Huawei Phone Does Not Work One Speaker

Today, smartphones are distinguished by functionality and are considered real helpers for users. Every year, developers improve their devices, increasing the power of “iron”. But, despite this, sometimes the technique can fail. One of the common questions is why the speaker does not work on Honor and Huawei. This important detail is used not only when listening to music or watchings, but also when making phone calls. Consider the main causes and solutions to the problem.

Why the call speaker does not work on Huawei and Honor

The main reasons are the following points:

  1. The audio settings are incorrect.
  2. The user has activated silent mode.
  3. There was a conflict with the software in the system.
  4. The speaker is clogged.
  5. Moisture has fallen.
  6. Broken headphone jack.
  7. Mechanical damage.

In fact, it does not matter at what point the malfunction occurs, in any case, it is necessary to identify the cause.

Regulator failure

The knob is responsible for changing the volume. If you set the minimum value, and this part is broken, then there will be no sound. The way out of the situation is to repair the regulator. To do this, you need to disassemble the smartphone, check the contacts and, if necessary, replace the module. In some situations, it is enough to solder the contacts. You are unlikely to cope with the task yourself, if you have insufficient experience, contact the service center where diagnostics and appropriate repairs will be carried out.

Ask a question to a virtual expert

If you have questions, it is better to contact a virtual expert. This is a special bot that will provide assistance in solving common problems. In addition, he can act as an interlocutor and simply support the conversation. Try it yourself. write to the robot, it will respond instantly.

Verify Settings

The following reason may be hidden in the settings. Or rather, in the incorrectly set parameters.

Change the volume in the setup menu

One solution is to return the default sound settings. To do this, go to the settings and go to the volume section. Please note that the name of the tab may vary for different smartphones. You should open an option where there will be a list of all sound profiles, including volume control and stereo speaker activation. Raise the volume value to a maximum near all points and check the sound.

Audio board malfunction

Any smartphone implies the presence of an audio card, which is responsible for amplifying specific frequencies. A malfunction of this part leads to a lack of sound or to a minimum volume. But, partial loss of sound may also be observed. To fix the problem, you will need the help of a service center where specialists will carry out diagnostics and repairs.

Rib wear

If the malfunction is due to the wear of the cable, then you will notice various interference when listening to music or a telephone conversation. Also, there is a lack of any sound notification when an incoming call. Usually, this problem is relevant for older phones that have been in operation for several years. To correct the situation, you will need to replace the part.

Mechanical damage

Mechanical damage is considered the main cause of many problems. Often users drop their devices, and any drop can adversely affect the operation of the smartphone. For example, loops could break, the connector could be damaged, or the contacts might crack. And the ingress of moisture leads to one hundred percent malfunctions.

Speaker malfunction

In some situations, the problem may lie in the contamination of the speaker grid. Then for the solution it is enough to carry out cleaning with the help of special tools. This is the main reason why the earpiece does not work on Huawei and Honor. When cleaning, you can use cotton buds with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, a needle.

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Audio Connector Issues

In case of problems with the connector, the headphones will not work. In this case, the system will see the connected headset, and even give a signal, but damaged contacts will not transmit sound. One of the reasons for a defective connector is considered to be dirt, it can often become clogged. If cleaning did not help, then you have to change the component.

Program level crashes

A system failure rarely causes a broken speaker. Software errors adversely affect the functionality of the device, some can completely break the work of certain components in the hardware, while others can only cause the brakes and freezes of the smartphone. Typically, a system crash occurs due to the use of several identical applications at once to improve sound quality. Remove unnecessary programs and use only one. Remember to restart Android after the uninstall operation.

Granting rights to third-party applications

The reason presented is not always noted. For example, when you make a phone call, you normally hear the other person, but when talking through a messenger (for example, Vastap or Viber), interference or poor audibility is observed.

This is due to incorrect settings. Go to the settings of the messenger and open the tab where permissions are issued to the program. Turn on all the items so that the application has access to all the necessary options on your smartphone.

Reset profile applications

If the problem persists, perform a factory reset. To do this, go to the settings and find the “Recovery and reset” section, then click on “Reset” and confirm the procedure. The operation will delete all information from the phone, after rebooting you will get a clean system that will have to be reconfigured.

To reset the settings of certain applications, go to the settings in the program section. Find the utility you need. For example, “Phone” and go to the “Memory” tab and press “Reset”.

Incorrectly performed flashing

On the Internet on various resources you can find any version of the firmware, including official and pirated ones, featuring an interesting design and other personalizations. If the user installs non-official software, then he runs the risk of encountering some problems. For example, you could install firmware that lacks the drivers needed for the speakers to work. To correct the situation, you need to reflash the system. Just install the official version downloaded from the main website of the developer or from the forum

Huawei Phone Does Not Work One Speaker

What if the speakerphone does not work on Honor and Huawei?

First reboot your smartphone. Often, a simple reboot solves many system problems. Did not help? Do the following:

  • Check the volume. It’s probably just set to minimum, or the Do Not Disturb mode is active.
  • Clean the earpiece. Often a dirt-clogged net causes poor hearing in a telephone conversation.
  • If there is no sound when activating the speakerphone, make sure that the cause is not related to mechanical damage. Turn on the music or some, is there no sound? Perhaps there was a hardware failure requiring diagnostics and repair at a service center.
  • Spilled liquid and moisture got into the speaker? Turn off the device and dry it. A replacement part will probably be required.