Install Google Services On Huawei

Let’s look at a common problem when the Play Market Google services are not installed on the Android phone or tablet and what to do in this situation.

This article is suitable for all brands producing Android 10/9/8/7 phones: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

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Reasons why Play services are not installed

There may be problems installing the Goggle Play services for the following reasons:

  • Using inappropriate firmware.
  • OS crash.
  • Damage to the installation APK file.
  • The impact of malware. (read How to check Android for viruses through a computer (PC))
  • Incorrect removal of the Play Store previously available on the device.
Install Google Services On Huawei

Reset system settings to factory defaults

The cause of the problem may be due to a conflict between Google services and existing software on the gadget. Any application located on the device can act as a conflict.

In this situation, the most optimal solution is to reset the system to the factory settings:

  • Open the settings of the Android device, go to the “Recovery and reset” section.
  • In the window that appears, start the corresponding procedure.

We confirm our actions by clicking on “Erase everything.”

  • Trying to install Play Market.
  • This procedure will entail the deletion of all user data from the device. The user should first copy all the important information from the mobile device.

    We wrote in more detail about this procedure earlier in the article How to reset the settings to factory defaults on Android.

    Custom installation of Google Play

    If the Play Market after Hard Reset is not installed on the gadget, you can try downloading in a non-standard way. On Chinese devices, GApps may not be provided. In this situation, the usual installation will not lead to the desired result.

    The installer should use the Mobile Go file manager. We follow the instructions:

    • Download the program to the PC.
    • We find on the Internet and download the following files: Google Play.apk, GoogleLoginService.apk and GoogleServiceFramework.apk.
    • On a mobile gadget, we activate USB debugging.
  • We connect the problem device to the computer, activate the driver for it if necessary.
  • Turn on Mobile Go. Then we go to the My Device section, where we activate the superuser rights.
  • Select the File section in the left column, then open the internal memory of the Android device. There we look for the system directory.
  • Go to the app folder, copy the downloaded APK files there by clicking on the Add button in the top panel. While Google Play is installed, disconnecting the device from the PC is prohibited, because this will affect its continued functioning.
  • We disconnect the gadget from the PC, restart it.
  • Play Market after completing the above steps should earn on Android.

    Cleaning Android device from residual files

    When buying a used phone or tablet, it is likely that the former owner had previously installed Play Market on it. In this case, the application could be uninstalled before the sale of the device, not completely or incorrectly, because of which residual files remained in the system. They can cause a crash during the reinstallation of Google services.

    Often, residual files are located in the data folder. This is a system folder, so you can access it only with root privileges. In addition to rooting software, you will need the Root Explorer file manager, which works great with system directories.

    We perform the following steps to delete residual files:

    • Get extended root access.
    • Download the Root Explorer app.
    • Using the file manager we find two data folders. One of them is located on an external card, and the second is in the internal memory of the device.
  • From these places we delete files that have the words Play Market and Google in the name (for example, the file may be called
  • We reboot the gadget, try to reinstall Play Market.
  • After installing the program, you need to bind it to your own Google account and try to download any application. If there are no failures, then the problem is resolved. In a situation where Google Play services are not installed, we proceed to the following methods of solving the problem.

    Installation from third-party sources

    The problem can be solved by downloading the APK file and installing it. You can download the file on a computer, and then transfer it to the gadget via a USB cable or via Bluetooth.

    If the device is prohibited from installing applications from an unverified source, then you will not be able to install the program. To continue, do the following:

      Go to the settings of the tablet or smartphone.

    Go to the “Security” or “Applications” section.

    On the contrary, “Unknown sources” you need to check the box.

    Now you can run the APK file without errors. All points must be agreed, then wait for the download process to complete. When finished, you can find the Google Services icon in the applications section.

    Google program cleaning

    If problems arose with the installer or an error occurred while receiving data from the server, you need to clear Google service programs. Follow the steps:

      Open the application properties in the menu “Settings”. “Applications”.

    We go to the “Place Management” section.

    Select “Delete all data.”

    After this action, all the information that the application contained for its work will be deleted from the gadget. To continue working with services, you must again log in to Google. This will allow deleted confidential data to be recovered.

    Install Google Play services through Recovery

    The most important thing here is attentiveness. It is necessary to pay attention to the OS version, since GApps is released for each version is different. You can find out which OS is installed on the gadget in the settings by selecting the “About phone” menu. You also need to backup the files so as not to lose important data in case of a problem.

    • Install custom recovery.
    • Then we download the GApp archive for our OS, for example, here
    • In the memory of the gadget, we save the archive with the services.
    • We restart the tablet or smartphone, then we clamp the corresponding combination of buttons. The combination depends on the brand of the device, often it is a volume button and a power button.
    • Going to Recovery, select the “Install zip from SD Card” section, specify the path to the downloaded GApps file.
    • We are waiting for the installation of the patch.

    Despite some complexity, this method works in 99% of cases.

    Installing Google services on Meizu models and other Chinese phones

    • We find the shortcut of the “Hot Apps” application on the desktop, click on it.
    • In the menu “Select user” we find the program “Google Services” or “Google Apps Installer”.
    • Install it.
    • We reboot the gadget so that the changes take effect.

    After that, the Google Play icon will appear on the desktop.

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