If you forgot the password from Wi-Fi how to find out

What to do if you forgot the password from Wi-Fi

Questioning “What to do if you suddenly forgot the password from Wi-Fi?»In popularity, it is not inferior to eternal Russian issues” who is to blame?”And” What to do?””. Modern people are so accustomed to the Internet that allows you to find out everything in the world in a matter of seconds that they began to rely much less often on their own memory. Indeed, why remember the number of pi to the eighth sign after aim, if its exact value can be recognized by entering the corresponding search query in the Internet browser?

With data for entering their accounts on social networks, things are more complicated. Similar to the password to Wi-Fi. If I forgot the password from my wireless network, the omniscient Google will not help here anymore. Of course, you can always drop the settings of the router, but then you will have to set it up from scratch. Better use one of the ways to find out the password from Vifai set out below.

Where to find a password from your Wi-Fi network

As a rule, many “find” that they do not remember their password when they want to connect a new device to the network. That is, the laptop was previously connected to most users to Wi-Fi, which means that in its settings you can find a password from the network (if, it is good to delve into ☝).

How to do this (I will give a universal way, works in all modern versions of Windows 7/8/10):

  • First you need to press the combination of Winr (the window “Perform” should open);
  • Next, enter the NCPA command.CPL and press Enter (we will open all Windows network connections).

Open network connections. Team “NCPA.CPL “

forgot, password, wi-fi, find

How to see a forgotten password on a router

If you have access to the router settings, then you can see the password through the router. To do this, open any browser and enter the router address in the address line IP.

After that, a window for authorization will appear on the screen. Enter the login and password from the router and click on the OK button.

As a result, you must get to the router web. Here you need to find a section with the Wi-Fi network settings. In this section you can see a forgotten password.

Router Password Kracker

The whole charm of this software product is that it does not require a saved file with a ruter configuration that can be obtained only by knowing the password from the device. It is enough to have only a connection to the router (Wi-Fi or wired-it does not matter) and that’s it. Just enter in the program window in the necessary fields of the IP router, login and click on the Start Crack button.

However, this utility also has a minus: it uses the method of complete busting (t. N. Brute Force), so the search for a password can tighten a lot. But if you do not manage to restore the data that you have forgotten in a different way, you will have to be patient.

How to recall the password from Wi-Fi

Any information is forgotten over time. And passwords that are just a set of numbers and letters are forgotten even faster. In this material, we will talk about how to recall the password from Wi-Fi.

Option View saved passwords from Wi-Fi on a computer.

The easiest way to recall the Wi-Fi password is to see the saved passwords on the computer. When connecting to Wi-Fi using a laptop or a desktop computer, a Wi-Fi password remains on it and you can see it. To do this, click on the mouse with the right button on the wireless Wi-Fi wireless network on the taskbar and open the “Networks and total access control center”.

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Also, the “Center for Control of networks and total access” can be opened through the control panel. To do this, open the control panel and go to the section “Viewing the state and tasks”.

After you have opened the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access” you need to click on the link “Management of wireless networks”.

After that, you should see a list of all the networks to which you have ever connected on this computer. In order to recall the Wi-Fi password you need to find the network you need in this list and click on it with the right button and select the “Properties” item.

As a result, a window “Properties of the wireless network” should appear in front of you. In this window there is a text field “Network key”. In this field there will be a Wi-Fi password, which was saved when connecting to this Wi-Fi network. In order to see it, set a check box opposite the function “display the entered signs”.

Option View saved passwords on Android smartphone.

You can also recall the Wi-Fi password by looking at the saved passwords on the Android smartphone. To do this, your smartphone must have a ROOT rights and the ROOT BROWSER application is installed.

Open the Root Browser application and go to the/DATA/MISC/Wi-Fi folder. In this folder there is a file “WPA_SUPPLICANT.Conf “. It is in it that information about the saved passwords from Wi-Fi is stored.

This file can be opened using any text editor.

In the file “WPA_SUPPLICANT.Conf »Information about Wi-Fi networks is divided into logical blocks with the Network heading. Each of these blocks has information about the name of the network (SSID), saved password (PSK), as well as other information.

There is also a Wi-Fi Key Recovery application. Using this application, you can see all the saved passwords from Wi-Fi without opening system files.

Naturally, the work of this application also requires ROOT rights.

View option in the settings of the router.

If the previous methods did not help you remember the password from Wi-Fi, then you can see the password in the router settings. If you know the login and password for access to the settings of the router, then you are guaranteed to see the password from Wi-Fi.

To do this, you need to open any browser and enter the IP address of the router into the address line. If you don’t know what IP address is your router, you can try 192.168.One.1, and then 192.168.0.One. Most likely, your router will be available at one of these addresses.

After entering the IP address of the router, a form for authorization will appear on the screen. You need to enter the login/password from the router and click on the “Enter” button.

If the login and password are correct, then the router settings will open before you. Here you need to find a section with the Wi-Fi network settings. In this section you can see the password from Wi-Fi.

You can read more about how to go into the router settings in our previous article.

Let’s look into the safe with one eye: if there is no Root right

In fact, the phones do not forget anything. They carefully store passwords of all networks to which they have ever connected. However, they are in no hurry to share them with us. On the one hand, this is good. The password will not get to outsiders, but on the other. In the role of the one to whom the “entrance is prohibited”, we can be ourselves.

It is useless to bury in the settings of the device. There is nothing there. Search among personal files is also a waste of time.

The lucky ones are those who have Root rights on the phone. They can say, the key to the entire password storage (what and how to open them a little later). But in some cases, some data can be found without the privileges of a super-user.

forgot, password, wi-fi, find

Most of all in this regard, the owners of smartphones on Android 10 and newer were lucky: to find out the password of the wireless Internet, they have enough Another phone. The owners of Xiaomi and Huawei have the same opportunity, starting with the Android 5 version.One.

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Forgot wifi Password Android 2021

The others will help the programs to control the router (only when connecting to your Wi-Fi network), as well as a special file manager that allows you to look into the system catalog from the Recovery mode without starting the smartphone operating system.

What will help the router control program

To find out the password from Wi Fai of your own access point, it is enough to install a mobile application for setting and managing the router on the phone. Each brand has its own. For example, the TP-Link Tether utility is designed for TP-Link apparatus, for Xiaomi-Mi Wi-Fi, for Synology-DS Router. Other manufacturers are also not behind: utilities Keenetic, Netgear Mobile, Linksys, Tenda Wi-Fi, Asus Router, etc. D. For the same name, devices are easily on Google Play.

One of the functions of such applications is to set a wireless network connection, including the creation and change in password. And if the password can be changed, nothing will hurt and just see it!

Below is an example of how the Wi-Fi settings section in the Xiaomi router control program looks like:

The treasured code is hidden behind the points. To see it, it is enough to touch the eye icon.

Aroma Filemanager to detour system protection

Users without Root rights do not have access to Android catalogs. And the passwords from Vifay are there exactly there. One way to see them is to download the phone in the recovery environment, where the restrictions of the operating system do not apply. Aromanager is perfect for this-an application that is launched from an SD card and opens free access to all system folders.

Wi-Fi configuration file is called WPA_SUPPLICANT.Conf and is along the way/Data/Misc/Wi-Fi. Data in it is stored in open form. We, in particular, are interested in SSID. The name name and PSK. Password.

The screenshot below shows a fragment of wpa_supplicant.Conf in the Root Explorer file manager:

In the same way, this document looks in Aroma Filemanager.

  • Copy a downloaded Aromanager zip arch on the SD card and install it on the phone.
  • Reload the device into recovery mode in any supported way. How to do this, for example, on Samsung, is told in the article on the link.
  • Select the “Apply Update from SD Card” item in the Recovery menu (apply an update from the SD card) and followed by “Zip Aroma Filemanager”.
  • After starting, work with the application in the same way as with a regular file manager.

Unfortunately, the use of aroma Filemanager is not always and not on all smartphones is smooth. Much has been written about the possible problems and ways of solving them in the discussion of the program on the Russian.Speaking resource dedicated to mobile devices.

There are other applications allegedly designed to search for saved Wi-Fi passwords on phones without root. But these are essentially ordinary QR scanners, but not universal, but “sharpened” to recognize codes with network passwords on other devices. The meaning of using this to the author is incomprehensible.

On the Android phone

No Root right

The essence of this method is to go to the router menu through a mobile browser on the phone.

Download the IPCONFIG application from the Play Market store (at the link.

forgot, password, wi-fi, find

After starting, the program will automatically find and show the saved Wi-Fi networks (SSID) and data from them (PSK).

This method works on some old phone models.

On the phone menu, go to “Settings”. Open the “” tab.

Then go to “Setting up the Wi-Fi access point”.

This is the most time.Consuming way. You will need USB cable and computer. You also need to install drivers for your phone model from the manufacturer’s website.

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Open the phone settings and go to the “For Developers” section.

If you do not have such a section, click six to seven times on the “On the phone” item. After that the menu will display.

Install the switch to the “VCL” position and activate the “Debugging by USB”.

On the computer download and unzip the SDK Platform-Tools tools (loading link).

Connect the phone to the computer via USB cable and select the “Data Transfer” mode.

Open the command line on behalf of the administrator. Print the command: D: \ Extracted \ Adb Pull/Data/Misc/Wi-Fi/WPA_SUPPPLICANT.Conf D: \ Password

D: \ Extracted. This is the path to unpacked files, D: \ password. The final folder where the file configuration will be saved.

Open the Password folder, it will have a WPA_SUPPLICANT document.Conf. Run this file using a notebook. The line “PSK” will be written password.

How to find out the saved password from Wi-Fi

If your computer is already connected to Wi-Fi or connected earlier, then it is quite possible that it has a saved password from Wi-Fi. In order to find out this password, you need to open the control panel and go to the “Network and the Internet” section, and then open it under the section “Center for networks and total access”.

After that, you need to click on the “Wireless Networks Management” link, which is located on the left side of the window.

As a result, you should open a window with a list of Wi-Fi networks to which you connected. In order to find out the saved password, click on the right Wi-Fi network and select “Properties”.

How to Reset Forgotten WiFi Router Password

After that, the “Properties of the Wireless Network” window will open. Here you need to switch to the Safety tab and set the mark on the contrary of the function “display the entered signs”. If the password was saved on the computer, then it will be displayed in the text field “Network key”.

What to do if I forgot the password from Vifay and Zeal Author from the router?

If you could not remember or find a password from the router, the password from your Wi-Fi network cannot be restored, and you will need to restore the factory settings of the router.

The restoration of the factory settings of the router will not tell you the current password, but will change the password of the router to the factory, which is printed in the lower or rear of the router.

When resetting the router settings, each element connected to the router is also turned off. For this reason, the discharge of the router settings is a really extreme measure.

Do not know how to drop a password on a router? Find the “Reset” button on your router. Most often this button is located on the rear panel of the router. Perhaps you will need a paper clip or needle to be able to press the “Reset” button (it is also reset).

Press and hold the pressed button “Reset”. To completely reset the router settings, do this for 30 seconds.

Indicators on the router should blink or shortly turn off after a complete reset of the router settings.

After that, the login and password to the router control panel will become standard, but the Internet connection and other necessary parameters will have to be adjusted again.

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