Huawei Y6 Prime Phone Doesn’t Turn On

Water hit the phone: don’t rush to say goodbye to him

Each of us in life may at least once experience such an unpleasant situation as liquid or moisture entering the telephone. And, no matter how careful you are with your telephone, you can never be sure that it:
1. will not be washed in a washing machine;
2. does not fall in the rain;
3. Do not drown in the river;
4. Do not fall into the water while you are cleaning the apartment.
If in your phone got water, It will not even turn on. And in this case, it depends only on your actions whether in the future he will serve you properly, or whether you will have to fork out for a new gadget. The actions that can save your phone after getting water are simple, but they need to be done very quickly, since every second counts. In no case do you need to panic, because if you respond to the problem in a timely manner, you can not only save it, but completely recover it.

Water got into the phone and it doesn’t turn on: what should I do?

What to do if water got into the phone? Naturally, first of all, it is necessary to get it out of the water faster, and in this situation not even seconds, but fractions of a second are important. Since after 20 seconds spent in the water, the water will be able to completely penetrate the body of your mobile device. Of course, in such a difficult situation, what kind of telephone you own is very important, because some devices are specially designed for operation in extreme conditions, and no water threatens them. And if you have a touch-sensitive phone, or an ordinary mobile phone, then the water will very quickly leak through the small gaps in the keyboard and the case. And, if to everything else, the gadget fell into the water while being charged, then first you need to remove the charger from the network. And do not try to pull out the battery, or SIM card first! After you turn off the phone, remove the battery, because if it is oxidized, your phone will no longer turn on, and you will have to purchase a new battery, which is very expensive. After the battery, take care of the SIM card: carefully pull it out with the memory card and disconnect the headset and all other accessories.

If water gets into the phone: disassemble it into small parts

When water gets into the phone, You can save him only by removing the protective panels, and disassembling the phone. When disassembling, you must be very careful, because any sudden movement can damage the screen, or the boards inside. If you take such measures, it is very likely that the phone will still work. If, after Water got into the phone, the sensor does not work, then, most likely, she managed to get to the touch screen. And, even if after you completely dry the phone, the touch screen will respond to touch, it will still remain stained. Unfortunately, it will no longer be possible to restore it even in the service workshop, and the replacement cost will be equal to the price of the device itself. After disassembling the phone, immediately gently shake water out of it, removing excess with paper towels or other materials that absorb water well. Remember that if the wet touch screen does not respond to touch, the phone in no case needs to be dried, or heated to dry. If you try to dry it on a battery, or to dry it with a hair dryer, then, of course, completely ruin it. The best option is to dry the disassembled phone in a dry and warm place.

The touch screen does not work: cases when your phone can no longer be saved

If your phone fell into ordinary water, and was removed and disassembled, then most likely nothing will happen to it. But, if you drop the device into salty sea water, nothing will help you, since salts are very aggressive to all copper compounds that are located on the phone’s boards. After sea water gets inside the device, quick corrosion begins and the boards will be destroyed in the shortest possible time. The chances of recovering such a phone are minimal, therefore, while relaxing at sea, try not to be very close to the water. Also, after water has got into the phone, you can’t categorically turn off the device by pressing the button, but immediately remove the battery. If you do not, your device may no longer be able to save. In such situations, when you see that the mobile phone is hopelessly damaged, save the SIM card, as in many cases, the contacts on it are even more expensive than the phone itself. Recovering rooms is difficult, and sometimes very expensive. And the loss of numbers of important partners can result in big losses for you. It is enough to wipe the SIM card with a cloth and put it to dry, since it almost never gives in to the destructive effects of water and often remains fully operational.

Water got into the phone and the sensor does not work: how to repair such a device in the workshop?

Huawei Y6 Prime Phone Doesnt Turn On

Of course, immediately after the water gets into your phone, the most reasonable solution is to take it to the service. This is especially true for expensive devices, which are not so easy to exchange for new ones. If the touch screen does not respond to touch after moisture has entered it, then the cost of repairing it cannot be avoided. The big minus of such a repair will be that after water got into the phone, its repair under the guarantee is no longer possible, because this can not be a breakdown, and proves your improper handling of the broken product. Also, when you come to the service, do not try to disrupt the fact that water has got into the phone, as any experienced master will immediately notice it. It is quite possible to save the device in the service, as a professional can quickly and efficiently disassemble any phone without damaging it and removing all traces of moisture. Even if your touch screen does not respond to touch, after drying and cleaning in an ultrasonic bath, as well as cleaning the boards from corrosion, it will most likely work as usual. Also, the wizard will test your phone and battery, and all problems will be completely eliminated. But, taking your expensive phone to a service workshop, you must be aware that such a repair “will pull” for a considerable sum of money. And if your phone didn’t get pure water, but coffee, or juice, then even planning to repair it in a service workshop, you will have to immediately rinse all the parts with very clean distilled water at home and dry them for several days, laying them on dry soft tissue. But, in no case do not let the coffee or juice dry out, since even high-class craftsmen from the service can not always clean the device from them.

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