Import Contacts Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

What to do if contacts are not displayed

Legitimate resentment about this issue can be easily dispelled by following a short sequence of steps that will 100% display “invisible” contacts:

  • Open the “Settings” section;
  • Go to the “System” category, then “Contacts”;

Import Contacts Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

  • In the available parameters select the item “Display”, then put a check mark on the category “Contacts from SIM”. In some cases, an additional need for display is to check the box in the upper section of display settings.

An additional function is the ability to find out the contents of the SIM card before copying contacts to the Xiaomi phone. It is possible that you do not need all the numbers at all.

How to Transfer Contacts to Xiaomi

Imagining all sorts of difficulties and pitfalls, users often start transferring contacts manually, which is an extremely time-consuming procedure. In fact, the procedure for importing contacts to Xiaomi from a SIM card and vice versa is SIMple and consists of a small number of steps.

Let’s consider the transfer of contacts in the following way: the imported one is the SIM-card, the role of the “receiver” is assigned to, in fact, the memory of the smartphone. The whole process can be represented by the following sequence:

  • Open the “Phone” application, go to the “Contacts” tab;
  • While holding the leftmost touch control button (three stripes icon), wait for the transition to the number management menu;
  • Open the Import and Export category in the appropriate list;
  • Select the item “Import from SIM-card”. In case the device supports more than one SIM card, it is possible to transfer contacts from SIM-1 or SIM-2 by selecting the appropriate item;
  • Next, the content will be displayed, indicating which are necessary or all, the user will need to click the “Import” button in order to finally copy the contacts to the Xiaomi phone from the SIM card.

The procedure for exporting data to SIM-cards is SIMilar to that described, except for the last steps: instead of the “Import” section, you should go down to the “Export” category and indicate which SIM-card you want to transfer numbers to. Next, the device will specify how many contacts are available for transfer due to the limited memory of the SIM card.
Often in the practice of using smartphones from Xiaomi are cases when the smartphone SIMply does not see the contacts from the SIM card.

How to import contacts from SIM to xiaomi

The desire to find an answer to the question of how to import contacts from SIM to Xiaomi, or in reverse order, is the result of a well-founded need that is common among smartphone owners.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Purchase of a new smartphone;
  • The desire to provide yourself with additional security in terms of the safety of the number;
  • Ease of use, when it is more convenient to share contact numbers from the smartphone’s memory;
  • The need to transfer contacts from or to a Google account, etc.

Other transfer methods

Apart from the basic methods, there are various ways to transfer contacts. So, the capabilities of devices from Xiaomi allow not only a “physical” transfer from a SIM card to a phone, but, for example, to carry out this export,

And then send contacts to Skype, other popular instant messengers and social media applications, as well as WebMoney, etc.

The outdated method of transferring contacts in Xiaomi includes the built-in function of exchanging data between the company’s smartphones via Bluetooth. The latest firmware versions of Xiaomi Redmi devices do not have this due to the emergence of convenient and multifunctional applications, for example, Xperia Transfer Mobile, which is able to carry out a versatile data transfer not only within a Chinese smartphone, but also “in contact” with other devices based not only on Android, but also iOS, Windows Phone, etc.

In addition, in the previously described “Contacts” menu, it is possible to import contacts to the Mi-account linked to your smartphone. Thus, their additional safety is guaranteed.

Transfer Contacts to Xiaomi from SIM Card

The most common way to set up contacts on Xiaomi is by transferring from a SIM card.

The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • The control menu should be launched first. To do this, you need to hold down the button, which is located under the screen on the touch panel and is indicated by three horizontal lines.
  • In the settings you need to select the line “System applications”, and in them. “Contacts”.
  • Here select the “Import / Export” section, then open “Import from SIM”.
  • After that, select the desired card (SIM1 or SIM2) from which you want to write off numbers.
  • A list of saved data on the SIM will appear on the screen. To copy several names, you need to hold down one line until the labels appear, then select the necessary ones and select the “Move” option.

In the “Import” section, you can also transfer data to your Google or Mi account. In this case, the smartphone converts information in.Vcf and.Vcard formats.

The disadvantage of this method is that most SIM cards do not have a lot of memory. Therefore, in this way it is possible to move too few numbers from the old phone.

Transferring contacts using a Google Account

This method is also quite SIMple.

  • On your old phone, go to the settings menu and select the “Accounts” section. Click on an existing account and enable contact sync.
  • In the new Xiaomi, in the “Contacts” menu, select “Settings”. “Accounts”. Click on the line “Add Account”, after “Google”.
  • Enter data from your account, then in the account settings enable the import of data into the phone book on the device.
  • As a result, all the necessary numbers will appear.

Application use

Once upon a time, it was possible to transfer information from one gadget to another using Bluetooth. But Xiaomi manufacturers apparently considered this function unnecessary, so on fresh models there is no such possibility of transfer between devices.

You can transfer names and numbers from one smartphone to another using a special application. An example is the Xperia Transfer Mobile program.

It was developed by Sony Xperia manufacturers and is compatible with all operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Therefore, this program allows you to import data into any model of smartphones, be it even iPhone or Samsung. The app works via cable or Wi-Fi.

How to Transfer Contacts to Xiaomi: 6 Easy Ways

When buying a new smartphone, we face some difficulties. First of all, it is worth transferring all the necessary information from the old gadget to an unusual model. Each device has its own nuances when syncing data. The Xiaomi model is no exception: contacts and media files can be downloaded to these smartphones in several ways.

Application of QR code

This method of transferring contacts is one of the most difficult, since it requires a special QR code and an application to read it on the device. This code must be scanned by the Xiaomi smartphone, whereby the contacts will be in it.

To transfer data in this way, you must:

  • Install an application on the old and new gadgets, for example, QR Droid Code Scanner on Google Play. It only works on Android devices.
  • Next, you need to go to the “Import / Export” section, click “Send”, after “Send contact as”. As a result, the data is encrypted into the desired QR code by default.
  • This code must be read by the Xiaomi phone. Information is immediately duplicated in the phone book.

Transferring contacts using a memory card

This method is in many ways SIMilar to the previous one, but it has a big advantage.

Using an SD card, you can transfer a large number of numbers from one gadget to another:

  • First, in the old phone in the “Contacts” menu, open the settings section and click on the “Import / Export” line. Here, select export to SD card. In this case, contacts will be recorded as.Vcf files.
  • After that, the memory card should be placed in a special slot in the new Xiaomi smartphone.
  • In the contact menu, you also need to go to the “Import / Export” section and select the “Import from SD” command.
  • The required numbers will appear in the phone book.

Using a computer

You can also transfer saved numbers to your phone using a PC or laptop.

One way to transport contacts to the new Xiaomi using a computer is to sync through your Google account. Every modern Android user should have such an account.

First, make sure the phonebook data is saved to your account. To do this, in the settings menu, select the line “Google”, and in this section, “Restore contacts”. If, after pressing this command, the screen displays “Your contacts are automatically synchronized with the device”, then everything is in order, the necessary numbers are saved on the cloud.

Next, in the line “Upload to Google Drive” push the button to the right, which will start duplicating data. It is important to make sure that today’s date is in the “Contacts” line. This will indicate that all names have been written to Disk.

Then, in a browser on a PC, enter in the address bar and enter your username and password in the fields. The screen will display all the names and numbers available in the smartphone. This data must be saved on the computer.

Now the new gadget can be connected to the computer using a USB cable. The smartphone will ask in which mode it should work. You need to select the “File Transfer” command to upload information to your phone.

Find a smartphone in Explorer, go to the internal memory and copy it to the contacts folder. Please note that the recorded numbers from the computer can only be saved to the SD card, as they are in.Vcard format.

Next, in the “Import / Export” section, copy the contacts from the SD card using the method described above.

There is also a way to transfer contacts with a Xiaomi file. This file can be transferred to a computer or directly to a new phone.

The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • In the contacts settings menu, select the “Import / Export” section.
  • Next, you need to select “Export to memory”, after which a message will appear on the screen with the name of the file and its location.
  • Upon completion, the corresponding information will appear in the notification bar on the main screen that the file has been saved.
  • Through the explorer, you need to find this file in the.Vcf format. Now it can be duplicated on PC or other devices.

Possible problems in displaying contacts

It is definitely worth investigating possible problems that an inexperienced Xiaomi owner may have. Often, after duplicating information in contacts, names or part of them in Russian disappear.

To prevent this from happening, in the “Settings” menu you need to go to the “Display” section. Here manufacturers allow you to choose different ways of sorting records. And there are also sections “SIM card contacts” and “Only with a phone number”, which must be enabled so that the user can display all available phone numbers.

Xiaomi smartphones are gaining in popularity due to their performance and affordable price. The Redmi line is the most appreciated on the market, because they are easy to use.

Even with such a goal as transferring contacts from an old gadget, there are several ways to cope. The user only has to choose a convenient method for himself.

Cloud technology help

The advantages of this method are obvious, but nevertheless it is rarely used. People are less likely to trust everything about the internet for fear of identity theft. First, you need to copy all contacts to your Mi or Google account, then upload them to the cloud, from where they can be easily downloaded to a new device. The cloud can be linked to multiple devices, allowing you to use your contacts on your tablet, smartphone or computer. If you transfer contacts from Xiaomi to iOS, then nothing will work if you use Mi Cloud. The platform must be compatible with a specific cloud. Other services are also suitable. Yandex Disk, DropBox and others, the above procedure is applicable to them.

How to transfer contacts to xiaomi. Complete instruction.

Every time people change an old smartphone for a new one, they face some difficulties. And the main difficulty is the transfer of contacts. Owners of brand new phones from Xiaomi are no exception. Experienced users of Chinese devices probably know what to do, but for beginners it is not always clear how to transfer contacts to Xiaomi. Special functions available in Xiaomi devices can help to transfer contacts to another device. But we will consider all possible methods.

Using a CSV file to transfer contacts

It is very easy to transfer contacts using a CSV file. An application from Google Play will help to generate such a file. We can recommend the My Contacts Backup program. It can be installed on devices with Android and iOS, thanks to which the saved numbers can be easily transferred, for example, from iPhone to Xiaomi. The created file is sent to the mail, from where it is downloaded to a new device, where contacts are saved.

Transfer contacts from SIM card to phone

This is the most common process for importing / exporting contacts. Indeed, for many, the numbers entered in the phone book are saved on the SIM card. In Xiaomi smartphones, copying contacts from a SIM card and vice versa is quite SIMple. You need to go to the phone settings, there will be an item “System applications”, in it look for the “Contacts” section. Here click on “Import and Export”, after which you can select the required SIM card to import or export contacts.

Also, the smartphone software allows it to send contacts via Webmoney Keeper, Skype, e-mail, Bluetooth and SMS through the menu “Import and Export”. Transfer of contacts between Google and Mi accounts is possible.

Moving from one device to another

For those wishing to move contacts from smartphone to smartphone in previous Xiaomi Redmi firmware, it was possible to do this by transferring data via Bluetooth. However, later the Chinese removed this function, apparently considering that there was no longer a need for it. But you should not be upset about this, since an application downloaded from the Internet can also transfer contacts. For example, the Xperia Transfer Mobile program copes well with such a task. Despite the name, it can be used not only on Sony devices. The program works on any Android device, there is also support for iOS.

The advantage of the application is the fact that not only contacts are transferred to another device, but also various content. Photos, music, videos, applications, etc. Smartphone and smartphone are in direct contact thanks to Wi-Fi Direct.

Application of QR code

If you download a special application to your smartphone, you can generate a QR code. This method is not easy, so it is not used very often. After the device scans the encrypted code, it starts downloading contacts. You can complete the procedure using the QR Droid Code Scanner program available on Google Play. Not only on Xiaomi, the import of contacts can be carried out in this way, any smartphone based on Android is at your service. To prepare a QR code containing contacts, go to Import and Export to access the Send function. Encryption into code is performed after clicking on “Send contact as.”. Everything, it’s done, nothing complicated.

You cannot do without the procedure for transferring contacts if you do not want to re-enter all the data into a new device. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the rules described today. Guided by them, you can significantly save yourself time.

SIM transfer

The easiest way. There is no need to install and additionally enable on the phone. Assumes using only the means of the smartphone itself.

  • Go to “Settings”. “System applications”. “Contacts“;
  • Select the topmost option called “Import and Export”;
  • In order to transfer contacts to SIM, you need to select Export to SIM card and save the transferred data there;
  • Move the SIM to the second device;
  • Further steps are related to the import of saved contacts on another Xiaomi phone. You can choose the save locations at your discretion, either leave them on the card and use them as they are, or import them into the phone memory.

The main thing happened. You moved the contacts of your subscribers.

Setting up a transfer is easy. The import and export options, due to their importance, are called so, you can not confuse them. I carried out all the transfer actions on my own Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro phone with global firmware. So claims like: “I don’t have such an option in the settings” are not accepted.

Cloud transfer

The best way to transfer any phone data is to use the cloud from Xiaomi.

You will have to get a Mi account when you turn on your smartphone for the first time. This means that you are just one step away from the desired action. If suddenly (pah-pah) something unpleasant happens to you with the device, the memory fails, the processor dies, or maybe they just steal it, that is the only way to return the missing contacts. This is to use the company’s branded service.

It’s easy to back up your contacts to the cloud. You need to go to the Mi account from the settings and tap on Mi Cloud, then turn on synchronization and select the object you need. In our case, these are contacts. A complete copy of all your subscribers will be created. By clicking on the link, you can always see and copy the necessary data, in some cases, accidentally deleted contacts can be restored (unless, of course, you realized it was not too late).

What does all of this mean? And the fact that moving and preserving everything you need will not be difficult, and it will bring enormous benefits. When the new phone is linked to the old Mi account, when the synchronization is turned on, it will quickly download contacts from the cloud, you will not insert the SIM card yet, and the subscribers will already be in the phone’s memory. All of the above is true and possible for operations with a Google account. I advise you to duplicate your contacts and hide them in different places. You never know what can happen.

Methods to transfer contacts on Xiaomi phones

Recently I came across user complaints on the Internet that it is not possible to transfer contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi. Rather, it turns out, but not automatically. From all that was written, I realized that people spat on the aLGorithms prescribed in the network and rolled the contacts manually. All 650 pieces. Let’s optimize the distillation process and eliminate unnecessary ordeals in a SIMple procedure.

New technologies. Using QR code

I specially highlighted this method, it is a kind of know-how and gives the transmission an ultra-modern sound. To activate you need to go along the specified path: “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Mi Mover”.

The application is located in the settings, which means that they trust him. To pair two smartphones from Xiaomi, a QR code is sent, after which it is given the opportunity to transfer anything, including copying contacts. All you need to do is select the one you want and add to the shipment, which could be easier. The only inconvenience is the mandatory presence of Wi-Fi in the sender’s and recipient’s phone.

Transfer between devices

Don’t be intimidated by the tricky title and don’t skip the article section. The fact is that on older firmware this word was in the settings and was used when transferring data, including contacts, between Xiaomi.

Bluetooth turned on and the exchange process was completed in a matter of seconds. Subsequently, the developers removed this feature, which led to a frantic search for all possible applications from Google, working on a SIMilar principle. Those who wrote reviews about all the methods of distilling data between phones hastened to “legitimize” the method, but Xiaomi has confused all the cards.

Numbers are transferred from phone to phone in more than one dozen (!) Ways. So why do we need to additionally install any applications? The latest versions of Xiaomi firmware have made the choice of data transfer methods as diverse as possible. Let’s consider some of them.

To select, you need to go along the already familiar path: “Settings”. “System applications”. “Contacts”. “Import and export”. “Send contacts”.

  • Free transfer. The name itself suggests the transfer “for free”. Positioned on the Internet as a new feature from Xiaomi. Mi Drop. When the option is activated, Bluetooth is turned on by itself, and another smartphone from Xiaomi is searched for nearby. Wi-Fi is not used. As soon as there is source for the transfer, a connection will take place and your contacts will get to the right place. If you like the method, mark the selection with a tick in the “default” box. In the future, all your transfers will follow this aLGorithm.
  • Bluetooth. The method is as old as the world, but it works. For him, you need to independently turn on Bluetooth (unlike the previous one) and select from the found devices the one to which you want to send.
  • Post office. Sending will take place to your mail, followed by distillation to another phone The method is not very convenient, moreover, it will require the presence of the Internet in the smartphone.
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Viber. Mentioned because of their popularity with the younger generation. They do not differ in anything special, they do not give any advantages in comparison with the methods already described. Forwarding is achieved by creating a standard contacts file named 00001.Vcf or something like.

This is where we can finish, as I tried to use the manufacturer’s features, all sorts of MiShare and others, but instead of transferring the phone froze. This is primarily due to the firmware, on the global there is no such specific binding with the homeland, so I recommend using more familiar export methods. Do not forget about import: it is proposed to “upload” contacts from Google or Mi accounts.

Problems displaying contacts

Dedicated to an inexperienced user, or just a beginner. This is not a problem, but it can spoil the blood. What is it, I bought a new phone, made settings, copied contacts to memory, but they do not appear. The list of subscribers is empty!

The solution is SIMple. The thing is that a phone with factory settings comes to you from Xiaomi, which does not specify the method of displaying contacts, there is not a single clue in the smartphone so that he understands himself what to do. He expects a command from you.

We go along the already familiar path: “Settings”. “System applications”. “Contacts”.

SIM card contacts are inactive by default. You need to turn it on and then everything that is on the map will be displayed immediately. The same will happen if you want to select a specific contact list. Below is an option that will help you point to all your existing accounts: Google or Mi. I do not indicate other possible accounts here, since the first time the device is configured, it will only ask you for these.

You can specify all contacts together, but then they are duplicated, repeat each other when displayed. Which is not very convenient for dialing. What to choose and what not is up to you.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural in order to copy, restore or move contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi. It takes a little attention and accuracy. And even if the incredible happens, and your phone is somehow able to remove all your colleagues, friends and loved ones, then there is no reason to despair. There are ways to reclaim what was lost and to step into the same river twice. How to do it, read here.

Operations with contacts in MIUI 11: import, export, transfer to Xiaomi (Redmi)

In this article, I will briefly explain the principle of working with the transfer of contacts in MIUI 11 to Xiaomi (Redmi). These operations are called import (to phone) and export (from phone).

To start the operation, launch the “Contacts” system application. A list of the phone book will appear, in the upper right corner you will find the famous “Three dots” icon, click on it to bring up a pop-up menu in which you must select “Import and Export”. You will be taken to a screen with different options for working, let’s start in order. The first item you see is “Import from memory”, which means that you must first download the Vcard format file that you created on another device with a backup of all subscribers and now want to implement them on Xiaomi. By clicking on the button, you will be asked to select an account to which new contacts will be attached, then an automatic memory scan will take place to find the Vcard file. Select the desired file and the import will be completed. Export to memory is an option that creates a Vcard file, by default you will find it in the root folder of the system drive. After all, creating a file is one thing, but then you need to do something with it, either send it or copy it, but how can you find it? The standard “Explorer” application will help with this, launch it. At the top, select the display mode for files and folders. Then scroll down the list until the folders run out and the files start, then the newly created file will wait for you, dispose of it at your discretion. The Send Contacts command will automatically create a Vcard and will immediately prompt you to select the application with which you want to transfer them to another device. The last item is called “Import to Mi account”, it assumes that you are logged in on the current Xiaomi smartphone with a Google account, and you want to transfer contacts from it to your Mi account. If so, select the item, and then follow the prompts on the screen.

Clearing the cache of the contacts application on Xiaomi Redmi. Step by step instructions

What to do if contacts won’t open on a Xiaomi smartphone? We go into the settings, using the corresponding element in the application menu or through the gear icon in the notification curtain.

The instructions use the MIUI 10 operating system, but it will also be relevant for the younger platform models. Go to the section “Applications and notifications”.

A list with the most recently used programs appears. Click on the line “Show all applications”.

By default, system processes are hidden, click on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner. In the context menu, select the item marked in the screenshot.

The list will display hidden programs, due to the lack of a search function, we find the item “Contacts” manually. We tap on the inscription “Storage”.

We start clearing the cache by clicking on the button marked below. If you tap on “Clear storage”, all numbers in the phone book will be deleted.

Note: cheap Chinese smartphones have problematic firmware. If the mobile is constantly rebooting or showing critical errors, we recommend reflashing the system. Also try cleaning it with Ccleaner Pro.

Sync Xiaomi Phonebook Contacts with Google

This is a more radical solution in a situation where mobile contacts do not work on Xiaomi. We first synchronize the phone book with Google services. We go to the “Accounts” section, in the settings.

We select the Google account to which the phone is linked. We select “Account Synchronization”. We transfer the slider marked in the screenshot to the active state.

We go to the Play Store and write in the search “Contacts”. We remove the application and after the uninstallation is complete, install it again. Don’t forget to sync to restore your numbers.

How to restore access to contacts on Xiaomi Redmi?

A common solution to this problem for Xiaomi smartphones offered on the Internet is resetting the smartphone to factory settings or flashing it. After that, all information from the mobile phone will be deleted. Therefore, we do not recommend to prematurely return the system to its original parameters. There are much less drastic methods.

Why contacts do not load on the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone. Reasons and solutions to the problem

The problem with the phone book on Xiaomi Redmi arises for many reasons. Often, this is due to an operating system crash or application error.

Sync the Contacts app with MIUI

Suitable for Chinese smartphones with additional skins: Xiaomi. They install external services to synchronize information that conflict with Google services. We recommend disabling pairing with third-party cloud storage.