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Get your last name by phone number for free

How often do you have to talk on the phone with strangers? Many people, because of their profession or hobbies, have to answer unknown phone numbers, call them and communicate on a daily basis. For example, after posting an ad on the Internet, there are a huge number of calls from people who want to buy a product or use a service. The search for workers or jobs is also accompanied by the publication of vacancies or resumes, which means that you will receive calls on this number.

Quite often we face a situation when we need to find out who owns a certain phone number. This may be due to the fact that you saved the number in the phone without signing it, or you constantly receive strange, suspicious calls from the same caller. It can be an admirer, but it can also be a scammer.

Let’s look at the main ways to find out a person’s phone number, and vice versa, knowing the surname, to find his contact information.

Looking by cell phone number

Find an address by cell phone number for free is very difficult. There are supposedly working databases on the Internet, but you have to doubt their relevance. According to experts, most often they contain outdated information. many people like to change their mobile numbers.

Also, there are too many fraudulent databases on the Internet that do not contain the necessary information. So this method of obtaining an address by phone number should be regarded with great doubt. The so-called online databases do not exist, and those that exist are fraudulent. In other words, they simply force people to spend a certain amount of money in the hope of getting the coveted information. If they ask for money, be suspicious. And the best way is to try to find the address in search engines. enter the number in any search engine and see what it will give you.

As for obtaining information from mobile operators (as well as landline operators), you can safely forget about this method. it is forbidden to give out subscribers’ personal data. So it is useless to apply to contact centers and service offices (unless you have good friends or acquaintances there).

  • Get a job with a cellular operator and poke around in the database yourself;
  • Find acquaintances working in the salon of the desired operator;
  • Offer the specialist of the salon a small fee for the search of information.

Note. search through databases is illegal, all actions are performed at your own risk.

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Find out whose number is on popular messengers

If nothing worked through the social networks, you can try using messengers Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and other less popular. Each of them has a function to add a new contact. We will use it to find out the name and surname of the unknown number.

The subscriber we’re looking for, somehow determine that his data we found through messenger, in which he is registered in no way can. The process of adding a contact is completely anonymous, and if we do not need the person you are looking for, then you do not need to confirm the addition of a new contact. His photo, first name and last name (if listed in the profile), will also appear without confirmation. You only need to start the process of entering the cell phone number.

For example, I took Viber. If a person is not registered in this messenger, the message will be displayed.

If you can find the caller’s photo, then you can use it to find other data. To do this, it is necessary to use special services ⇒

GIS application

The DoubleGIS company, which specializes in providing users with a map of cities and private organizations located in it, using the 2gis application can help in finding the necessary number. To do this, the developers recommend installing an application on your mobile device.

The developers have made a significant contribution to the development of the application, updated the interface, making it intuitive, as well as increasing the functionality of the application. Now the help service gives out all the available information about the functioning company.

The application is notable for the fact that the program combines several functions in the phone, including calls:

  • Thus, during an incoming call 2GIS performs a system analysis in a short time and provides the user with information about the caller: starting from the organization and ending with the contact information.
  • With this information in hand, the user can decide whether to accept an incoming call or not.

Developers have analyzed previous versions of the application and eliminated bugs. Thanks to the meticulous work, the developers have achieved an accelerated analysis of the system, displaying the result within seconds of waiting. However, it is worth noting that the application will require data transmission over the Internet. The reviews show that the system is not inferior to the standard call app on your cell phone. Today the number of registered users exceeds 300 thousand, and this is not the limit.

Caller Identification Software

Special applications, available on Play Store, can help to find out, who owns this number. Meet the details of these applications.


The Yandex app includes a browser, weather informer, Alice voice assistant, and caller ID. Detects from an online database that includes more than 5 million records. Download the application, enable caller ID and give it appropriate permissions, get information about callers. Note that Yandex does not identify the numbers of individuals, but perfectly recognizes calls from collectors, spammers, banks and other organizations.

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“Kaspersky Who Calls

The Kaspersky Who Calls app was created by Kaspersky Lab and has great functionality:

  • Instantly identifies unknown numbers;
  • Alerts you to unwanted calls;
  • Informs about missed calls;
  • Allows unwanted numbers to be added to spam database.

The application is free, and it works both online and offline (the database is stored in the application itself).

“Who Called”

Before us is an application from the developer GILRAEN LIMITED. Its features:

  • Replaces the standard ringer;
  • Identifies incoming numbers based on a regularly updated database;
  • Shows recalls and security tags;
  • Identifies regional affiliation of callers;
  • Recognizes calls from banks, collectors, insurance companies, stores and dubious organizations.

The paid version allows to find out how you are registered with other subscribers (on condition that they also use this application).


Mobile application “Truecaller” allows to find out who owns a number of caller. Base contains phones of tens of thousands of organizations. Also spam numbers are blocked automatically, SMS advertisements are blocked as well. Additional functions:

Calling the police

You can find out the caller’s identity through law enforcement authorities, by filing a report on fraud, hooliganism. Employees will open a criminal or administrative case, conduct an inspection. Police will not provide personal information about the offender, but will protect against the threat.

You can identify an organization by its telephone number using special programs: they often do not require payment and are easily installed on a smartphone. The most popular services. 2GIS and Trukoller. App shows full details of incoming calls and automatically searches for information when dialing digits from cell phone.

2GIS for Enterprises and Organizations

The program can be used if the caller is in Russia. the first digits and area code will help identify it. Application is free, available for download, unites 2GIS maps of major cities The program contains information on organizations, it will not be able to locate the person.

Truecaller site

The application contains information of international phone directory: information about all subscribers, registered in global database. The information is updated every month. Users synchronize contacts on the smartphone with the server of the program: numbers are stored as they are written in the phone books of the system participants. To find information about the caller is required:


The most complicated questions often have a very simple solution. MOBAZ specialized service allows you to find out who owns a phone number and get all the information about its owner. With MOBAZ you can easily find the owner of any operator phone, no matter where he is, and no matter how carefully he hides his data.

The principle of working with the “DoubleGIS” program

A real mobile expert! Writes useful articles and instructions on mobile topics in a simple and clear language, handing out the most useful advice left and right. Follow the “Articles and Life Hacks” section.

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Another bonus for customers of the service is the availability of a personal account. To gain access to all MOBAZ services, you simply create an account on the portal. The technical capabilities of the program provide for a considerable amount of backup capacity. The MOBAZ service can serve up to several hundred thousand users in parallel, which completely covers the interests of registered customers. You can read their reviews of the service in the “Reviews” section. After registering your account, you can also leave notes about MOBAZ services. Personal account in MOBAZ. advantages and disadvantages Access to all services of the service from a secure cell by remote access Privacy and anonymity are guaranteed without reference to the private IP of the client Round-the-clock technical support. service administrators are ready to answer any of your questions After initiating a search for a name by mobile number you can close the browser tab and even turn off your computer. search results are automatically saved in your personal cabinet Variable user identification system with the ability to link your account to. If you forget your username or password, it is almost impossible to regain access to your account without being bound to your email. MOBAZ’s sensitive security system regards your attempts to access your account as an unauthorized hack.

You may be interested in MOBAZ service not only to find out who owns your phone number. Of course, this is the most popular reason for registering an account, but it is by no means the only one. For many people it is also an opportunity to become a part of a large developing project. The MOBAZ affiliate program allows you to realize your talents and improve your communication skills with your clients. Why should you participate in MOBAZ partner program: Stable development of the service. the number of people who want to know who called on their gadget is growing every day Safety of partners and customers is automatically maintained at a high level Tech-support by qualified professionals 24/7 Promotions and bonuses for the entire package of MOBAZ and partner companies Free working hours. people of all ages and professions can participate in the MOBAZ partner program information about conditions of participation in the partner program you can read here. You can also ask additional questions to the service specialists from the menu of your personal account.

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