Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 How To Remove The Cover

Smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei have gained sufficient popularity among consumers. The main advantages users called cost with a combination of sufficient power and functionality. But, modern flagships have a more complex design, which raises the question. how to open the back cover of a Honor or Huawei phone.

What are the back covers made of?

The manufacturer is not limited to one design. So, the back panel may be:

  • Glass / ceramic.
  • Plastic / metal.
  • Leather.

Regardless of the material, the instructions for removal will be identical.

Smartphones companies with and without removable cover. list

Smartphones that allow you to remove the cover:

All other modern devices do not provide this function. These include:

  • 8 Lite.
  • P Smart Z.
  • 8 C.
  • Y6 Prime 2018.
  • 6C Pro.
  • 9/9 Lite.
  • P30 Pro.
  • P smart.
  • Nova 3.
  • P9 eva l19.
  • 6a.
  • 7a.
  • View 20.
  • Y6 2020.
  • 10/10 Lite.

Necessary tools

Dismantling the device is carried out by different tools. You can remove the back cover from a Huawei or Honor phone using:

  • Phillips screwdriver or Pentalobe (0.8).
  • Cup suction cup.
  • A card or any plate with thin pointed edges.
  • Thermo hair dryer.
  • A paper clip, key or needle to get a SIM card.

How to open the cover on a Honor or Huawei phone

Depending on the model of smartphone, the removal procedure may vary. Next, we will study in detail the procedure.

Method 1: with a plastic key

The first method involves using a small screwdriver and any card. Take the phone face down and near the USB input, unscrew the two small bolts at the edges.

Then remove the SIM card slot.

Carefully insert a card or any plastic tool with a pointed and flat end.

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Carefully slide it along the seam on the case, and then disconnect the panel.

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 How To Remove The Cover

Method 2: using a suction cup

The second option requires a special suction cup and card. The procedure under consideration is easy and involves a number of actions:

  1. Use a hairdryer and warm up the back panel.
  2. Firmly attach the suction cup to the panel.
  3. Gently pull it towards you.
  4. Insert a thin plastic object into the gap that appeared during the use of this tool.
  5. Run them all over the seam and carefully detach the cover.

If there is a fingerprint, carefully disconnect the cable with the auxiliary tool.

How to open the phone on older models

If you need to replace the back cover of Honor or Huawei on an old phone model, released no later than 2014, then the above instructions will not work. Previously, the manufacturer provided for a removable cover that allowed for battery replacement.

The panel has a special protrusion that you need to pry for removal.

Replacing and installing a new cover on Honor or Huawei

Follow the same algorithm of actions that is presented in the article above. When finished disassembling the device, reconnect the new panel. Do not forget to reconnect the loop from the fingerprint, if available.

Installing a new back cover

As already mentioned, the replacement process is no different from disassembly. The main thing is caution and accuracy, because with a built-in finger sensor you can easily damage a fragile loop.