Huawei Y6 Have Lee Nfc

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Many manufacturers are trying to occupy the budget segment occupied by Xiaomi and Meizu smartphones, but most often they do it unsuccessfully. Today we are testing an inexpensive HUAWEI called Nova Lite 2017. Let’s see if the company managed to make a worthwhile device?


HUAWEI Nova Lite 2017 looks quite familiar and as for a smartphone with a 5-inch display, it has small dimensions. I especially like its small thickness. 8.05 mm, as well as the perfect build quality.

The black Huawei Nova Lite 2017 came to us for a test, but there are still gold and blue options.

The front side is covered with a protective glass with 2.5D rounding. There is no oleophobic coating, but by default a protective film is glued. The Home, Menu, and Back keys are on-screen. So that you do not forget which device you use, the manufacturer was indicated under the screen.

The location of the power and volume keys is convenient. Combined SIM card tray, either two nanoSIM cards, or one nanoSIM and a memory card.

At the bottom there is a microUSB port, a main microphone and a multimedia speaker. Audio jack and an additional microphone on the upper end.

On the back, the camera module with a single-color flash barely sticks out. A little lower is the fingerprint scanner, which works quickly and almost accurately. In the vast majority of cases, unlocking is carried out the first time.

The upper and lower parts of the back cover are made of plastic, and the main one is made of metal, which pleasantly cools the hand. The black cover is easily soiled, but if you monitor its cleanliness, the device will look more expensive than it really is.


The five-inch IPS screen has a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels (HD). There is an automatic brightness control that works adequately.

Under direct sunlight, the image fades greatly and it is difficult to see something on the screen, but in the shade the situation improves markedly.

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Brightness is adjustable from 4.8 cd / m2 to 356 cd / m². The contrast ratio is 1 to 718. A high level of minimum brightness will not allow you to comfortably use your smartphone in the dark.

Video: Huawei Y6 Have Lee Nfc

With standard screen settings, the color temperature and gamma are close to the reference values, which indicates a good matrix calibration. The manufacturer was able to fine-tune the display. If for some reason you do not like the color reproduction by default, then it does not matter. there is a flexible color temperature setting. But do not think that everything is so good. In general, we have before us the usual screen for a budget smartphone. Those who use expensive smartphones will immediately notice it.

Hardware platform

Huawei Nova Lite 2017 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor. one of the "simplest" chips in the current line of the manufacturer. The amount of RAM is 2 GB, and user 16 GB.

With an empty task list, the user has access to about 1 GB of RAM. Xiaomi Redmi 4A has absolutely the same characteristics, a review of which you could read earlier.

Benchmarks and generally any performance tests are not all about Nova Lite 2017. The smartphone has a different task. not to slow down in everyday, simple use. On the whole, he copes with this task. By and large, if you need an apparatus for a couple of instant messengers, social networks, and you do not need games other than logical and arcade games, then the capabilities of Nova Lite 2017, although you simply should not count on more.

Signal reception quality is good. There are no complaints about the earpiece and microphone either. Nothing bad can be said about navigation using the phone either.

Out of the box, Nova Lite 2017 runs on Android 7.0, which is well camouflaged by the proprietary EMUI 5.1 shell. In general, regarding the software part, I can’t say anything bad. The shell is convenient and functional, allowing you to customize your smartphone. The firmware works stably, without glitches and freezes.


The capacity of the built-in battery is 3000 mAh, which is not a lot by modern standards, but the device’s processor is also energy efficient. With moderate use, the phone works easily for 2 days.

In the PCMark Work 2.0 test at 200 cd / m², the battery life was just over 7 hours.


In terms of photo capabilities, Huawei Nova Lite 2017 is not an outstanding smartphone. The main camera is 13 megapixels, and the front camera is 5 megapixels. Maximum resolution for recording Full HD video.

Huawei Y6 Have Lee Nfc

The Camera application has many settings, among which there are even manual settings for photo and video modes. By and large, this smartphone does not need them, because the camera does not have enough stars from the sky. Photo quality can be considered normal, as for a budget device. In sunny weather, you can get decent photos, but with heavy clouds, at dusk and at night, the photos become noisy, the detail is noticeably worse.

The front camera, typical of a state employee.