Huawei P20 Lite How To Disassemble

Huawei P20 Lite How To Disassemble

Repair Huawei Nova 2

Huawei is not in vain proud of its Nova 2 model. Screen 5″, 64Gb RAM, Ram 4Gb and high capacity

2950 mAh battery. such characteristics will satisfy the most demanding user. But even the most first-class phones are not safe from breakdowns. The service center repairs Huawei Nova 2 quickly and inexpensively. Contact us if the smartphone crashes, the sensor does not work or there is interference during a telephone conversation.

Following current trends, Nova 2 also received a thin aluminum body and 2.5D glass. These features give the mobile a special elegance, but at the same time make it vulnerable to mechanical damage. The miniaturization of the device affects the design features: the gadget parts are located in close connection with each other, which complicates the repair. Work on the restoration of equipment should be a professional. Huawei service offers repair services for all phone models of this Chinese brand.

The first to hit or fall are the glass and the screen of the device. If there are problems with the screen (interference, stripes, idle areas), then the service wizard will replace the display module. In the case when only glass is affected, and the matrix functions stably, a new glass is installed.

The case is more protected from shock, but sometimes even aluminum suffers. Work on restoring the original appearance of the gadget includes straightening deformed parts of the case, installing a new back panel, etc. In our center, parts are replaced using original components and materials. The cost of repair directly depends on the price of the corresponding spare part.

Repair and replacement parts for Huawei Nova 2

If you fall, Huawei’s smart cameras can suffer. If the quality of the pictures has deteriorated, the camera does not focus or does not turn on at all. contact our service for help. Such problems can be caused by a violation of the contact between the camera and the board, damage to the part. Replacing the camera Huawei Nova 2 is carried out by our employees within a couple of hours. “Little blood” can get off if only the protective glass broke. The repair cost in this case is low.

It’s worth contacting the service even if the mobile phone is not charging. Diagnostics will help determine the cause of such a breakdown. There may be a problem in the power port. Cleaning the connector from clogging, soldering the removed contacts returns the phone to life in this case. A more serious problem is if the battery fails. This happens not only due to battery wear, but also due to non-compliance with the device’s operating standards. In this case, the battery is replaced.

If Simka does not work, then there are several options for solving the issue. The first step is to examine the status of the SIM card tray. Also, the corresponding module may fail, and, possibly, the reason is software problems.

How to repair Huawei Nova 2 with warranty

If the phone is broken. do not postpone the visit to the workshop. Many breakdowns only worsen over time (consequences of flooding, broken glass, etc.). Our company carries out repairs of Huawei Nova 2 on conditions pleasant to the client: low price, tight deadlines, warranty. Our branches operate in more than 17 cities of the country. Contact to urgently repair the damaged device, reception points are located five minutes from the metro.

To fully restore the functionality of the phone, branded parts are used, our suppliers are specialized representatives of the brand. A long-term repair warranty is provided. You can get detailed information about the work and how much the repair costs by calling our hotline.