Huawei Recording Conversation With Line

Android program for recording telephone conversations

Sometimes, when you call from a phone, you forget something, then the address, then the number, but there is no way to write down information on paper. Just for this case, a useful program for recording telephone conversations. Today on we’ll talk about programs for recording conversations on android phones.

The program “telephone spy” allows you to record conversations from the phone, but it works on the most popular, at the moment, operating system android.

The telephone spy is in Russian and has a minimum of settings, of which you can note:

  • enable recording
  • record date format selection
  • the ability to record conversations in MP3 format
  • recording volume boost
  • selection of the save location (folder) of recorded conversations
  • period for deleting old records

Here is such a small and most necessary list of settings, not much, is it?

Huawei Recording Conversation With Line

Another important feature of the telephone spy program is that it does not require root rights at all, you do not need kernel write support in the firmware! That is, if your smartphone is not rutted, which means it has a guarantee, unless of course the deadline is reached, then install this program and record important calls. But do not forget that recording conversations without notifying the interlocutor is not legal!

I have lg g pro lite, on which I got root rights, the kernel did not change, installed this program and when I first started the phone spy, I did not require superuser rights. Recording is excellent! I can hear well both me and the interlocutor! Recorded calls You can view and listen directly in the program, a journal is kept in which the most recent entries are displayed at the very top.

How to set up a telephone spy

You can of course “play” with the settings, but I set it up like this:

  1. naturally recording is on
  2. date format left by default
  3. ticked the record in mp3
  4. volume gain set to automatic adjustment
  5. save path left by default
  6. delete records later than 2 months

As a result, I and my interlocutor are perfectly audible, super! The application size is only 0.14 Mb.

Free spy call recording software

Guys, if you have a Huawei smartphone, it has android 9 or 9/1 installed on it and you want record all conversations automatically, then this simple way will do! This method will be relevant, despite the fact that it is rather difficult to get root rights on devices, and partly impossible. Let us consider below the instructions for setting up call recording!

How to record a conversation from a line on huawei?

First install the free program hw call recorder:

This program does not have an icon and is installed in the system itself in such a way that the line “appears in the settings of the standard“ dialer ”Automatic call recording“:

Go to this point and choose. record all calls or some.

That’s all! Now your Huawei can safely write telephone calls from the line!

Let me remind you again: this call recording will work without root rights only on Huawei smartphones with android 9 (9.1), not on any others! I hope to come in handy, see you soon.