Huawei P Smart Z Have Nfc


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Huawei in the middle of this summer introduced a new smartphone in the P smart lineup under the “Z” index. The devices of this line are equipped with unusual parameters or technologies, but are sold at an attractive price.

The Huawei P smart Z device is unique in that it does not have a front camera on the front panel and is equipped with a selfie module that leaves the upper part of the case. There are few similar phones in the Russian market, almost all are in the mid-high price segment. While P Smart Z is now sold for 17,000 rubles.

A smartphone should be considered for those who need a display without cutouts and holes for the camera, but with a large diagonal.

The remaining parameters are no less interesting: an NFC chip, 4000 mAh battery, two cameras and a powerful processor. In addition, the P smart Z is available in three colors: green, blue and universal black.


In terms of design, the new product differs little from its predecessors and current devices from Huawei. This is a mirrored rear panel, the use of conditional separation of the cover into two parts: the top has one color gradient, the bottom. other. On the official website, the renderings look a little different: there the upper area of ​​the back panel is as if matte. In real life, it is glossy.

The screen is protected by glass, and plastic was used on the back and on the side faces. Oleophobic coating of medium quality: fingerprints quickly cover the entire surface of the display, but are erased relatively easily. Traces also remain behind, slightly less noticeable.

As I already wrote, three colors are available for sale: black, green and blue. I think the phone in green looks the most advantageous.

The assembly for this type of device is not bad, there’s nothing to complain about.

The chip of this model is a retractable chamber located on the upper end of the housing. The extension time is about 1.3 seconds. The same amount of time is spent on returning. Face recognition takes about a second.

Judging by tests from the manufacturer, the number of camera extensions can be more than 100,000 times. In addition, the model can withstand a load directed at 90 degrees relative to the plane of the phone, up to 12 kg.

  • Press on the module when it is inside. It is slightly sold, and nothing more.
  • Try to stop the promotion. After a couple of seconds, the module will return back, and the message “Camera did not extend” will appear on the screen.
  • Try to pull out the module yourself. It will not work, because it is recessed into the body.
  • Try to hold the model while going down. It is unlikely to succeed, because it is smooth, and the mechanism is powerful. But if, nevertheless, you manage to stop the module’s descent, it will remain in place, and the message “The camera didn’t move” appears on the screen.
  • The phone will drop onto the module. This will not happen, because at the moment of a fall the module automatically drives back.

In the upper part of the front panel there are light and proximity sensors, a spoken speaker. It is loud, mid-range sound, pleasant timbre.

Bottom. 3.5 mm, microphone, USB-C and speakerphone. On top is a camera module, another microphone for noise reduction, a combined slot for two SIM cards and a memory card.

The power button and volume control are on the right, and there are no elements on the left.

On the reverse side: a small module with two lenses, a flash is located just below, and even lower is a round fingerprint scanner. It works quickly, no complaints.


The screen size of this model is 6.59 inches. a pretty impressive size. The display frame P smart Z. 4 mm, bottom. 7 mm, right and left. 3.5 mm each.

The usual resolution is FullHD (2340 × 1080 pixels), the density goes 390 pixels per inch. than enough for a clear picture display, given that the display matrix is ​​made using LTPS technology.

The screen is bright (approximately 400 cd / m2), with rich color reproduction, the image does not distort at angles, and fades slightly in bright light.

Huawei P Smart Z Have Nfc

In the display settings, you can select resolution, text size, color temperature, or adjust vision protection.