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Huawei P Smart Z review. Frameless smartphone in all its details

For the past year, we’ve seen a trend toward the complete disappearance of bezels around the screen. With the advent of the “bangs” on the iPhone X, the entire market shifted from frames to notches in the screens, which then became increasingly smaller in size.

Xiaomi was one of the first to experiment with the placement of cameras and other sensors in its Mi Mix lineup. Something was hidden under the screen, and something was hidden in the retractable mechanisms.

To keep up with fashion trends, Huawei has also released its own version of a frameless mid-budget smartphone, the Huawei P Smart Z, which has a motorized selfie camera hidden inside the body of the device.

It did not do without tricks. not all sensors could be placed in thin frames, so the company simply abandoned some of them. But more on everything next.

How Face ID works from Huawei and Honor

The service works as follows:

Initially it discovers a face in the picture, compares colors, contrast, and examines all parts of the photo.

The second stage. alignment. The detected faces are divided into special node points. This includes the shape of the eyes, the distance between them, the nose, the width of the cheekbones and other parameters. So the system creates a kind of 3D model. The result is a comparison with the existing picture. That is, the program passes through three steps for each attempt to unlock a device.

Face unlock huawei y6 2019

Why doesn’t Smart Lock work?

Surprisingly, soon enough Google developers made a statement that they had absolutely nothing to do with it, and that manufacturers are to blame for Smart Lock’s malfunction. But if in the case of OnePlus and Samsung smartphones this answer can still work, then in the case of Nokia devices, which run a stock version of Android, and Google Pixel, which produces and supports Google itself. no. However, most likely, the developers of the search giant and realized it themselves, and therefore preferred the owners of the “pixels” in the same vein did not answer, so as not to discredit themselves.

A cursory analysis of the situation showed that the problem with Smart Lock is quite common. It’s really hard to tell where it’s coming from. In fact, on my Honor View 20, this feature works quite well, keeping the device unlocked when connected to the smart speaker and fitness bracelet. So we can assume that it’s not about the OS. But on the other hand, in the Magic UI firmware, smart unlock is taken outside of the Google section, as it was before, which suggests that it’s Honor’s own implementation, independent of the search giant.

Use your fingerprint to unlock your phone and advanced features

Entering a password is one way to unlock your phone, but a faster way is to press your finger on the sensor on the back of the P Smart.

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To do this, you need to register your fingerprint. If you didn’t set it up when you started using your phone, go to the Settings menu and go to Security and Privacy, then Fingerprint and Fingerprint Management.

Enter your password on the lock screen and follow the instructions to register one or more fingerprints. You can then unlock the screen simply by tapping on the fingerprint scanner.

In addition to unlocking your phone, you can use your fingerprint to lock apps.

How to unlock a phone without a password

Smart unlock allows you to unlock Android in a bunch of different ways

Android has long had a special feature called Smart Unlock, t.е. smart unlock. Of course, I would not say that it is particularly clever and smart, but overall it is quite handy to use in situations where there is no way to unlock the smartphone using biometrics.

Google is preparing to change the Google Maps interface drastically. How about this?

Smart Unlock offers several ways to unlock without using biometrics or a password:

  • Connecting to a trusted Wi-Fi network;
  • Connecting to a Bluetooth accessory;
  • Being in a trusted geo-point;
  • Locating in the hands or on the user’s body;
  • Detecting the user’s voice;
  • Picture unlocking (connecting the dots on the screen).

Despite the seemingly identical principle of the new unlock mechanism on iOS and smart unlock on Android, they differ. While the iPhone stays locked and still reads the top of the owner’s face to unlock, Android smartphones don’t lock at all if almost all of the above conditions are met, except for picture unlock and voice detection, which unlocks if you hear a familiar voice. But strangely enough, this thing is not available on all smartphones.

How to use

Honor 10 contactless payment, as well as on other gadgets of the company is carried out as follows:

Google payment supports different cards: debit, credit and others.

Thanks to such simple actions it is possible to carry out contactless payment.

Smartphones with the best facial recognition

As part of the experiment, smartphones with an active face unlock feature were shown a high-quality portrait photo of a person whose face was entered into their memory. This way the experts hoped to fool the algorithms, which, having read the protrusions on the face of the conditional owner, should have unlocked. And, it must be said, many of the devices succumbed to. These include Sony’s flagship smartphones of the last two years, the Huawei P20, the Galaxy A8, and budget models from Motorola.

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If the experiment was conducted honestly, which, given the credibility of Consumentenbond, there is no doubt, it turns out that the software technology face recognition can be no less effective than the hardware. This means that artificial intelligence, which many manufacturers are betting on, really works and can significantly reduce the cost of smartphones without sacrificing their functionality.

Face unlocking is available in the budget series of Huawei smartphones

Until recently, the smartphone unlocking option via face recognition was only available in expensive models. But with the advent of Huawei’s new Y-series, everything has changed. the FaceUnlock function appeared for the first time in affordable smartphones as well. By strengthening data privacy protection, Huawei confirms its intention to make the features of its flagships available to every consumer.

Huawei‘s FaceUnlock feature was first introduced in the P Smart and Mate10 lite smartphones. Then the flagship P20 lineup got it, and right after that, the new Y series. So Huawei became the first brand in the world to introduce this topical feature to the budget line. The earlier flagship models, the Mate10 Pro, P10 and P10 Plus, also recently received FaceUnlock as an update.

Let’s answer the main user questions about FaceUnlock and its setup.

How does FaceUnlock work??If you use your smartphone all the time when your hands are busy, face recognition becomes a very convenient solution. The smartphone remembers and stores your portrait in the protected area of the processor, each time comparing the person who tries to unlock the smartphone to the image it “remembers”.

We should keep in mind that in low light conditions, the function works a little slower than in daylight. Face unlocking in flagship models is different from the same feature in the budget ranges. In the Huawei Y-series, the function is implemented using the front camera, while the flagships (such as the Huawei P20 Pro) have additional modules that allow you to unlock your device in near total darkness.

How to configure the feature?First, you need to go into the settings menu of your Huawei and select the “Security and Privacy” item. From the displayed list, go to “Face Recognition” and proceed to register. The device will alert you to check that the lens protector glass is clean and remove any foreign objects from your face. In the next notification, the smartphone will provide tips on how to best configure the function, and then you can register your face.

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There are two options for unlocking, of which the smartphone owner can choose: instant unlock, when immediately after face recognition the user sees the desktop or a previously activated application, or double unlock. The latter provides an additional swipe on the screen for full unlocking. that is, after facial recognition, the smartphone will unlock, but the screen will be inactive until you swipe your finger on it.

And if I’m afraid that the face image can be faked and “cheat” the smartphone?It is important to note that the face scanner only works when your eyes are open, which means that other people cannot unlock your device when you are asleep. FaceUnlock in the Huawei Y-series recognizes over 1,000 facial points and accurately matches them to previously saved images, eliminating the possibility of using your photo or video image to activate the device.

Security firstFaceUnlock, implemented in the budget Y series devices, is another way to unlock your smartphone in addition to the pattern key, PIN code and fingerprint scanner.

Huawei gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the smart notification display feature called “Smart Notification on Lock Screen”. If FaceUnlock identifies that the person who is trying to unlock the phone is not its owner, the smartphone will automatically hide the content of all the pop-up messages received, for example, via SMS, Telegram, Viber. So the notifications will be displayed, but their content will not. So, Huawei bothered to protect every user’s privacy as much as possible. Ensuring the protection of personal data is respect shown to every customer.


In Belarus, where I live, there is no quarantine or “vacation week”. Everything works as usual, except that cashiers, waiters and other service personnel started wearing masks.

I am on self-isolation, I only go out to the store and walk my dog. Every time I put on a respirator, disposable gloves and try to leave my smartphone at home. it already has a huge amount of bacteria on it.

To see if unlocking with a medical mask works, I had to go around to three pharmacies in the area. shortages, it turns out. I found only gauze masks at the state pharmacy, and they are ten times more expensive than a week ago.

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