality of the service: from paying for a subscription to solving typical problems with watching videos. Of course, everything here is also in English, but it’s not so difficult to understand what’s what. In extreme cases, an online translator will help you out.

How to use Netflix on Xiaomi Mi Box

In this article, you will learn how to watch Netflix on Xiaomi devices, as well as how to set up and sign out of an account. If you do not know if Netflix is ​​working on your device, follow the steps in the Set up Netflix section.

Netflix is ​​available on select Xiaomi streaming players. On devices that support Netflix streaming, the following features are available.

Netflix is ​​available on Xiaomi devices in the US, Europe, South Korea and Taiwan.

Navigation On most devices, you can browse the movie and TV series rows, including the My List video row. Each row represents a category of content, such as comedies, dramas, or series, depending on what you’ve watched before.

Resolution Most devices support streaming Netflix in HD quality with a fast internet connection. These devices can play Netflix content at the highest supported resolution.

Parental control You can set parental control for individual profiles.

Subtitles and alternate audio tracks Learn how to enable subtitles, captions, and alternate audio tracks (including 5.1 surround sound) available for many movies and TV shows. On many devices, you can change the appearance of subtitles and captions. On some devices, subtitles and captions are not displayed or their appearance cannot be customized.

To connect your Xiaomi device to your Netflix account, go to the home screen and select one of the options below.

What batteries are in the Xiaomi remote?

Features of Xiaomi Bluetooth Remote Control

Main characteristics
Color Black
Nutrition battery type CR2032
physical characteristics
Dimensions 150.738.412 mm

Mi Remote is a special Android program (or rather an application) for smartphones from Xiaomi, with which you can control home appliances through your phone. TVs, game consoles, air conditioners, all kinds of players. all this will work through Mi Remote and your Xiaomi phone.

Install and Play NETFLIX on Mi TV 4/ 4A /4C/ 4X /PRO

First of all, open the application itself. in our case, it is located in the “Tools” folder.

  • Then click “Add Remote”.
  • A list of devices appeared.
  • Select the manufacturer of the device.
  • Point your smartphone at the device and follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Once configured, the app can be used as a remote.
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“Mi Remote” or “Mi Remote” is a system application of OS MIUI. It is used to emulate the operation of the remote control. The application remotely controls electronic devices of various companies, the list of valid devices is constantly expanding.

  • Open the settings of the smartphone, look for the section “Wireless networks” and the item “Additional functions”.
  • Now click on the item “Wi-Fi Direct” or “Wireless Display”.
  • Activate the function of displaying an image over a Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn on the appropriate option on the TV and find your smartphone

Open the appropriate function on your TV to activate Miracast. On a Xiaomi smartphone running MIUI 11, go to “Settings” and find the line “Connection and Sharing”. Activate the switch of the “Broadcast” item, and confirm the inclusion of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the smartphone.

  • For smartphones with MIUI firmware: Open “Settings” → “Advanced” in the block “Wireless networks” → “Wireless display”.
  • For smartphones with “pure” Android: Open “Settings” → “Display” → “Broadcast”.
  • Select the name of the TV from the drop-down list.

To change the language of your account, go to the Netflix website and click on the profile menu in the top right corner. Select Account from the list that opens and scroll down to find Language under My Profile.

Netflix unveils list of recommended TVs for watching the video service Netflix announces the results of its TV Recommended Programme, including LG 4K UHD TVs running webOS 3.5, Samsung Smart TVs 7, 8, 9 and Q series, and Sony Android TV.

  • Connect TV and media player with cable.
  • Connect your gadgets to mains power.
  • Hover the remote control over the “Source” section.
  • There, find the exit where the player got access.
  • When the player menu appears, set it to view.
  • Now you need a smartphone or tablet Android, Apple.

We open the Netflix website, find a large button that says “Join free for a month” (Free subscription for a month) and press it with all our might. After this procedure, click “Start membership” (Start a subscription), and you’re done. now you have free Netflix for a whole month.

How to download and install Netflix on unsupported terminals

If you have just bought a new Android terminal and have been frustrated because you cannot install Netflix by downloading it officially from the Google app store, see the example I leave to you on the video of Xiaomi brand terminals bought in Spain, such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Plus or many other terminals of Chinese origin, do not worry, because, as I told you before, everything in this life is a decision, and more than that, as an Android device user.

And this is in order to download and install Netflix on any type of Android terminal, smartphone, tablet or even TV Box, we just need to download the source APK file of the application from outside by clicking on this link.

From this APK mirror page, you will be able to get the version of Netflix you need for your Android terminal model, We can even download the latest beta versions or stable versions of Netflix depending on our personal interests.

Once downloaded, it is as easy to install as first enable permissions to be able to install apps from unknown sources or unknown sources and then click on the app you just downloaded to open the Android package auto installer and install the Netflix app on your Android. In this practical video tutorial, I will show you how to enable this option in different versions of Android.

Here’s how easy it is to be able to enjoy Netflix on your Android, which was originally shown to us as an unsupported terminal for official installation from the Google Play Store.

Most importantly, this downloaded application is the same official and original application without manipulation that you can download from the Google Play Store.

How to install Netflix on unsupported devices

If you bought a new Android terminal and were unpleasantly surprised that when you went to download Netflix from the Play Store, you are met with a small red sign “Your device is not compatible with this application.” Don’t worry, because since almost everything in Android has a solution, today I will teach you how to download and install Netflix on unsupported terminals in a very, very simple way.

So, now you know that if you want to be able to enjoy the original Netflix app, which is still not officially available in the Play Store for your device model, then I recommend that you continue reading this post, which I even include you in. video tutorial explaining step by step how to unofficially install Netflix. You can also bet on free plus and get yourself out of trouble.

How to Install Netflix on Your Mobile (Official Method)

In order to be able to enjoy Netflix on our Android device, a phone with this operating system version 5.0 and higher is required for its proper use. The provider allows you to create up to 5 profiles per account, so it will be possible to create one for each family member.

First we will access the Play Store of our device, we will search for Netflix and once we find it we will download it, this step takes a few minutes before installing it and creating direct access on the phone’s desktop.

  • Connect TV and media player with cable.
  • Connect your gadgets to mains power.
  • Hover the remote control over the “Source” section.
  • There, find the exit where the player got access.
  • When the player menu appears, set it to view.
  • Now you need a smartphone or tablet Android, Apple.

Open the “Apps” item on the Android TV desktop.

  • In the menu that opens, select ” apps”.
  • Next, click on the image of the magnifying glass and enter “Pufin”, this is the web browser for your Xiaomi Mi TV.
  • Click on it and install.
  • Then you can open the app and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

The application file must be downloaded from the Internet and transferred to the console. Then run it and install the application on Mi TV Stick. Since there is no USB on this set-top box and you won’t be able to download the application via a USB flash drive, the easiest way is to transfer the APK file of the application file through the cloud.

Open the Google Play Store (it is in the list of installed applications). In the search, we write (or use the head search) Browser, or Browser. The top two apps on the list are the Puffin and TVWeb Browser browsers. Choose any browser and click on the Install button.

To change the language of your account, go to the Netflix website and click on the profile menu in the top right corner. Select Account from the list that opens and scroll down to find Language under My Profile.

Netflix unveils list of recommended TVs for watching the video service Netflix announces the results of its TV Recommended Programme, including LG 4K UHD TVs running webOS 3.5, Samsung Smart TVs 7, 8, 9 and Q series, and Sony Android TV.

  • On the desktop of the TV, tap on the inscription “Applications” marked with 9 dots.
  • In the window that opens, go to “Additional Applications”.
  • In the search menu, enter the word Puffin. This is a browser for your TV. Next, tap on the Puffin icon and complete the installation.

Once the program has downloaded, you can start using it. Data in Puffin can be entered both via the remote control and via voice commands (if supported by the TV).

Installation from Google Play

Google Play is the official app store for Android devices. Here you can download hundreds of programs to your TV, including browsers. Next, we’ll show you how to do it.

Installing Yandex.Browser on a Xiaomi TV

Yandex.Browser is one of the most popular Internet navigators in the CIS. And although the TV version of the browser has a simpler look compared to the computer one, it has all the necessary tools for searching for information, viewing multimedia content and more.

To install Yandex.Browser, follow the simple instructions:

  • Open the Google Play store on your device.
  • In the search bar, enter Yandex.Browser or Yandex.Browser.
  • Tap “Download” and wait for the program to install.

Ready. Now you can open Yandex.Browser by clicking on the application shortcut and start using it.

Google Chrome

As strange as it may seem, the Google Chrome app is not preinstalled on Android TV devices. over, there is no separate version of Chrome for Android TV in the Android TV Play app, which is rather counterintuitive.

However, all this should not stop you from installing Google Chrome on your TV. The Play Market will help you with this. You need:

  • Go to Google Play.
  • At the top, at the end of the search, enter the Google Chrome combination. This can be done using a virtual card or voice input if the TV supports this function.
  • Then click on “Install”.

Most likely, the download will start immediately. It is also possible that you may need to grant permissions to the application. You can find and launch the installed program from the main screen of the TV.

Google Chrome has a number of advantages over most other browsers. It is completely free, it has an intuitively simple menu in Russian, which you can easily get used to. Plus, Chrome gives you quick access to pinned content, browsing history, downloads, and more.

Installing the browser via APK file

Above, we talked about installing browsers from the Play Market. But what if the desired Internet navigator is not in the original store? You can install the software using a USB flash drive by downloading the APK file with the browser to it. The instruction below is relevant for all Xiaomi TVs and set-top boxes, including Mi Box S, Mi TV Stick, Mi TV 4S, etc.

  • Download the browser APK file to your computer or laptop. To do this, just enter in the search engine “Install TV Bro” (or another navigator).
  • Transfer the downloaded APK file to a USB flash drive.
  • Next, you need to turn on the device and insert the flash drive into the appropriate slot on the TV or media player.
  • On the TV, go to the Google Play Store and download File Commander. As an analogue, you can use the X-plore utility or another file manager.
  • Next, go to “Settings”. A section will open in which you need to select “Security and restrictions”, after “Unknown sources”. You need to put the slider to the right opposite the file manager.
  • Now tap on the file manager and use it to open the contents of the flash card.
  • Next, you need to run the APK file in which the downloaded application is stored.
  • Then click “Install” and wait for the process to complete.
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Ready. After installation, you need to exit to the main screen, where the application will be displayed. The user can immediately start using it.

Note! Thus (via APK) it will be possible to install not only browsers, but also dozens of other applications that are not available in the Play Market.


Installing the browser is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. You can download the Internet navigator both on the TV itself and on the Xiaomi media player. If the browser you need is not on Google Play, then you can always download it using a USB flash drive in APK format. However, we recommend downloading third-party files only from reliable sources like and other resources.

Click Install first, then select your Android TV from the drop-down menu and click Install. You can also turn on voice commands on your remote and say Launch Chrome. Your Smart TV will ask you if you want to install the app; click Agree and Chrome will be installed and ready to use in a few seconds.

Open a web browser on your computer and visit Google Chrome APK. Download the Google Chrome APK and copy it to a USB stick. Download and install sideload for your Mi Box. Install Es File Explorer app on your Mi Box.

How to install the APK file on the TV?

The process for installing APK files to a TV using Send Files to TV is as follows:

  • Install the Send Files to TV app on your Android TV (or player) and on your mobile phone.
  • Install a file manager on your Android TV.
  • Download the desired APK file on your mobile phone.
  • Open Send files to TV on TV as well as on mobile.
  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the “” icon. Throw.
  • Select the Chromecast device you want to watch content on. If you’re already on a Chromecast, your content will replace what’s on your TV.
  • When you’re done, to the right of the address bar, click Broadcast. Stop streaming.

Follow the steps below to install Chrome Web Browser on Xiaomi Mi Box S. # Proceed to download Google Chrome APK. You can search the web and download it to your device. # Copy the downloaded file and save it to a USB device.

  • From the home screen, press the voice search button. on your remote. If you press the voice search button on the remote when you are in the app, you will search inside the app.
  • Hold the remote in front of you and say your question. Your search results will appear as soon as you finish speaking.

Android TV is not designed for web browsing, so Google has done little to optimize its browser for the TV platform. In fact, Google Chrome is not even available on the Android TV Play Store.

Instructions for installing additional programs

To install applications for Xiaomi Android TV, you can choose the following methods:

  • Through the Mi TV Assistant application (Russified version is recommended). You need to download it and run the installation process, which will allow you to synchronize your phone with your TV. Then it remains to download the necessary files with the APK extension for Android, select “Install the application” and agree to carry out further activities. An excellent option is the Russified version of StartSettings;
  • Download the required APK files to the computer, transfer them to a USB flash drive and upload them to TV from it;
  • The third option is a combination of the previous two. Using one of the above methods, you should install an alternative Market and download the required data from it.

To facilitate the process of working with the gadget, it is recommended to use StartSettings, thanks to which the entire menu will be presented in English.

After installation, you need to click the Language item and select the first item in the menu that appears, responsible for changing the language.

How to install additional programs on Xiaomi TV?

Owners of various Xiaomi TV models immediately after purchase are faced with a problem when all the software is presented in Chinese, and the manufacturer has installed programs aimed at Chinese users.

Accordingly, there is a natural desire not only to Russify and set up a smart TV, but also to upload your own additional program files. You can do this easily and simply if you use our instructions, because international firmware for Xiaomi Mi TV TVs is not yet expected.

Russian-language launcher for Xiaomi Mi TV

In order to get rid of Chinese ads, movies and other Chinese-language content, you can use the Shafa launcher, which is great for Android systems.

Users have access to options such as:

  • Selecting a theme from several preset options;
  • Implementation of settings in Russian;
  • Full Russification of folders;
  • Choice of wallpaper, screensaver, etc.

A feature of the Shafa launcher is that when you press the Home button on the remote control in automatic mode, the Chinese version of the launcher will be activated. You can cope with this problem without obtaining root rights, because the Buttons remapper application has been developed for this. With it, you can set the Home button to the action you want, for example, launch Shafa when you click on it.

Now you know how to install any program on Xiaomi TV, be it YouTube, TV Bro, Go keyboard, TV Files Manager and many others.

  • In the search, type “Yandex Browser” or “Chrome”.
  • Open the app page and select your Android device from the dropdown list.
  • Confirm the installation and check that the set-top box is connected to the Internet.
  • Determine if your TV has Smart TV technology.
  • Connect your TV to your home network.
  • Open the application list on the TV.
  • Select the Netflix App.
  • Sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Find and play videos with the remote.
  • 1) Go to “Settings” (if the shell is MIUI), select the item “Additional functions”.
  • 2) Next, select “Wireless Display”.
  • 3) In the window that opens with a search for devices available for connection, we look for your TV in the list and select it to connect.

Displaying an image from a Xiaomi phone to a regular TV

  • We insert the Miracast adapter into any HDMI connector;
  • Set up viewing on TV, specify the selected HDMI;
  • On the smartphone, activate the wireless broadcast. The adapter appears in the list of gadgets available for pairing. That’s it, done.

Improve picture and sound quality

There are technical limitations that will prevent you from improving the picture and sound quality beyond what the panel offers. However, you can make sure the adjustments with which you can earn more than the user experience.

In the case of an image without bad sequential calibration, the truth is that if you use the calibration options, you will improve performance even more. Likewise, if you are not experienced with adjusting settings such as brightness or contrast, use one of the predefined profiles. If you like bright colors, go for Vivid Mode, although our favorite Movie Mode is.

Something similar happens with sound, the standard mode is not bad, but if you try others, such as film, you may like more how the dialogues and other effects or music of the content you render sound.

Enhance your video games

If you are using a TV with a console or PC, you can improve your gaming experience. To do this, go to “Settings” “Device settings”. Now activate HDMI Enhanced Mode. Then in picture settings go to Advanced Video and disable noise reduction, video smoothing and enable HDMI RGB range.

These simple settings will allow you to play back the image received from the console or PC without any changes in its display. This way you will get quality and improvements by reducing the delay between the execution of an action on the controller and its reflection.

Disable Patchwall

Patchwall. is a launcher similar to Google’s own interface that offers some interesting details such as the ability to display a TV signal or other video source in PiP mode. for example, a console connected via HDMI.

However, if you want to prevent this interface from starting by default, you can do so. To do this, go to Settings Patchwall Device Settings. The first option you will see will let you choose if you want to use it as your default interface.

Cheats and tips for Xiaomi Mi LED TV

If you’re thinking about buying a new TV and don’t want to invest a lot, then Xiaomi’s Smart TV is a good option. Its value for money is very attractive. It is true that a little more you can find other options, from more established manufacturers, that are also interesting, but knowing the good work of the brand, it is hard to resist.

After our analysis of Mi LED 4, we have used the TV more habitually and collected all those tricks and tips with which you can get the most out of it.

If the TV remote control fails or you lose it at home, you can use your smartphone as a remote control. You only need to download the Mi Remote Controller application. This is not the only application of this type that you can use, but together with the official Google ( Android and iOS ) it is the best for this TV.

Tips and tricks for Xiaomi TVs and maximum possibilities

Xiaomi TVs are currently one of the most interesting offerings in the Smart TV sector. They have a very good price, and sections such as design, picture quality or sound are at an excellent level considering how much they cost. Best of all though, they integrate Android TV and that gives you a lot more options. So you can get the most out of your Xiaomi Mi LED TV.

Customize your home screen

If you’re not used to using Android TV, you’ll probably turn on the TV and take it for granted. But you don’t have to, the home screen can be customized to choose what you want to show or not.

For example, if you don’t like Google Games Movie Recommendations, you can delete them. You can also enable or disable other lists of various installed services. To do this, go to “Settings” “Device Settings” “Home Screen”.

Here you will find various options to rearrange apps or adjust channels. It is interesting that you spend some time with it, because you will get a much more convenient and user-friendly interface.

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