Huawei P20 Unlock Bootloader

It so happened historically that the brand Huawei has never enjoyed sensational popularity among fans of customizing and re-customizing (slightly or in full) their smartphones. Nevertheless, the manufacturer, trying also to please its users with this, such an important operation as unlocking the bootloader (bootloader), did not particularly try to complicate it.

Until recently. Literally, until yesterday

If you, dear reader, at least once had to get the so-called root-rights to your or some other smartphone (say, to install custom firmware), then you probably know that first you need to unlock the system bootloader. And without this in any way.

So, on May 24, Huawei officially stopped providing its users with a bootloader unlock service.

And I must say that such a joyful decision is completely impossible to call. Including because users have for a very long time (comparatively, of course) with unlocking the bootloader of Huawei smartphones really if any questions have ever arisen, it is very rare through the manufacturer’s fault.

Huawei P20 Unlock Bootloader

Everyone knew that with Huawei you just need to go to the official website, register your account and just enter your smartphone data. After that, the company provided an unlock code and with its help (as well as with the help of a couple of ADB commands), the user quietly and without fuss unblocked the device’s bootloader and then customized it as much as you like.

And then the shop suddenly closed:

Recently, Huawei “modestly” announced that from May 24 this year, unlock codes for devices that are released after this date will not be presented to users anymore. And for models released before May 24, unlock codes will be provided in the usual manner, that is, through the official website, but only until July 23, 2018. Such are the things.

So, if you, for example, like many fans of Huawei’s mobile creativity now, having looked at the Huawei p20 2018 review, were puzzled by the question of buying a new P20 or P20 Pro, or waiting a little longer, now there is an incentive to think a little faster.

What else to add to what has been said? Probably, only that such a step by Huawei can not be called radical. Given that not so long ago (this year), the company, as part of measures to regain a foothold in the US smartphone market, even sent out pre-sale samples of the new Honor View 10 to custom software developers. So that even before the model goes on sale, it would be more convenient to create and improve new firmware for it. Let’s say more, according to some industry experts, in combination with the Project Treble capabilities, the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Honor View 10 could become perhaps the most comfortable smartphones for fans of customization. And now the last of the comfortable Huawei will remain P20: